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Pentagon's Anti-IED Agency a $17B Failure

Agency's many, many employees haven't delivered the goods

(Newser) - After roadside bombs emerged as insurgents’ weapon of choice in Iraq, the Pentagon in 2006 created an agency to deal with the threat. In the years since, that agency has grown to a whopping 1,900 employees, has spent $17 billion—and has precious little to show for it, according...

US Will Beef Up Military to Counter China

China's military buildup requires a US response, says defense secretary

(Newser) - With China quickly growing as a regional power, the US military is stepping up investment in a range of military technologies, including a long-range nuclear-capable bomber aircraft, a new generation of electronic jammers, and a radar-evading fighter jet, reports the New York Times . China has concerned many with its own...

Pentagon Plans a Rarity: No More Budget Increases

Gates says they won't be necessary by 2015

(Newser) - For the first time in more than a decade defined by costly wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon announced plans today to freeze its budget, forcing the military to shrink the Army and Marines and increase health care premiums for troops and their families. The Pentagon says it can...

Want to Rein in Deficit? Cut Military Funding
Want to Rein in Deficit?
Cut Military Funding

Want to Rein in Deficit? Cut Military Funding

With budget problems soaring, it is time to reduce military spending

(Newser) - US military spending has been sacrosanct by both political parties, but with budget pressures mounting, "it's time to bust that taboo," writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . Kristof notes that the US military budget is nearly as large as the rest of the world combined, and...

We Must Be Ready for War with China
 We Must Be Ready 
 for War With China 
in case you missed it

We Must Be Ready for War With China

Beijing is building its military, and so should we

(Newser) - China has been busily ramping up its military, working on strategies specifically designed to keep America at bay in Asia if necessary, according to a recent Pentagon report. Yet here in the US, the defense establishment is discussing cutting its budget, and shifting more and more resources to counter-terrorism and...

Top Brass in Huff Over Pentagon Cutbacks

Move to end 'brass creep' ruffles feathers

(Newser) - Four-star military commanders have joined the ranks of Americans worried about keeping their jobs. Defense Secretary Robert Gates made it clear when he announced Pentagon cutbacks this week that he plans to reduce "brass creep" in the military, and the decision has ruffled many feathers in the top ranks,...

Pentagon Slashing Thousands of Jobs

Gates to ax Joint Forces Command

(Newser) - "No sacred cows" are safe from the budget ax as the Pentagon seeks to trim spending, Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned yesterday as he announced massive cuts. Reductions include the closure of Joint Forces Command, which employs some 5,000 people, and a 10% reduction in the budget for...

Marines Fear They'll Never Storm a Beach Again

Much-revered maneuver hasn't been used since Korean War

(Newser) - Storming enemy beaches is almost the Marines’ raison d’être. The stories of the glorious amphibious assaults of the past “are encoded in our DNA,” one officer tells the LA Times . But there hasn’t been a beach assault since the Korean War, and many—including Robert...

Afghan War May Sock Us With Surtax

House Dems propose 1% war tax

(Newser) - Any change in Afghan strategy that involves spending more money needs to come with a strategy to pay for it, warn House Democrats. Influential committee chairs are calling for a 1% surtax on incomes under $150,000 beginning in 2011 to pay for the war. Their proposed bill would impose...

Cities Brace for Fallout From New Defense Budget

(Newser) - With President Obama and Robert Gates hoping to reconfigure defense spending, cities and towns around the country are bracing for the economic fallout, ABC News reports. Some of the places most likely to be pinched if Gates’ budget stands:
  • Marietta, Ga.: Where Boeing and Lockheed Martin assemble F-22s. About 2,

Gates' Pentagon Budget Overhaul Hits Heavy Resistance

Congressmen fly to defend pet weapons

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Robert Gates talked tough yesterday in proposing to cut six major weapons systems from the Pentagon budget, and members of Congress wasted no time in talking tough right back, suggesting that the battle to refocus spending could meet major resistance. “This budget represents an opportunity, one of...

Obama Must Slash Defense Budget: Study

New equipment likely to take hit as Pentagon seeks to build forces

(Newser) - Between the financial crisis, galloping budget deficits, and shifting military priorities, a Pentagon advisory group is warning that the military's current budget is “not sustainable,” and the new administration will have to choose where to make cuts, the Boston Globe reports. Weapons projects that are already billions over...

Analysts: Mac Win Likely to Hit Defense Firms Harder

He's got the clout and the will to slash budgets

(Newser) - The defense industry is generally wary of Democratic wins, but this time around it's a Republican victory that may give military industries—and their investors—a complex, MarketWatch reports. A President Obama would be unlikely to give critics of his foreign policy cred ammunition by slashing defense spending, analysts say,...

Air Force Seeks Anti-Terror $16M for 'Comfort Pods'

Congress nixes funds for high-flying accommodations on military planes

(Newser) - Air Force chiefs have sought $16 million in anti-terrorism funds to build luxurious "comfort capsules" to be installed in military aircraft for VIP officer travel, reports the Washington Post. The project's costs have soared as finicky generals demand changes, with modifications in the plush leather seats—including a switch...

Military at War With Rising Fuel Costs

Pentagon, with hefty budget worries, trying synthetic, greener options

(Newser) - Fuel costs are hitting the US military harder than most, the Wall Street Journal reports, and it's moving forward with efforts to switch to synthetic, and greener, alternatives. Chugging 340,000 barrels of oil per day, the military is the nation's largest consumer; synthetic fuels and massive solar arrays are...

China's Military Boost Angers US
China's Military Boost Angers US

China's Military Boost Angers US

Beijing eyes space, cyberspace and Taiwan

(Newser) - The US and China are clashing over Beijing's increasing defense expenditures, its posture toward Taiwan and its threat to US space hardware, reports the BBC. Beijing officials say they plan to up defense spending by 18% to $59 billion—but a Pentagon report claims the true amount of Chinese military...

Giuliani Goes for Broke in Fla.
Giuliani Goes
for Broke
in Fla.

Giuliani Goes for Broke in Fla.

In run-up to must-win primary, GOP hopeful maxes out time, money

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani has put every penny toward victory in Florida, hoping to build a dam that rising waters can’t breach. Come Jan. 29, says his campaign chairman, “we'll be the smartest guys in America or the dumbest guys in America.” Giuliani’s been to Florida nearly 30...

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