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Obama Claws Back With Key Demos

Surveys show candidate recovering from Pa. setback

(Newser) - Barack Obama romped to victory in North Carolina and almost fought Hillary Clinton to a draw in Indiana by relying on his most loyal coalitions: young voters, African-Americans, and liberals. He also did better yesterday than in recent races among white men, pulling about 40% of that demo in Indiana.... More »

Indiana, NC Voters Rate Economy No. 1 Issue

Voters evenly divided over Wright effect

(Newser) - In exit polling in both Indiana and North Carolina today, voters overwhelmingly said the economy was the No. 1 issue influencing their decision in the presidential primary. In Indiana, 65% said the economy was most important, compared to 60% in North Carolina. Asked if the recession had affected their lives,... More »

Blue-Collar White Voters Back Clinton

Exit polls give her big edge; he wins more than 90% of black vote

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton fared especially well among white, blue-collar voters in Pennsylvania, exit polls show. She won two-thirds of their votes, her best showing among that group to date, the AP reports. She also won among women overall and late deciders. Barack Obama, meanwhile, won among young voters and affluent voters.... More »

Medvedev Wins in a Landslide

Putin pupil has asked current prez to be PM

(Newser) - On par with expectations, Dmitry Medvedev has won Russia’s presidential election with 69.6% of the vote, an exit poll says. His closest rival took just 17.2%. The victory likely means little change for Russia, as Medvedev has asked current president Vladimir Putin to be his prime minister... More »

Hillary Coalition Collapses as Barack Lures Working Class

He wins white men 3-2 in Wisconsin

(Newser) - Barack Obama's 17-point victory in Wisconsin contains a major warning for Hillary Clinton: not only did the Illinois senator win among his usual coalition of well-educated, young and black voters, but he also captured the vote of the working class, particularly men. The "durable coalition" that Clinton strategist Mark... More »

Obama Cuts Clinton’s White Lead; Hillary Wins Latinos

(Newser) - One question hanging over Super Tuesday primaries was whether Barack Obama could attract white supporters across the country more effectively than he had in his South Carolina win. Obama answered that in the affirmative, losing white voters last night to Hillary Clinton by a much narrower margin of 44% to... More »

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