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New Jersey's Electronic Voting a Total 'Disaster'

Displaced residents have trouble receiving, submitting ballots

(Newser) - ABC News doesn't pull any punches when it comes to describing New Jersey's electronic voting experiment : It "failed." Voters in the state who were displaced by superstorm Sandy were allowed to vote via email or fax—or try to. Election office staffers took as long...

Confusion Surrounds New Jersey's Email Vote

New Yorkers allowed to vote anywhere

(Newser) - The storm-battered people of New Jersey are the first large group of domestic voters to be allowed to vote by email , but the move is causing plenty of confusion, Politico finds. The state's top election official now says people who vote by email or fax will also need to...

Ohio Adds Software 'Fix' to Voting Machines

Journo files lawsuit to stop move in key swing state

(Newser) - Ohio is adding a last-minute, "experimental" software patch to its electronic voting machines—and one official explanation seems to contradict the very contract signed for the job, Salon reports. A representative for Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted told theGrio that the change added software—not a patch—that...

E-Voting Machines Totally Hackable, Experts Warn

Two of them even installed Pac-Man in one paperless machine

(Newser) - You take time off work, cast your ballot, get your sticker—only to learn that the electronic voting machine you used was hacked and your vote rendered meaningless. E-voting experts are predicting similar scenarios in the 17 states that still use paperless machines, the Christian Science Monitor reports. A cheater...

'Rich Whitey' Appears on Chicago Ballots

Misspelling of Rich Whitney's name to be corrected

(Newser) - A certain “Rich Whitey” is running for governor of Illinois—or so the ballots have it. Thousands of electronic voting machines, including about 500 currently being used for early voting, contain a misspelling of Green Party hopeful Rich Whitney’s last name, the AP reports. “We don't have...

Few Voting Problems in Key States

Most problems reported in Michigan

(Newser) - The 2008 election is proceeding well in most states. Cleveland polling places were hit with high turnout at the 6:30am open, but voting tapered off as the morning continued, in part thanks to the 250,000 who voted early, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. In South Florida, voters faced...

Swing States Will Face Voting Glitches: Report

Feds failed to notify officials of ballot machine failures

(Newser) - Little has been done to fix voting problems in some key states over the last few years, and voters in those states could have problems at the polls in November, CNN reports. Ten swing states—including Florida and Ohio—are likely to face voting day snarls, including shortages of voting...

How Dare You Assess Our Voting Machines

Sequoia Systems gets touchy about security audits

(Newser) - Sequoia Voting Systems has sent a letter to a Princeton professor threatening legal action if he publishes any info from a security audit of their voting machines. "It's hard to imagine a stupider legal threat," says Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing. "Sequoia's basically saying, 'We're scared of...

Ohio Fears Chaos, Delays in Primary Vote

Dem hopefuls stump as experts dread a ballot controversy

(Newser) - As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama barnstormed across Ohio today, experts fretted that a delay in vote-counting on Tuesday may add to mistrust over the state's elections, the Columbus Dispatch reports. Predicted record turnout and the option to vote by ballot or touch-screen may confuse primary voters and remind the...

Want to Vote, O'Connor? Think Again

Apostrophes, hyphens, and spaces in names confuse computers

(Newser) - The Information Age has been bad news for O'Connors, D'Angelos, Al-Husseins, and Van Kemps everywhere. Apostrophes in Irish, French, Italian, and African last names; hyphens in Arab names; and spaces in Dutch ones cause their owners endless headaches when computer systems reject or mis-record them, reports the AP, blocking them...

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