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Ryan's Speech Flunks Fact Checks

VP candidate lambasted for various deceptions

(Newser) - Paul Ryan's speech last night may have been rousing , but accurate it was not. Ryan is being lambasted today for what Sally Kohn of Fox News calls "an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single... More »

Newsweek's Anti-Obama Cover Story Draws Howls

Niall Ferguson piece dubbed misleading by Paul Krugman, others

(Newser) - Newsweek has found itself at the center of controversy again, this time with a cover story titled "Hit the Road, Barack," in which economist (and McCain 2008 adviser) Niall Ferguson picks apart the Obama presidency. Ferguson accuses the president of breaking campaign promises, boosting the deficit, letting the... More »

Biggest Loser This Election? The Truth

Inaccurate ads abound, despite fact-checking

(Newser) - Maybe George Washington couldn’t tell a lie, but today’s candidates sure can. Among the latest “facts” in campaign advertising: Bain Capital’s merger of a steel mill ensured that a woman would die of cancer, and President Obama plans to gut work requirements from welfare. Despite the... More »

Romney Misleads With Women Jobs Stat

His 92.3% number is technically correct, but missing context

(Newser) - As part of his recent bid to appeal to women, Mitt Romney deployed what he called an "amazing statistic," saying that "92.3% of all the jobs lost during the Obama years have been lost by women." If that made your eyebrows climb your forehead, you'... More »

GOP Played Fast, Loose With Truth in Debate

Fact Checkers point out inaccurate attacks

(Newser) - The air was thick with half-truths and distortions at last night's combative Republican debate. Here's how fact-checkers score the bout:
  • Nearly every fact-checker blasted Mitt Romney for asserting that President Obama "has opened up no new markets for American goods around the world." Actually, Obama has
... More »

Book May Have Understated First Lady's Health Care Role

'Could have been more precise,' says author

(Newser) - In Jodi Kantor's headline-grabbing book The Obamas , she writes that Michelle Obama largely sat out the health care debate because aides worried it would hurt her image. "She did a few events, but they were small, and drew little coverage" Kantor writes. "Her support … became a... More »

The Life of a Cosmopolitan Fact-Checker

What it's like to verify 50 ways to please your man

(Newser) - What do the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Cosmopolitan all have in common? Why a rigorous standard for fact-checking, of course! Believe it or not, every Cosmo article, whether about pleasing your man X number of ways or tales of real-life bedroom escapades, is independently verified through... More »

Chris Christie Fails Fact Check

'New York Times' examines popular governor's statements

(Newser) - Chris Christie is a pretty popular guy these days, in part because he has a reputation as a straight shooter. But the New York Times took a look at some of his recent statements, and concluded that “some do not stand up to scrutiny.” For example:
  • Christie said
... More »

Beck Repeats Shoddy Stats on Obama Cabinet

Claim that only 10% of cabinet had private sector cred debunked

(Newser) - Glenn Beck’s claim that “under 10%” of Barack Obama’s cabinet appointees have “any experience in the private sector” turns out to be a bad statistic pulled from the internet. The tidbit originated in a study from JPMorgan Private Bank CIO Michael Cembalest, PolitiFact reports. Cembalest looked... More »

Fact-Checkers Set Sights on Campaign Fibs

Internet, 24-hour news make embellishments harder for hopefuls

(Newser) - Did Mitt Romney really see his father march with Martin Luther King Jr.? Did the US Constitution truly spark a "Christian nation," as John McCain asserts? Is Barack Obama right when he says more young black males are in prison than college? The answer is no to... More »

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