Florida Keys

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Isaac Begins Pelting Fla. Keys

 Isaac Pelts Fla. Keys 

Isaac Pelts Fla. Keys

Could hit anywhere from New Orleans to Panhandle

(Newser) - Florida is getting its first taste of Tropical Storm Isaac, with strong wind and rain pelting the Florida Keys beginning this morning as the vast 200-mile-wide storm picks up strength and moves in on the continental US. Isaac's path after the Keys is still uncertain: Forecasters warned he could...

Florida Abolishing 'City That Never Was'

Conservationists thwarted developers' plans for Islandia

(Newser) - Florida's smallest city, which spans 33 islands at the north end of the Florida Keys and is home to many more manatees than people, is about to be wiped off the map. The city of Islandia only ever really existed in the minds of developers, who declared it a...

61-Year-Old Begins 103-Mile Swim

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad sets off from Havana for Key West

(Newser) - And she's off: 61-year-old Diana Nyad began her Cuba-to-Florida endurance swim attempt last night, a 103-mile trip that will take an estimated 60 hours. "The adrenaline's flowing now," she said before setting off from Havana, while taking in the still air and flat water. "This...

300-Pound Ray Slams Woman in Boat

Fla. tourist survives bodyslam without a scratch

(Newser) - An Illinois woman ended up a lot closer to nature than planned during a sightseeing trip in the Florida Keys when an eagle ray leaped right into her tour boat, pinning her to the floor. "It happened so fast, in a split second," Jenny Hausch, who had been...

Be a Good American: Eat This Fish

The lionfish may ruin us if you don't!

(Newser) - How to make Uncle Sam proud: Buy American, fly a flag, eat...lionfish? That third one is, indeed, what one government agency would like you to do. The voracious, aggressively invasive lionfish is wreaking havoc in the Caribbean, off the Florida Keys, and along the Atlantic as far north as...

Dengue Fever Reaches Florida
 Dengue Fever Reaches Florida 

Dengue Fever Reaches Florida

Tropical disease threatens to spread north

(Newser) - Dengue fever, the most prevalent virus spread by mosquitoes globally, poses a growing threat across the world's tropical zones, from Southeast Asia to Central America—and now, Florida. Dengue virus is showing up in the Florida Keys, the CDC reported yesterday, with 5 percent of Key West residents exposed to...

Expect Tar Balls in Miami, Fort Lauderdale

But most of the Eastern Seaboard should be safe

(Newser) - The bad news is that the Florida Keys, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale have a good chance—from 61% to 80%—of seeing tar balls wash ashore as a result of the Gulf spill. The good news is that the rest of the Eastern seaboard should be safe, predicts the National...

Tar Balls Found Off Key West
 Tar Balls Found Off Key West 

Tar Balls Found Off Key West

But the Coast Guard isn't sure they're from the spill

(Newser) - Twenty tar balls have been found off Key West, though the Coast Guard stopped short of saying whether they came from the massive Gulf oil spill. The balls, which were 3-to-8 inches in diameter, were discovered yesterday by the Florida Park Service and have been sent to a lab for...

BP Siphoning 1/5 of Oil; Spill May Have Hit Major Current

Loop current would carry oil to Florida Keys and up coast

(Newser) - BP is now siphoning more than one-fifth of the oil that has been spewing into the Gulf for almost a month, the company said this morning, as worries escalated that the ooze may have reached a major ocean current that could carry it through the Florida Keys and up the...

Woman Shaving Privates Causes Florida Car Crash

Hot date in Key West leads to collision on 'scary road'

(Newser) - Florida revoked Megan Mariah Barnes' driver's license last week, and less than a day later she proved the wisdom of that decision, causing a car accident on US Highway 1 in the Florida Keys as she shaved her private parts while driving. " About 10 years ago I stopped a...

