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Seals Busted Having Sex With ... Penguins

Antarctic fur seals observed getting frisky with King penguins on Antarctic island

(Newser) - Scientists are documenting "sexual coercion" in the Antarctic, and it's probably not anything like what one might think: Young male Antarctic fur seals, it seems, have been documented having sex with King penguins of undetermined gender, reports the BBC , via a study in the journal Polar Biology . Scientists... More »

Tagging Harms Penguins: Study

Flipper tags affects survival, reproduction

(Newser) - The most common way of identifying penguins for research does the birds serious harm, according to a new study. Researchers found that penguins given flipper bands had 40% fewer chicks than penguins with implanted transponders and lived shorter lives, the BBC reports. The team believes the tags created extra drag... More »

Penguins Not Gay, Just Flirting

They need testosterone outlet until females are available, say researchers

(Newser) - Penguins aren't really gay , even though it may look that way, claims a new study. The lonely animals are just "flirting" with other guys because there aren't enough females to go around, say French researchers. Male bonding among king penguins has already been observed in zoos; researchers discovered that... More »

Warming Dooms King Penguins

Rising temperatures may drive them to extinction in 20 years

(Newser) - Global warming could drive king penguins into extinction in the next 20 years, a new study warns. Research indicates that a rise in ocean temperature of just 0.47 degrees—well below the forecast—would reduce the animals' critical supply of lantern fish and krill, reports the Los Angeles Times.... More »

4 Stories
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