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Cosby Slams His Insurance Company's 'Egregious Behavior'

American International Group Inc. has settled lawsuit with accuser ahead of deposition

(Newser) - Bill Cosby says his insurance company is settling another accuser's lawsuit without his permission, a week before his scheduled deposition. Cosby in a statement accuses American International Group Inc. of "egregious behavior." He says he could have proven he was in New York during the alleged 2008... More »

Cosby Wants Home Insurance to Cover Legal Costs

AIG is fighting him on his 'personal injury' claims for defamation lawsuits

(Newser) - Why anyone other than Bill Cosby should care about Bill Cosby's homeowners insurance may at first seem a mystery. But the beleaguered comedian is apparently taking advantage of the personal injury coverage linked to his AIG policy to deflect his growing legal costs as he fights the defamation suits... More »

AIG: OK, We Won't Sue You, America

Board will not join shareholders' lawsuit

(Newser) - AIG's board of directors has apparently decided that another onslaught of bad publicity isn't worth any price. American International Group decided today that it will not join a shareholder lawsuit against the government that bailed it out, reports the Wall Street Journal . That the board was even considering... More »

AIG Mulls Suing the Feds ... for Bailing It Out

Firm may join shareholder lawsuit over bailout terms

(Newser) - AIG has been running "Thank you America" ads after paying off its $182 billion bailout, but it's also considering suing the very government that kept it afloat, reports the New York Times . The insurance giant's board will meet tomorrow to debate joining a shareholder lawsuit that claims... More »

US Selling Off $18B Stake in AIG

With sale, US will be minority shareholder for first time since bailout

(Newser) - The US government is selling another $18 billion in AIG, a move that will make it a minority stakeholder for the first time since bailing out the insurance giant in 2008, reports the Wall Street Journal . Four other sales since March 2011 have reduced the government's stake in AIG... More »

Don't Spend Bonus Bucks Yet, Warns 'Clawback' Czar

(Newser) - Just because top banking executives took home hefty paychecks in recent months doesn't mean they'll get to keep the money, reports Reuters. White House pay czar Kenneth Feinberg declared he has clear authority to "claw back" egregious bonuses already paid out by any bank that received federal TARP money.... More »

Fed Knew of AIG Bonuses 5 Months Before Storm

Geithner's New York Fed planned for controversy in Sept. '08

(Newser) - Senior officials at the New York Federal Reserve knew about AIG's plans to pay large bonuses more than 5 months before controversy erupted, according to documents seen by the Washington Post. Correspondence and phone records show that the central bank was working with AIG, lawyers, auditors, and PR firms to... More »

AIG's Woes Point to Larger Insurance Crisis

Federal aid may offer AIG a competitive advantage in ailing industry

(Newser) - AIG’s troubles were quickly blamed on a single, obscure wing of the company, but its problems extend to its core life-insurance division—underscoring dangerous weaknesses across the entire industry and pointing to the possibility of a second financial crisis, the Los Angeles Times reports. What's more, by offering AIG... More »

AIG Honchos Quit Paris Office, Spurring Fears of Default

$234B at stake as top managers walk

(Newser) - Two of the top managers at AIG's Paris unit have resigned, reports the Wall Street Journal, leaving the insurer scrambling to avoid potential defaults on $234 billion in derivative transactions. The complicated scenario results from a French law that says regulators must approve of the managers' replacements or else pick... More »

AIG Employee Tells Liddy: You Betrayed Us

VP's resignation letter rips cowardly CEO, grandstanding pols

(Newser) - Though he says he’s blameless for the mess that brought down AIG, and worked 14-hour days at $1 a year to help dismantle the insurer, executive Jake DeSantis feels “betrayed” by CEO Edward Liddy—and lets him know in a resignation letter published by the New York Times.... More »

AIG Negotiating Yet Another Bailout

3rd rescue could see government acquire parts of insurer

(Newser) - AIG is seeking yet another bailout from the federal government, the Financial Times reports, as the troubled insurer prepares to post a quarterly loss the Wall Street Journal expects to exceed $60 billion. The new package would see the government swap its previous $60 billion loan for equity and acquire... More »

AIG Looks for $10B More to Pay Bad Bets

Struggling insurer gambled billions of its own money on risky derivative trades

(Newser) - Insurance giant AIG, already the recipient of a $150 billion government bailout to cover soured credit-default swaps, now admits it owes some $10 billion more for speculative trades it made with its own money, reports the Wall Street Journal. Those deals aren’t covered by the bailout, leaving the struggling... More »

After Meltdown, 'Safe Will Be the New Sexy': Cramer

'Good, clean, old-fashioned banking' is coming back in US markets

(Newser) - A new era has arrived on Wall Street, with the big investment firms falling, James Cramer writes in New York, and traditional banks with large deposit bases looking like the smartest option all along. “We’ll see a more chaste culture emerge from all of this, on Wall Street,... More »

New York, New York, That Teetering Town

Masters of Universe tighten their belts as Wall Street quakes

(Newser) - Amid the financial fallout, even Manhattan's wealthiest consumers are beginning to curb their spending, Reuters reports. Wall Street tremors and belt-tightening by the rich are bound to hit New York City especially hard, and will rock stores, restaurants—and even charities. "We still have not hit the bottom... More »

Time for the Dow to Ditch Ailing AIG

Index should replace enfeebled AIG or GM with Apple or Cisco

(Newser) - The downsizing of American International Group should spur its ejection from the Dow Jones 30, Paul R. La Monica writes in CNNMoney. The company's inclusion in the index means its troubles will hurt the market even more than the tribulations of Lehman, Fannie and Freddie—its shedding of divisions will... More »

Embattled AIG CEO Steps Down

Board replaces Sullivan with Citi exec Willumstad

(Newser) - Martin Sullivan has stepped down as AIG's CEO, and the company's board named chairman Maurice Willumstad his successor, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal. The insurance giant's stock has plummeted more than 50% since October due to subprime writedowns, and Sullivan is still embroiled in legal battles with his former... More »

AIG Posts $5.2B Loss on Writedown

Giant insurer takes $11B charge on mortgage woes

(Newser) - Today's after-hours bad news from the credit-crunch front comes from insurer AIG, which reported a fourth-quarter loss of $5.29 billion after taking an $11 billion writedown on mortgage-related insurance contracts, the Wall Street Journal reports. The loss amounts to $2.08 per share; American International Group turned a profit... More »

Jury Convicts Ex-Insurance Execs in Fraud

Five General Re and AIG officials face jail over scheme to deceive investors

(Newser) - A federal jury yesterday convicted five former insurance executives of fraud, conspiracy, and making false statements to the Securities and Exchange Commission as part of a scheme to deceive investors, Bloomberg reports. The convictions stem from a sham transaction in 2000 between General Reinsurance Corp. and American International Group that... More »

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