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UK Unveils Big Move in Quest for Cleaner Air

It plans to ban new gas, diesel cars by 2040

(Newser) - Just weeks after France unveiled a plan to ban sales of gas and diesel cars by 2040, its neighbor to the north is following suit. Britain's government on Wednesday unveiled a nearly $4 billion plan to improve air quality that would see sales of new gas and diesel cars... More »

Teen Has Stomach Pulled After Downing Nitrogen Drink

Gaby Scanlon was celebrating her birthday at a UK bar

(Newser) - A British high school student nearly died last week after drinking a liquid-nitrogen cocktail and having her stomach removed in emergency surgery, the Telegraph reports. Gaby Scanlon was celebrating her eighteenth birthday with friends at a wine bar in Lancaster when she downed the Jägermeister drink, which is mixed... More »

EPA Ignores Advisers on Pollution Cap

Sets higher limit than own experts' recommendations

(Newser) - Ignoring the recommendations of its own scientists, the Environmental Protection Agency yesterday reset standards for pollution-forming ozone from cars and factories at a level critics say may cost thousands of lives. The new cap is lower than the old level but still far above the limit urged by EPA experts,... More »

So Cal May Ban Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Proposed regs will eliminate new fireplaces; limit current ones in winter

(Newser) - Southern Californians will be roasting their chestnuts in the oven if an air pollution plan is passed that would ban fireplaces in all new homes and prohibit wood-fueled blazes for as many as 20 days every winter. The regulations, proposed by South Coast Air Quality Management, seeks to clean up... More »

4 Stories