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Assad Scoffs: 'Anyone Can Make Sarin in His House'

He tells Fox News his regime isn't to blame

(Newser) - Bashar al-Assad continues making the interview rounds and denying that his regime used chemical weapons. In the latest sit-down—conducted by Fox News , with former congressman Dennis Kucinich as one of the interviewers—the Syrian leader said it will take about a year to destroy his chemical stockpile, reports NPR...

'Aisle Hogs' Camp Out Hours for SOTU Seats

It's a rare opportunity to shake hands, talk to the president

(Newser) - As you read this, there are already lawmakers sitting in the House chamber, just waiting for President Obama to arrive for his State of the Union address tonight. The aisle seats in the chamber have become hot commodities in recent years, with less-well-known legislators clamoring for a rare chance to,...

A-Bomb National Park Bill Fails
 A-Bomb National Park Bill Fails 

A-Bomb National Park Bill Fails

Manhattan Project bill stalls in House

(Newser) - A bill to create a national park at the sites where the first atomic bomb was created has stalled in the House after failing to get a two-thirds majority. Lawmakers voted 237-180 in favor of creating the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, with 112 Republicans concerned about the cost voting...

Kucinich Wants Warning Labels on Cell Phones

Congressman introduces law regarding radiation dangers

(Newser) - If Dennis Kucinich has his way, your next cell phone could come with a warning label informing you that it may expose you to radiation. The congressman introduced a federal law yesterday called the Cell Phone Right to Know Act, which would require the warning labels, create a research program...

Postal Workers Go on Hunger Strike

With special guest Dennis Kucinich

(Newser) - Postal workers, activists, and even Dennis Kucinich took to Capitol Hill today to announce a four-day hunger strike on behalf of the beleaguered US Postal Service. Kucinich himself won't be joining the strike, which will include 10 postal workers, union activists, and supporters, but he was there for moral...

Forget Dennis Kucinich
 Forget Dennis Kucinich 

Forget Dennis Kucinich

He made a lot of noise, but did little, Alex Koppelman argues

(Newser) - Dennis Kucinich's 16-year stint in Congress is about to end , and Alex Koppelman, for one, does not care. "Liberals lost one of their favorite elected officials, and the press lost one of its favorite sources of comic relief," he writes for the New Yorker . "But Congress...

New Super PAC Wants to Dump All Incumbents

'We’re not interested in shifting power between Republicans and Democrats'

(Newser) - On Super Tuesday, the Campaign for Primary Accountability had its money behind two diametrically opposed candidates: Tea Party conservative Brad Wenstrup, and Dennis Kucinich. What did they have in common? Both were taking on long-entrenched incumbents. The Campaign is the rare super PAC that doesn't back any one candidate...

Dennis Kucinich Loses Ohio Seat

Two-time prez candidate loses to Dem Marcy Kaptur in redrawn district

(Newser) - Ohio voters yesterday bounced two-time presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich out of office, leaving him without a congressional seat for the first time in 16 years. The antiwar populist conceded just after midnight to progressive Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur in the race to represent Ohio's redrawn Ninth District. The outcome...

Kucinich Invokes Gandhi, Tunisia at Marijuana Rally

Ohio Congressman encourages marijuana activists

(Newser) - On Saturday, Rep. Dennis Kucinich gave a rousing speech at … Hempfest. “Open up, America! Show yourself! Time for mass action! This is why, and how, recent movements for freedom in Tunisia and Egypt gained momentum,” he urged marijuana activists. “This is how Gandhi cast off the...

Syria's Assad Meets With ... Dennis Kucinich?
 Syria's Assad Meets With ... Dennis Kucinich?

Syria's Assad Meets With ... Dennis Kucinich?

Congressman says he's 'investigating conditions on the ground'

(Newser) - An American politician is leading the way on the Syrian crisis and it’s not a former president or even John Kerry, but rather ... Dennis Kucinich. This morning, the Atlantic spotted this tweet from a CNN reporter in Damascus: “Ran into Dennis Kucinich in another hotel. Told me he’...

GOP Spikes Bill to End Libya Conflict...

