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Denmark Convicts 4 in Terror Plot

Men plotted attack on newspaper that published Mohammed cartoons

(Newser) - Four men who planned a shooting spree at the office of a Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed were found guilty of terrorism today and sentenced each to 12 years in prison. The men were arrested in late December 2010 just hours before authorities say they planned... More »

Cartoon Terror Trial Begins in Denmark

4 men accused of plotting attack on newspaper over Mohammed cartoons

(Newser) - Four men accused of planning a shooting spree at a newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed have gone on trail in Denmark. Prosecutors say the four—three Swedes and a Tunisian—were planning to shake Danish society by killing as many people as possible at the Jyllands-Posten newspaper,... More »

5 Arrested in Plot on Danish Newspaper

Planned to 'kill as many of the people present as possible'

(Newser) - Denmark's intelligence service today arrested four people suspected of planning an "imminent" terror attack against a newspaper that printed the controversial Prophet Mohammad cartoons; Swedish police said they arrested a fifth suspect. The group planned to enter the building where the Jyllands-Posten daily has its Copenhagen newsdesk and "... More »

Chicago Men Busted in Danish Terror Plot

Pair accused of plot to attack paper that printed Mohammed cartoons

(Newser) - Two Chicago men have been charged with conspiring to attack the Danish newspaper that enraged many Muslims by printing cartoons of Mohammed in 2005. Suspect Daniel Coleman Headley, a US citizen who grew up in Pakistan, has "very extensive contacts with leading militant extremists in Pakistan," an official... More »

Muhammad Cartoon Artist Now Homeless

Dane deemed 'too much of a security risk' for police protection

(Newser) - A Danish cartoonist who enraged the Muslim world in 2005 with his depiction of the prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban is now homeless, Der Spiegel reports. Kurt Westergaard, 73, has been thrown out of his police-protected hotel room—where he was sent when authorities uncovered a plot... More »

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