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'Heartless' Prank With Oreo Earns YouTuber Jail Sentence

Kanghua Ren, aka ReSet, filled cookie with toothpaste

(Newser) - A prank called "heartless" and "disgusting" has now earned its perpetrator jail time and a hefty fine. YouTuber ReSet—real name Kanghua Ren—has been given a 15-month jail sentence by a court in Barcelona, Spain, and has to fork over $22,300 to a homeless man after... More »

CDC: Kids Are Using Too Much Toothpaste

Fluoride in toothpaste is causing white streaks from dental fluorosis

(Newser) - If you're the parent of young kids, think about how big a grain of rice is, or a pea, before you help them brush their teeth. That's because that's how big the drop of toothpaste on their toothbrush should be, depending on their age—kids up to... More »

Why Does Brushing Make Food Taste Terrible?

Its chemicals mess with your tastebuds

(Newser) - Why does brushing your teeth ruin the taste of food you eat afterward? It's not about the mint taste interfering with your orange juice. In fact, it has to do with two chemicals in the paste, writes Daven Hiskey at Today I Found Out . Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium... More »

Feds Warn Airlines of Bomb Threat in Toothpaste Tubes

Warning specific to flight to Russia for Olympics

(Newser) - Homeland Security officials say airlines flying to Russia ahead of the Olympics ought to pay special attention to passengers' toothpaste tubes because they could contain explosives to make a bomb, reports ABC News . Authorities say they passed along the threat "out of an abundance of caution" and know of... More »

New Molecule Can Cavity-Proof Your Teeth

Researchers hope to add it to toothpaste, mouthwash

(Newser) - Say goodbye to cavities: Two researchers have discovered a new molecule that can kill cavity-producing bacteria and even make your teeth cavity-proof for hours, just by staying in your mouth for a full minute. The scientists named the molecule Keep 32, after the 32 teeth humans have, and they say... More »

FDA Probes 'Hormone Disrupter' in Soap, Toothpaste

Studies in animals point to risk

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration is taking a closer look at an antibacterial found in soap and toothpaste. Animal studies of the substance, triclosan, suggest it may alter hormone regulation or help develop resistance to antibiotics, Reuters notes. "There are many troubling questions about triclosan's effectiveness and potentially harmful... More »

Chinese PR Combats Export Rap

Enemies in Washington stymie effort to promote food products called unsafe

(Newser) - China is on a public relations blitz to keep its exports solvent after nonstop coverage of unsafe toothpaste, fish and even tires in the US, China's largest customer, last week. Beijing broke its pattern of protest over the coverage, shutting down 180 offending factories and promising consumers that tainted food... More »

Toothpaste Scare Widens—Again

Tainted tubes from China turn up in Georgia prisons, hospitals

(Newser) - The Chinese toothpaste scare is far from over and is more than just a scare. Tainted tubes have turned up, as expected, in discount stores—but officials have also found them in institutions such as prisons and hospitals, the Times reports. Nearly 1 million tubes containing varying amounts of a... More »

China Shutters Scores of Food Factories

Crackdown spreads to plants using industrial chemicals in edibles

(Newser) - The Chinese government has closed 180 factories that were using dangerous and illegal ingredients, such as formaldehyde, in food products. The relatively large number of plants casts serious doubt on Beijing's insistence that the recent rash of tainted products originated with a small number of sources, the AP reports: A... More »

Safety of Chinese-Made Toys Is Hardly Child's Play

Flood of recalls raises concerns

(Newser) - The latest Chinese products posing safety problems for consumers are children's toys, joining toothpaste, pet food, and drugs on an increasingly worrisome list, the New York Times reports. Last week's recall of Thomas & Friends train toys brought the total number of toys recalled by the US this year to... More »

Colgate Cautions Against Fake Toothpaste

Counterfeit dentifrice may contain toxic chemical, company says

(Newser) - Colgate alerted the public today that counterfeit toothpaste bearing its brand name and possibly containing a deadly chemical has turned up in discount stores in four Northeast states. The phony products' packaging is riddled with misspellings and gives the manufacturing location as South Africa, where the company doesn't make toothpaste.... More »

Trail of Chinese Chemicals Leads to Toothpaste

Governments on two continents investigate tainted product

(Newser) - The Dominican Republic is the latest country investigating the possibility that a poisonous chemical from China wound up in a consumer product. This time it's toothpaste that contains the industrial solvent diethylene glycol, which has already turned up in Panama and Australia, the Times reports. The Chinese government has tracked... More »

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