Mark Twain

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A Christmas Story Raconteur Spoke to Misfit Generation

Jean Shepherd made growing pains a little easier in the '50s and '60s" musician Fagen

(Newser) - Listening to Jean Shepherd, the radio raconteur whose writings inspired A Christmas Story (and who did the voice-over), “I learned about social observation and human types,” musician Donald Fagen writes for Slate. For “the true horror of helpless childhood,” and a realism that countered the feel-good,... More »

Equation Helps Procrastinators Overcome Their Stall Tactics

You know, when you get around to it

(Newser) - The legions of those of us who "will do it later" are growing, reports the Sunday Times, but now there's a formula to figure out what chance you have of beating back your delay tactics. A Calgary University business professor claims in a new book, The Procrastination Equation,... More »

There's Wild Food Missing Here

American cuisine should include wild game

(Newser) - Mark Twain’s Thanksgiving looked nothing like the meal you’re having tomorrow—or, for that matter, like the one the Pilgrims had with the Wampanoag. The difference? Those bygone American tables would have been filled with wild game, Andrew Beahrs writes in the New York Times. Twain wrote with... More »

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