Cops Bust Fla. Man in Thanksgiving Massacre of 4

Fugitive found thanks to America's Most Wanted tip

(Newser) - A weekslong manhunt ended with the arrest of a Florida man accused of the carefully planned slayings of four relatives at Thanksgiving. Paul Merhige, 35, was arrested without a struggle last night at a motel in the Florida Keys, a Jupiter police spokesman said. He credited the TV show America's ...

Fla. Keys Family Gets White Christmas

Contest winners get 20 tons of ice dumped on lawn

(Newser) - Even as the Weather Channel delivered news of a too-white Christmas to many Americans yesterday, it was also delivering snow to a place that hasn’t seen much since the last ice age. A Florida Keys musician got 20 tons dumped on his waterfront property after winning a contest in...

Threat of Rising Sea Hasn't Sunk in for Florida Keys

(Newser) - The Florida Keys are in serious danger from rising ocean levels—and woefully unprepared to deal with the challenge, the Miami Herald reports. “South Florida is on the front line against sea-level rise in the United States, and the Florida Keys are ground zero,” a scientist said. In...

Air Force Ship Becomes Artificial Reef Off Fla. Keys

WWII cargo ship also tracked missiles and spacecraft

(Newser) - Demolition experts sank an Air Force ship this morning to create an artificial reef in the Florida Keys, the AP reports. The 17,000-ton, WWII-era cargo ship took less than 2 minutes to sink after a series of explosions. The new "reef" is expected to bring in about...

'Python Patrols' Hunt Down Snakes in Fla. Keys

(Newser) - So-called "python patrols" are scouring the Florida Keys for rogue snakes that gobble up endangered species, CNN reports. Conservation manager Alison Higgins started assembling the teams after pythons, some 20 feet long, were found eating birds, bobcats, and even alligators. The snakes are often released by pet owners...

Ike Strengthens, Heads for Texas

Gulf oil platforms don't appear threatened as hurricane aims to Corpus Christi

(Newser) - After leaving Cuba, Hurricane Ike is strengthening and moving through the Gulf of Mexico toward south-central Texas, Bloomberg reports. The National Hurricane Center said it was possible Ike would strengthen into a “major hurricane” before landfall, probably near Corpus Christi. One independent forecaster said there was “a significant...

Locals in Fla. Keys Stay Back for Animals

6-toed cats, nervous birds among the lucky as Ike moves in

(Newser) - Animal lovers are staying back in the Florida Keys to make sure six-toed cats and frisky dolphins survive a brush from Hurricane Ike, the Fort Mill Times reports. While some residents flee, kennel owners and wild life managers are bunking up with extra food and medicine. "They are very,...

Fla. Keys Evacuation Order Canceled
Fla. Keys Evacuation Order Canceled

Fla. Keys Evacuation Order Canceled

Residents urged to stay put as Hurricane Ike menaces mainland

(Newser) - Hurricane Ike is now a Category 2 storm, and officials have rescinded orders to evacuate the Florida Keys, the Miami Herald reports. Residents still on the archipelago shouldn't go anywhere, and those who've already left are being asked not to return until after the storm passes. It's expected to continue...

Keys, Caribbean Isles Evacuate for Ike

Category 3 storm expected to hit Turks and Caicos today

(Newser) - Tourists and locals are fleeing the Florida Keys and Caribbean islands as Hurricane Ike closes in today, CNN reports. Forecasters predict Ike will slam into the Turks and Caicos islands late today or early tomorrow with Category 3 winds near 115 mph and 9- to 12-foot-high waves. The storm is...

Fla. Keys Unfazed by Fay
 Fla. Keys
 Unfazed by Fay

Fla. Keys Unfazed by Fay

Residents dismiss storm that scares off tourists

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Fay has scared off tourists but left laid-back Florida Key residents unconcerned, the AP reports. "We're not worried about it. We've seen this movie before," said one Floridian who was stocking up on food and whiskey today. The storm that killed at least eight in Haiti...

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