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Samuel Adams' Latest Brew Is Illegal in 15 States

Limited-edition Utopias is 28% ABV

(Newser) - Samuel Adams has a new beer on the way, but it doesn't come in six-packs: The new batch of its limited-edition Utopias brew comes in a 25.4-ounce copper-clad decanter with a suggested retail price of $240—and it's so strong it's banned in 15 states. The...

Time Capsule From 1700s to Be Opened Next Month

Officials will reveal contents Jan. 6

(Newser) - The 1795 time capsule that was placed under the Massachusetts Statehouse by Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and others will be opened soon. Officials from the state as well as Boston's Museum of Fine Arts will reveal what the time capsule holds at 6pm on Jan. 6, 2015, USA Today...

Time Capsule Placed by Paul Revere Found

1795 capsule was in Mass. State House cornerstone

(Newser) - A time capsule placed by Paul Revere and Sam Adams, among others, when the US was just 19 years old was carefully removed from a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House yesterday. The 1795 time capsule—rediscovered during building maintenance—is thought to contain objects such as coins from as...

Video Shows Tea Partiers How to Rip Up Koran

'Just like Sam Adams,' says Randall Terry

(Newser) - Anti-abortionist Randall Terry has unleashed a video primer to fellow Tea Party activists on how to make news by ripping up giant passages from the Koran at press conferences. He even directs wannabe newsmakers to his website , where anyone interested can download passages of the Muslim holy book. "You're...

History Often Forgets About This Adams
History Often Forgets About This Adams

History Often Forgets About This Adams

And it's a shame: Sam, cousin of John, helped shape our revolution

(Newser) - When people think of Samuel Adams these days, the beer, and not the Revolutionary War hero, may come to mind first. But a new book from Ira Stoll—Samuel Adams: A Life—makes the case for bringing the cousin of John Adams out of "the attic of history."...

One-Man Beer Outfits Take Brewing Micro Indeed

Super-small operations cater to niches in US niche markets

(Newser) - Some so-called “microbreweries” have grown much too large to use that sobriquet, but as certain outfits outgrow the label, others are just growing into it. Portfolio's Lew Bryson introduces the future of beer: one-man brewing. In a market where once-boutique names like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada now command...

6 Stories
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