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To Flee Mob, Italian Museum Seeks Asylum in Germany

Mafia threats spark plea for museum and staff

(Newser) - The director of a Naples museum is urging Germany to grant asylum to the museum and its staff seeking to flee the mob. Antonio Manfredi says the contemporary art museum has been plagued by vandalism and threats from the local Mafia. The museum has put on exhibitions dealing with social... More »

Italians Battle Over David

State lawyers prepare to take Florence to court

(Newser) - Italy and the city of Florence are tussling over who owns Michelangelo's David, the Telegraph reports. Each year, 1.5 million visitors pay more than $12 million to see the 17-foot marble statue, which stands in Florence's Accademia gallery. Lawyers for the Italian Ministry of Culture say that because the... More »

The 20th Century's Biggest Art Heists

Even the Mona Lisa was lifted once

(Newser) - Yesterday’s massive theft from the Paris Museum of Modern Art is already being called the “heist of the century,” although we have a few years yet to see how it holds up. The Independent looked over the 20th century and compiled a list of 10 major art... More »

Ansel Adams' Family Sues Museum Over Prints

Fresno Met trying to sell prints to pay off debt

(Newser) - Ansel Adams’ family is suing the bankrupt Fresno Metropolitan Museum over its attempts to auction off six prints the photographer donated before he died. The museum closed in January and is now furiously trying to sell off artwork to pay off its estimated $4 million in debt. But Adams' relatives... More »

9 Other Pricey Art Mishaps

Pablo Picasso's 'The Actor' is hardly the first expensive accident

(Newser) - The art student who tripped and tore a hole in a Picasso painting is probably fairly embarrassed—but will, perhaps, feel better knowing others can sympathize. The Independent lists nine other art catastrophes, some accidental and some not:
  • Cy Twombly: A woman kissed one of his paintings, leaving it smeared
... More »

Tripping Visitor Rips Met Picasso

Museum repairing 6-inch tear

(Newser) - Manhattan's Metropolitan Museum of Art has removed a $130 million Picasso painting for repair after it was damaged when a visitor tripped and fell into the masterpiece. The accident resulted in a 6-inch tear in a corner of the 1904 painting "The Actor." Repairs are expected to be... More »

Museum Pioneer Thomas Hoving Dead at 78

He transformed role of curator while at the Met

(Newser) - Thomas Hoving, who helped transform the role of museum curator in his decade at the helm of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, died today. He was 78 and suffered from cancer. "I'm a goner,” he had told author Michael Gross , who broke the news on... More »

New Museum Piece Shows Viewers Total Blackness

Miroslaw Balka's How It Is , at the Tate Modern, displays the void

(Newser) - The Tate Modern's latest installation is an enormous steel container—100 feet long, 43 feet high, and 30 feet wide—that envelops visitors in total darkness upon entering. How It Is, by Polish artist Miroslaw Balka, is lined with a suede-like material that is 10 times darker than black paint.... More »

Missing Picasso Found in Iraq?! Probably Not.

The Naked Woman likely not missing, nor a Picasso, say experts

(Newser) - Iraqi security forces have secured a purported Pablo Picasso painting believed stolen from a Kuwaiti museum during the 1990 invasion, the Times of London reports. Only it’s probably not a Picasso. “It bears absolutely no relation to any Picasso that I can think of,” says one expert.... More »

Collectors Give 50 Artworks Each to 50 States

(Newser) - Herb and Dorothy Vogel had just modest incomes—he was a postal clerk, she a librarian—but over four decades they acquired more than 3,600 drawings, paintings, and collages from America's leading artists. They collected so much that they had to stuff works under their bed. But now the... More »

Angry Russian Hurls Cup at Mona Lisa

Really, really miffed that she was denied citizenship

(Newser) - A Russian woman distressed that France had refused to grant her nationality took out her frustration on a defenseless national treasure, Reuters reports. “The woman threw an empty cup at the Mona Lisa, but there was no damage as the cup smashed when it hit the screen protecting the... More »

Deface the Bible— Don't Worry; It's Art

Reactions mixed on gallery exhibit

(Newser) - An exhibit at Scotland’s Gallery of Modern Art intended to “reclaim the Bible as a sacred text” did not go entirely as planned, the Telegraph reports. Visitors were invited to “write your way back into” the Bible on display, and the resulting additions ranged from the angry—... More »

UK Art Honcho: We Need More Fakes

Could be due to planned imitation exhibition, of course

(Newser) - The head of London’s National Gallery wishes “we had more fakes,” he tells Reuters. “It’s worth having some in a collection. Not having them on display for what they pretend to be, but for what they are,” Nicholas Penny explains ahead of a 2010... More »

Parthenon Gets the Museum It Deserves

(Newser) - The Parthenon has been called the one “absolutely right” building on the planet, and it now has a fitting memorial, Christopher Hitchens writes in Vanity Fair. Hitchens is among the first to visit the new Acropolis Museum in Athens, and it does not disappoint. Artifacts, expert reproductions, and a... More »

Picasso's 'Magical' Château to Open

Studio, burial ground private up til now

(Newser) - This summer, art fiends can visit Pablo Picasso’s final resting place for the first time—a château where “he devoted himself completely to his art,” the Telegraph reports. Picasso discovered Château de Vauvenargues in the foothills of France’s Mont Sainte-Victoire, a mountain made famous... More »

Met's New Look Lets the Light In

American Wing reopens tomorrow

(Newser) - The Metropolitan Museum of Art reopens its American Wing tomorrow after a refurbishment that was “all about transparency,” its chairman says. Where benches and shrubs once constricted movement, now visitors can sit on a fountain’s edge, look out on Central Park, and ride a glass elevator “... More »

Guggenheim Plays It Safe on Wright Show

The models are great, but Wright show disappoints

(Newser) - Fifty years after the death of Frank Lloyd Wright, historians and critics are still fighting over the legacy of an architect called in turns a genius and a megalomaniac. Now, a new exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York—one of Wright's last buildings—offers an anniversary retrospective of... More »

Modern Meets Classical in Chicago Museum Wing

Piano's addition for Art Institute called his best in a decade

(Newser) - This weekend the Art Institute of Chicago opens a mammoth new modern wing designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. Nicolai Ouroussof praises Piano's mix of "Modern and classical themes," and "towering glass-and-steel facade, with its floating roof and excruciatingly slender columns" straddling gritty railroad tracks. The New ... More »

New Museum Wing Tests Cash-Strapped Modern Days

(Newser) - The Art Institute of Chicago's new $283 million modern art wing isn't just expensive—it's also expensive to visit, reports the Tribune. The museum plans to bump its ticket prices from $12 to $18 a week after the 264,000-square-foot wing's May opening, a move that has recession-minded critics crying... More »

Smithsonian Gallery Names New Director

Former MoCA chief takes over Hirshhorn after yearlong search

(Newser) - Richard Koshalek, former director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, will become the new head of the Hirshhorn Museum—the modern gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Koshalek expanded MoCA over 20 years, leaving in 1999 to run the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.... More »

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