$100 a barrel oil

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Iran Tensions Could Mean $5 Gas

Recent posturing has already sent price up 20%

(Newser) - Going to war with Iran would be an expensive proposition for America's drivers. Tensions over the country's nuclear ambitions have already pushed crude oil prices up 20% to a record winter high, energy experts tell the New York Times . That's translated to an average $3.73 per... More »

Geithner Open to Using Oil Reserves

But warns there's no 'quick fix' to rising gas prices

(Newser) - The Obama administration is open to using the strategic petroleum reserve if necessary to deal with rising gas prices, Timothy Geithner said in a CNBC interview, though he didn't sound terribly enthusiastic about the prospect, and warned that there was "no quick fix" to the problem. Gas prices... More »

Iran: Hey, Wanna See Oil Hit $150 a Barrel?

Tehran says EU's embargo will spike global prices

(Newser) - Iran is getting ready to vote today on banning oil sales to the EU —you know, before the EU can enact an embargo on aforementioned oil —and Tehran is engaging in some typical sabre-rattling, with the head of Iran's state oil company predicting global crude prices will... More »

Libya Chaos Pushes Oil Over $100 a Barrel

Concerns over global supply

(Newser) - Oil prices topped the $100 per barrel threshold today, as investors hedged their bets against a supply disruption caused by the turmoil in Libya. Crude for April delivery hit $100.01 and then retreated, MarketWatch reports. More »

Oil Volatility Doubles, Price Hits $105 a Barrel

Middle East unrest sends prices soaring

(Newser) - Oil futures are bubbling upward thanks to the unrest in the Middle East, sending crude’s 20-day volatility rating skyrocketing to 29.4—more than double the all-time-low of 12.6 it set at the end of December, Bloomberg reports. In London, Brent crude sold for more than $105 a... More »

Leak Shuts Alaska Pipeline, Oil Prices Jump

Will oil head to $100 barrel again?

(Newser) - Oil prices jumped this morning just two days after a major leak forced the shutdown of the 800-mile trans-Alaska oil pipeline. North Slope oil flow was reduced by 95% after the leak was discovered at a pump station there, said officials. Though the leak was contained, it's unclear when operations... More »

Errors Apparent: 2008's Worst Predictions

magazine recalls year's worst punditry

(Newser) - Presidential candidate Bloomberg? Nope. Russia invading the Ukraine? Hardly. Foreign Policy takes a look back at the worst predictions of the year:
  • A stabilized banking system: Shortly after Henry Paulson forecast stability on Wall Street, Citigroup’s stock price dropped 75% and closed below $5 for the first time since
... More »

$100 Oil Will Return Soon Enough: Study

Price will rebound with economy, likely to hit $200 a barrel in 2030

(Newser) - If today’s price of $60 per barrel of oil seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. Oil prices will rebound to $100 a barrel once the economy recovers, and climb toward $200 by 2030, the market’s most comprehensive review predicts. Output is declining at... More »

Oil Falls Below $97 on Mild Ike Damage

Better than expected storm drops crude $4.39

(Newser) - Oil prices fell below $97 a barrel today, after Hurricane Ike inflicted minimal damage to oil installations on the Texas coast. Light, sweet crude for October delivery declined $4.39 to $96.79 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange by noon in Europe, after finishing... More »

$6 Gas Possible by Year's End

With oil near $150 a barrel, experts say $200 is a very real number for 2008

(Newser) - As oil flirts with $150 a barrel, nearly double its price from last year, the specter of $6 a gallon gas at US pumps has become more real. A plethora of factors—from the threat of conflict with Iran to tight supplies and a weak dollar—continue to exert upward... More »

What if Oil Hits $200?

Inflation would skyrocket as American society reorganizes

(Newser) - Wall Street has predicted $200-per-barrel oil for months, but what if it really happens? Not only drivers would be hurt by such a spike, the Los Angeles Times reports: Inflation would skyrocket as oil-derived products turn pricey and "the purchasing power of the American people would be kicked in... More »

Stocks Fall on Yahoo Plunge, Oil Spike

Investors cautious on new developments

(Newser) - Stocks fell today as Yahoo shares plummeted 16% and crude prices jumped past $120 a barrel. "People have gotten in, but they don't want to be in a big way," a investment officer told the Wall Street Journal. The Dow fell 88.66 at 12,969.54, the... More »

Oil Tops Record High $113

Dollar's decline chief cause of spike

(Newser) - Crude oil hit a new record high in trading today—$113.66 a barrel—as weary investors attempted to hedge against a tumbling dollar and oil shipments were disrupted around the world. Though the dollar is the main concern, supply problems, including OPEC's decision not to change its 2008 outlook... More »

$4 Gas Expected This Spring

Energy Department predicts gas prices to peak soon

(Newser) - Skyrocketing gas prices could hit $4 a gallon as early as this spring, predict government analysts. A new Energy Department report estimates prices will peak at close to $3.50 in most of the nation in May and June, but the $4 barrier could be broken in some regions, and... More »

Oil Gushes to Record $105.96

A weakening dollar and falling inventories of oil are pushing crude prices up

(Newser) - An ever-weakening dollar, an unexpected drop in US crude oil reserves, and a Wednesday OPEC decision not to boost production helped spur oil to a record $105.96 a barrel, Bloomberg reports. It's the third record this week, and the dollar’s $1.5345 against the euro is the lowest... More »

Oil Flirts With Record-High $104

Passes inflation-adjusted all-time peak

(Newser) - As oil soared to nearly $104 a barrel today, it set an all-time, inflation-adjusted record, surpassing even the height of the oil crises of the '70s and '80s, the New York Times reports. Futures touched $103.95 on the New York Mercantile Exchange, beating out the April 1980 record of... More »

House Passes Bill to Halt Big Oil Tax Breaks

Veto threat as Republicans call it industry discrimination

(Newser) - Millions of dollars in tax breaks enjoyed by the top five oil companies would be rescinded under an $18 billion tax package which cleared the House of Representatives yesterday. The money saved would be plowed into creating alternative sustainable energy sources. It represents just a penny a gallon to the... More »

$100 Oil Fuels Recession Fears

Speculation is driving oil up, and that's a concern for consumers, economists

(Newser) - Oil prices have jumped 16% in two weeks, and analysts tell the Christian Science Monitor the run-up couldn't come at a worse time. As the US economy flirts with recession, beleaguered consumers could end up spending their economic stimulus checks to cover even higher gas prices. The $101.32 per... More »

$100 Oil Extinguishes Rally

After three-digit gain, the Dow ends down

(Newser) - After three-digit Dow gains, today's record surge in oil prices knocked out a broad rally, and the major indexes closed in the red. Analysts say the market won't be able to sustain a prolonged rally for some time. "The rallies we're seeing now are just bounces, not a new... More »

Traders Gamble on $200 Oil

Did you think $100 was high?

(Newser) - You thought $100 a barrel was high. Options to buy oil for $200 a barrel have grown tenfold on the Nymex exchange in recent weeks, Bloomberg reports. Speculators use oil futures to bet on expected price hikes. While $200-a-barrel options remain only a small proportion of the total, the number... More »

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