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Jamie Lynn Dumps Baby Daddy for Bizman

Britney's kid sis moves back in with mom

(Newser) - Jamie Lynn Spears has dumped her baby daddy and is dating a 28-year-old Louisiana businessman. Britney's baby sister, who had a baby of her own at 16, has left the Mississippi home she shared with Casey Aldridge last month, reports People . Spears, 18, had planned to marry her construction worker...

Mr. Big Is Back for Sex Sequel
 Mr. Big Is Back 
 for Sex Sequel 

Mr. Big Is Back for Sex Sequel

Plus, Brangelina's bodyguard sparks Hollywood tell-all panic, and more

(Newser) - Sex and the City fans, rejoice: Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big, has signed on for the sequel, Sarah Jessica Parker tells E! Elsewhere:
  • Hollywood is panicking over news that the Jolie-Pitts’ ex-bodyguard might write a tell-all, MSNBC reports. “If this kind of thing can happen with Brad

Jamie Lynn's Baby Daddy in Car Crash

(Newser) - Casey Aldridge, father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter, was hospitalized following a car crash early yesterday, People reports. The 19-year-old was charged with careless driving after flipping his truck during a Louisiana bachelor party. Police found no evidence of drugs or alcohol, TMZ notes, adding that three of the five...

Jamie Lynn Spears' Wedding Off, But No Split

(Newser) - Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge are still very much together, but have called off a planned wedding, OK! reports. “Jamie Lynn has everything she wants and feels no need for a ring and piece of paper,” one insider said of Spears, 17, and Aldridge, 18. “She...

No Rush to Altar for Jamie Lynn

Tells OK! she'll wait until baby is older

(Newser) - Teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears has nixed plans to wed her babydaddy in the short term, reports the New York Daily News. "We both agree that we want Maddie to be a little bit older so that she can be a part of it," Britney Spears’ kid sis...

Fed Porn Probe Targets Spears Photo Thief

Underage breastfeeding pics could carry pornography charges

(Newser) - A stolen photo of teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding has turned what seemed to be a breach of Wal-Mart security into a federal case, TMZ reports. Copies of a dozen snapshots, allegedly purloined when baby daddy Casey Aldridge had legit copies made at a Louisiana store, could result in...

Jamie Lynn's Baby Daddy Cheated: Tabloid

Spears' fiance had affair while she was pregnant

(Newser) - Jamie Lynn Spears has bigger problems than being an unwed teen mom. Her college dropout fiancé, Casey Aldridge, had a “hot and heavy” affair through the end of the 17-year-old's second trimester, reports In Touch. "He totally instigated it and pursued me,” revealed 28-year-old Kelli Dawson, who...

Miss. Cops Bust Pap for Stalking Jamie Lynn

But photog says he was 200 feet away

(Newser) - A paparazzo who once photographed Britney Spears’ bare nether regions was charged Tuesday for stalking the pop wreck’s pregnant teen sister Jamie Lynn, the AP reports. Authorities say Edwin Merino wouldn't leave the ready-to-pop Jamie Lynn, 17, and her baby daddy alone; he says he was shooting from a...

Jamie Lynn May Be Hearing Wedding Bells

Britney's pregnant little sister is showing off a ring, People says

(Newser) - With a bun in the oven, teen star Jamie Lynn Spears now appears to have gotten an engagement ring from boyfriend Casey Aldridge, People reports. "She's been showing it off, talking about it," says a source close to the 16-year-old Spears, who's been hiding out in the Louisiana...

Jamie Lynn's Beau May Not Be Baby Daddy

Insider says pregnant teen won't reveal father's name

(Newser) - Jamie Lynn Spears’ longtime beau may not be the father of her unborn child, reports. A “family insider” says the 16-year-old won’t reveal the father’s name, and friends and family don’t remember Spears and Casey Aldridge dating as seriously as she says. “Jamie...

Nickelodeon Mulls Teen-Sex Special
Nickelodeon Mulls Teen-Sex Special

Nickelodeon Mulls Teen-Sex Special

Cable net grapples with response to its biggest star's big revelation

(Newser) - In the fallout surrounding the pregnancy of its biggest star, Jamie Lynn Spears, Nickelodeon may air a special on teen sex as early as next month, People reports. The special’s potential host, Linda Ellerbee, said it could be “a great opportunity for parents at this moment to talk...

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