...Because they're afraid Kucinich's resolution could pass

(Newser) - House GOP leaders canceled a vote on a Dennis Kucinich resolution to end the conflict in Libya today, because they were afraid lawmakers would actually vote for the thing. John Boehner “is concerned that if this were to come to the floor now, it would pass,” one senior...

Willie Nelson Retracts 'Teapot' Endorsement

He backed pro-legalization Gary Johnson but now likes Kucinich

(Newser) - After voicing support for pro-pot Gary Johnson as a presidential candidate , Willie Nelson has apparently changed his tune, notes the Daily Caller . It's "too early for me to endorse anyone,” the singer said in an email to a member of his marijuana-legalization activist group, the Teapot Party....

Kucinich Settles Olive Pit Lawsuit

Ohio Democrat provides all the gory details

(Newser) - The weird lawsuit involving Dennis Kucinich and an olive pit has been settled. The Democratic lawmaker sued the operator of a congressional cafeteria for $150,000 after cracking his tooth on said pit, reports the Plain Dealer . Kucinich didn't disclose the settlement because, you know, that's private. He did, however,...

Dennis Kucinich Sues ... Over Unpitted Olive

Claims sandwich from congressional cafeteria cracked his tooth

(Newser) - Rep. Dennis Kucinich cracked his tooth on an errant olive pit in April 2008, and he’s not happy about it. The Ohio Democrat is now, almost three years later, suing the congressional cafeteria where he bought the sandwich that included the unpitted olive, Gawker reports, citing official documents from...

Health Care Reform Winners and Losers
 Health Care Reform 
 Winners and Losers 

Health Care Reform Winners and Losers

Obama, Pelosi, GOP come out looking good; flip-floppers, not so much

(Newser) - The winners and losers of the health care reform battle will take years to determine, but Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post has some early choices. The winners:
  • President Obama: "He ran on doing big things and now will have health care to show for that pledge when he

Health Bill to Shave $130B Off Deficit in Decade: Hoyer
Health Bill to Shave $130B
Off Deficit in Decade: Hoyer
house votes on sunday

Health Bill to Shave $130B Off Deficit in Decade: Hoyer

Vote scheduled for Sunday as Dems try to wrangle 10 yeas

(Newser) - The Congressional Budget Office numbers aren’t in yet, but House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer assures wary legislators that health care reform will save billions, even trillions, over the next 20 years. His statement comes as House Democrats try to wrangle the 10 additional votes needed to pass the bill,...

Dennis Kucinich Switches to 'Yes' on Health Care

President Obama made direct appeal to the liberal Democrat

(Newser) - President Obama's wooing of Rep. Dennis Kucinich worked. The liberal Ohio congressman says he will vote for health care reform even though he has serious reservations about the legislation. Kucinich voted against the bill in the House last year, and he's the first "no" vote to publicly flip, reports...

Patrick Kennedy Loses It on House Floor
 Patrick Kennedy 
 Loses It on House Floor 
afghanistan coverage 'despicable'

Patrick Kennedy Loses It on House Floor

Rhode Island Congressman blasts media for Afghanistan Coverage

(Newser) - Patrick Kennedy blasted the media on the floor of the House this afternoon, calling the focus on the likes of Eric Massa rather than the war in Afghanistan "despicable." The lame-duck Rhode Island Democrat was speaking—and eventually shouting—in favor of a Dennis Kucinich-sponsored resolution requiring President...

House to Probe 'Outrageous' Citi Tax Break

Kucinich calls IRS ruling 'a farce'

(Newser) - Citigroup is receiving an "outrageous" $38 billion tax exemption because the government hasn't got a clue how to juggle its dual roles of shareholder and tax collector, Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich charged yesterday. He vowed that his domestic policy subcommittee of the House oversight committee will demand answers from...

SEC Probes BofA for Being Mum on Merrill Bonuses

Bank may have illegally misled investors over pre-takeover Merrill payouts

(Newser) - The SEC is looking into whether Bank of America violated federal law by failing to let investors know Merrill Lynch planned to pay its execs $3.62 billion in bonuses before it was taken over by BofA last year, the Financial Times reports. The regulator is reviewing the bank's disclosure...

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