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To Avoid Premature Births, Women Should Sleep Well

Women with insomnia, sleep apnea more likely to deliver early

(Newser) - A new study suggests that one way to cut down on premature births is to make sure pregnant women get good sleep. The observational study, published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, found that women diagnosed with some kind of sleep disorder were more likely to give birth early, reports... More »

Health Warning Prompts Cities to Rethink LED Street Lights

American Medical Association says high-intensity bulbs emit dangerous levels of blue light

(Newser) - Many US cities have been making the move from sodium street lights to LEDs—the bulbs are not only up to 50% more energy efficient than their predecessors, but they last for as many as 20 years and distribute light more evenly. Unfortunately, numerous studies suggest that the levels of... More »

Sleep Apnea, Heavy Snoring Linked to Memory Decline

But breathing machines may slow that loss

(Newser) - If you're prone to heavy snoring or sleep apnea, you could also be prone to something a lot more serious: memory and mild cognitive decline, including Alzheimer's, at a much earlier age. So say researchers out of New York University in the journal Neurology . They studied 2,470... More »

1 in 7 'Sleep Drunk' After Waking

And you know you who are

(Newser) - Have you ever woken up so confused you've mistaken a water bottle for a telephone, or the closet for a toilet? If so, you might be among the one in seven people estimated to suffer from a sleep disorder called "confusional arousal," reports MedPage Today . Or to... More »

'Exploding Head Syndrome' Is Real: Experts

Sufferers hear loud noises before or after sleep

(Newser) - OK, it doesn't involve one's head literally exploding, but "exploding head syndrome" is no joke, say experts. "It's a provocative and understudied phenomenon," says psychologist Brian Sharpless of Washington State University after a review of studies. Sufferers experience explosive-sounding noises during transitions between waking... More »

Depressed? Tackling Your Insomnia First Could Help

New study could lead to major shift in treatment

(Newser) - We might be on the verge of what the New York Times calls "the most significant [advance] in the treatment of depression since the introduction of Prozac in 1987": a new way of looking at treatment for depression and insomnia. More than half of Americans who suffer from depression... More »

8.6M Americans Take Pills to Sleep

Use more common among women, older people

(Newser) - About 4% of Americans aged 20 and older—some 8.6 million of us—turn to prescription drugs like Lunesta and Ambien to catch a few winks, a study finds. In the first federal study on usage, researchers followed 17,000 people between 2005 and 2010. A quarter of them... More »

Benedict's Health So Bad Docs Told Him Not to Fly

Report outlines high blood pressure, sleeping trouble

(Newser) - A fuller picture of the laundry list of Pope Benedict's physical ailments continues to emerge. In addition to reported partial blindness , the pontiff has suffered from high blood pressure to the extent that his doctor warned him to spend "as little time as possible" flying, according to the... More »

Strange and Scary Things We Do While Sleeping

Sleepers have been known to eat, text, and make whoopie

(Newser) - So you think mumbling in your sleep is weird? Hold on to your pillow, because the BBC reports on some of the truly weird things people do while sleeping:
  • Sleep texting: If you're glued to your smartphone during the day, you may end up sending incomprehensible texts while sleeping.
... More »

There's a 29% Chance You Have Sleepwalked

Study also links sleepwalking to depression, sleep disorders

(Newser) - Nearly one in three adults in the US have sleepwalked, a new study finds. Researchers surveyed 16,000 Americans and found that 29% of respondents said they had sleepwalked at least once; almost 3% said they do it as often as once a month and another 1% said they do... More »

Tired? Could Be Your 'Sexsomnia'

Study: A tenth of men with sleep disorders have sex while asleep

(Newser) - A surprising number of people are having sex in their sleep, according to a Canadian study. Researchers speaking to people with suspected sleep disorders found that more than 10% of men and 4% of women admitted that they'd engaged in sexual activity—ranging from masturbation to full intercourse—while asleep.... More »

Insomnia Linked to Shrinking Brains

Decision-making part of the brain less dense in chronic insomniacs

(Newser) - In news unlikely to make insomniacs rest any easier, a study has linked sleepless nights to loss of gray matter for the first time. Neurologists using brain imaging technology found that chronic insomniacs had significantly lower brain density in the parts of the brain responsible for resting and decision-making. They... More »

Brit Strangles Wife During Nightmare

Prosecutors believe him, seek verdict of insanity

(Newser) - A British man admits he strangled his wife but swears he did it while having a nightmare. Prosecutors have accepted his explanation, backed up by a battery of medical tests documenting a sleep disorder. Instead of pursuing a murder conviction, they want a jury to declare that he acted during... More »

Sleepwalker Stirs Yuks Off-Broadway

Sleepwalking With Me wins praise from neurologists

(Newser) - Fighting off an imaginary Brad Pitt and leaping from a second-story window confirmed it: Mike Birbiglia was ready to turn his sleepwalking stories into a one-man show, Newsweek reports. Launched off-Broadway in November, the comedic Sleepwalk With Me is drawing raves from reviewers and sleep researchers alike. "Mike... More »

New Drug Promises Better Sleep for the Jet-Lagged

Substance works a lot like today's popular but unregulated melatonin supplements

(Newser) - A new drug promises to put an end to jet lag and enable better sleep for travelers, swing-shift crews, and insomniacs, the Economist reports. Tasimelteon works a lot like today's popular but unregulated melatonin supplements, bonding with brain receptors to stimulate melatonin production and REM sleep. The distinction is significant... More »

Sleep Apnea May Cause Heart Attack at Night: Study

Disorder may increase chance of blockage

(Newser) - Sleep apnea could cause heart attacks to occur at night, Reuters reports. The disorder, in which breathing is temporarily blocked during sleep, causes changes in blood pressure and hormone levels that might increase arterial blockage, a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology finds. More »

Genetic Test Reveals Your Body Clock

Simple mouth swab can separate the larks from the owls

(Newser) - A simple mouth swab can tell scientists who's naturally meant to get up early and could forever free people who like a morning snooze from accusations of laziness, the Daily Telegraph reports. The newly developed test reveals the activity of the genes that regulate a person's body clock and identifies... More »

Erratic Sleepers Have More Health Problems: Study

Short, long hours of shuteye increase odds of smoking, obesity

(Newser) - Irregular sleep habits increase the likelihood of obesity and smoking, the AP reports. The CDC surveyed 87,000 Americans over 2 years and found that individuals who sleep fewer than 6 hours a night or more than 9 were 5% to 10% more likely to smoke and 4% to 11%... More »

Baby Zzzs Linked to Obesity

Also tied to behavioral problems

(Newser) - Babies who get less than 12 hours of shut-eye a day double their risk of being overweight by the time they're 3 years old, a new study finds. The risk is even higher for little ones who watch two hours of TV a day, the Daily Telegraph reports. If habits... More »

Separate Beds: the Key to Happy Marriage?

Sleep disturbance is hard on love, researches say

(Newser) - Looking for lengthy love? It may be time to sleep single. More couples are opting for separate beds, and 60% of custom-built homes in the UK will have dual master bedrooms by 2015, the London Times reports. Many in modern times consider separate beds the end of love, but in... More »

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