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North Carolina Says No More Confederate License Plates

DMV says decision adheres to ruling in 1998 case involving Sons of Confederate Veterans

(Newser) - The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles is no longer issuing specialty license plates featuring the Confederate battle flag, according to a statement. The agency said the removal of the license plate, issued to members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization, took effect Jan. 1, the StarNews of Wilmington ...

Rioter Who Brought Confederate Flag Faces Charges

FBI: Kevin Seefried admitted bringing battle flag from home

(Newser) - Kevin Seefried succeeded last week where Confederate troops had failed in at attack on the US Capitol in 1864. Facing less resistance than the rebel soldiers faced in the Battle of Fort Stevens, Seefried marched into the Capitol with a Confederate battle flag. "The Confederate flag made it deeper...

FBI Is Trying to Track Down Rioter With Confederate Flag

'Desecration' stunned lawmakers, historians

(Newser) - One of the most jarring images from last week's Capitol insurrection was that of a man walking near the Senate chamber carrying a Confederate battle flag—156 years after a failed Confederate assault on Washington, DC. The FBI, which arrested several high-profile rioters over the weekend, says it is...

Mississippi Voters Pick New Flag Over No Flag

It replaces retired Confederate-themed flag

(Newser) - Mississippi will fly a new state flag with a magnolia and the phrase "In God We Trust," with voters approving the design Tuesday. It replaces a Confederate-themed flag state lawmakers retired months ago as part of the national reckoning over racial injustice. The magnolia flag was the only...

New Mississippi Flag Will Be One of These 2

It's come down to a shield or a magnolia

(Newser) - As Mississippi replaces its former flag that had the Confederate battle emblem, five proposals were literally run up a flagpole Tuesday. A group then narrowed the choice to two designs: One with a shield and one with a magnolia. “When you fly a flag up a flagpole, it sure...

Mississippi Group Demands Vote on Reviving Flag

'What the legislators did, in my opinion, was 100% wrong'

(Newser) - Some Mississippi residents are rebelling against the Legislature's decision to retire a Confederate-themed state flag , and they are being encouraged by conservative legislators who fought the change. Organizers of a group called Let Mississippi Vote said Monday that they are starting an initiative to put the retired flag and...

Mosquitoes and Teddy Bears: Mississippi Narrows Flag Ideas

Beer cans and guitars appear to be ruled out, too, for state's new design

(Newser) - The new state flag for Mississippi cannot have a Confederate symbol on it. It must have the words, "In God We Trust." But there are basically no other constraints on the design, which was clear from the almost 3,000 possibilities submitted by the public, the AP reports....

Couple in Confederate Flag Flap Finds a Solution

Greg and Kjersten Offenbecker want to show their Scandinavian pride

(Newser) - A couple who came under attack for displaying the Norwegian flag outside their mid-Michigan inn because some observers mistook it for a Confederate flag have found another way to show their Scandinavian pride, the AP reports. Greg and Kjersten Offenbecker, who own The Nordic Pineapple in St. Johns, outside Lansing,...

Frustrated B&B Owners Take Down 'Confederate' Flag

It was actually a Norwegian flag flying outside a Michigan inn

(Newser) - It's not so outlandish that a bed-and-breakfast named the Nordic Pineapple would fly a Norwegian flag at its front entrance. But a Michigan B&B has found out that vexillology isn't a strong point for locals, dozens of whom have mistaken the flag for a Confederate version. The...

Pentagon Bans Confederate Flag, but Not in a Typical Way

New policy lists what flags can be shown at military installations, not which ones can't

(Newser) - After weeks of wrangling, the Pentagon on Friday will ban displays of the Confederate flag on military installations, in a carefully worded policy that doesn't mention the word "ban" or that specific flag. The policy, laid out in a memo obtained by the AP , was described by officials...

Confederate Flag Greets NASCAR Fans
Confederate Flag
Greets NASCAR Fans

Confederate Flag Greets NASCAR Fans

A plane also flew a flag reading 'Defund NASCAR'

(Newser) - Fans are trickling into Bristol Motor Speedway for Wednesday night's All-Star race in NASCAR's largest event with spectators since the coronavirus pandemic shut sports down in March. They were greeted by a plane flying over the Tennessee track that was pulling a banner of the Confederate flag, which...

Trump: 'More White People' Are Killed by Police

He defends Confederate flag in CBS interview

(Newser) - President Trump was asked about the Confederate flag and police violence toward African Americans in a CBS interview Tuesday—and his responses seem unlikely to ease tensions. When interviewer Catherine Herridge asked the president why Black people "are still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country,...

Branches Pressure Esper for Confederate Flag Ban

It's the US flag that's placed on coffins, draft policy says

(Newser) - A draft policy circulated by Pentagon leaders would ban the display of the Confederate flag in Defense Department workplaces or public areas by service members and civilian personnel. If approved, the policy would bring the other military services in line with the Marine Corps, which banned Confederate displays on its...

Mississippi's Flag Is History
Mississippi's Flag Is History

Mississippi's Flag Is History

Governor signs bill to retire last state flag with Confederate emblem

(Newser) - Some 155 years after the last battle of the Civil War, the Confederate battle flag no longer features on any state flags. Mississippi's flag, the last in the nation to incorporate the Confederate emblem, became history Tuesday evening when Gov. Tate Reeves signed a bill to retire the flag...

After Historic Vote, Mississippi Flag Will Be Scrapped

Mississippi lawmakers pass bill to choose a new one

(Newser) - It's almost done: Mississippi lawmakers on Sunday passed a bill to change the state flag. After voting Saturday to suspend legislative deadlines and file the bill, the GOP-controlled state legislature held debates on the bill Sunday and voted, with the House passing the bill 91-23 and the Senate then...

'I Will Sign It': Mississippi Moves to Change Its Flag

GOP Gov. Tate Reeves embraces the idea for the first time

(Newser) - Spectators at the Mississippi Capitol broke into applause Saturday as lawmakers took a big step toward erasing the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag, a symbol that has come under intensifying criticism in recent weeks amid nationwide protests against racial injustice, the AP reports. "The eyes of the...

What You Won't See Anymore in Walmarts in This State

Miss. state flag, which bears Confederate symbol, will no longer be flown in retailer's stores there

(Newser) - The NCAA has already warned Mississippi that it may be losing out on championship games if it doesn't change its state flag, the only one left in the US to still bear the Confederate symbol of a blue cross with 13 stars. Now, the biggest retailer in the country...

NASCAR 'Outraged' Over Noose in Black Driver's Stall

Bubba Wallace says racist incident will not break him

(Newser) - A noose was found in the garage stall of black driver Bubba Wallace at the NASCAR race in Alabama on Sunday, less than two weeks after he successfully pushed the auto racing series to ban the Confederate flag at its tracks and facilities. NASCAR announced the discovery late Sunday and...

NCAA to Mississippi: Change State Flag or Else

SEC may nix championship games in state over Confederate symbol

(Newser) - Mississippi is the only state in the nation to still feature the Confederate symbol, which consists of 13 stars and a blue cross, on its flag —and that hasn't escaped the NCAA's eye. Now, the college athletic organization's Southeastern Conference is warning the state that if...

NASCAR Agrees With Its Lone Black Driver on Flag

'No one should feel uncomfortable' at a race, Bubba Wallace had said

(Newser) - It's time for NASCAR to prohibit fans from waving Confederate flags at its races, said Bubba Wallace, the sport's sole black driver. On Wednesday, the organization agreed. "There should be no individual that is uncomfortable showing up to our events to have a good time with their...

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