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Vaping Contaminant Could Be a Link in Respiratory Illnesses

Tests find oil from vitamin E

(Newser) - Health officials looking for a common thread in the baffling series of respiratory illnesses across the country tied to vaping may have found it. Tests show the same chemical in marijuana products used by the patients, the Washington Post reports: a contaminant derived from vitamin E. The oil, vitamin E... More »

A 2nd Vaper Dies in US

Oregon patient died in July after vaping THC

(Newser) - Oregon health officials are investigating the death of an individual who developed a severe respiratory illness after vaping; if a link is confirmed, it would be the country's second vaping-related death. A lead investigator on the new case, Dr. Ann Thomas, tells the New York Times that the person... More »

For the First Time in 2 Decades, a New Flu Drug Hits US

US health regulators approve Xofluza

(Newser) - US health regulators have approved the first new type of flu drug in two decades. Wednesday's approval of Xofluza for people ages 12 and older comes ahead of the brunt of this winter's flu season. Xofluza is a pill that can reduce severity and shorten duration of flu... More »

A Storm Hit, Then 800 People Couldn't Breathe

4 deaths blamed on 'thunderstorm asthma' in Australia

(Newser) - Four people are dead after an intense thunderstorm in Australia—but flooding or even lightning aren't to blame, reports the Age . In a rare case of "thunderstorm asthma," strong winds near Melbourne on Monday sent massive amounts of rye grass pollen into the air, making it difficult... More »

'Unprecedented' Outbreak Strikes Hundreds of Kids

Children hospitalized in 10 states with cold-like enterovirus

(Newser) - Hundreds of children have been hospitalized across several states with a respiratory illness that seems like a cold but can grow far worse, CNN reports. Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, and Oklahoma have already called the CDC for help in tackling an enterovirus that appears... More »

Mystery Illness Kills 2 in Alabama

5 others hospitalized with respiratory affliction

(Newser) - State and federal officials are scrambling to investigate a mysterious respiratory illness that has killed two people and left five others hospitalized in southeast Alabama. Officials describe the outbreak as a cluster of illnesses with flulike symptoms, with fever, coughing, and shortness of breath as the most important symptoms to... More »

Mandela Again Hospitalized With Lung Infection

Second hospitalization this month for South African leader

(Newser) - Weeks after returning home from the hospital, Nelson Mandela was admitted again last night for a lung infection. South African president Jacob Zuma is calling on the world to offer its support to the 94-year-old icon, NBC News reports: "We appeal to the people of South Africa and the... More »

New Injections Can Keep People Alive—Without Breath

Scientists' invention could save millions of lives a year

(Newser) - Scientists in Boston are reporting what could be a major breakthrough: They've designed oxygen-carrying particles that can let patients live for up to half an hour—without taking a breath. The injected material give doctors time to address emergencies in patients who can't breathe with far less risk... More »

Steve Jobs Died of Respiratory Arrest at Home

Pancreatic cancer had spread to other organs

(Newser) - A copy of Steve Jobs' death certificate indicates the Apple co-founder died of respiratory arrest that resulted from pancreatic cancer that had spread to other organs. Jobs died last Wednesday at age 56. Apple didn't disclose the cause of death, but Jobs had battled pancreatic cancer and had a... More »

Breathing Trouble Dogs Middle East Vets

New study increases concern over respiratory issues

(Newser) - Why do so many young, previously healthy soldiers come back from the Middle East with respiratory problems, some so bad they can no longer pass a physical required for active duty? The question was made more urgent with the results of a new study showing that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans... More »

LA Investigates Mysterious Playboy Mansion Illness

It's not what you're thinking

(Newser) - Must've been something in the air, but dozens of people at a Playboy Mansion fundraiser earlier this month contracted a really ... nasty ... respiratory infection, and LA County public health officials are now investigating, reports the LA Times. Officials are surveying all 700 attendees of a conference called Domainfest global after... More »

US Life Expectancy Falls for Third Time Since 1980

Though it did increase for black men, hitting all-time high

(Newser) - The overall US life expectancy fell slightly in 2008, from 77.9 years to (gasp) 77.8 years, according to a new report from the CDC. It’s the first drop since 2005, and just the third since 1980. Actually, to be more precise, it was the life expectancy of... More »

Exercise Curbs Colds, Even Cancer

Moderate, regular activity is like a 'drug' that boosts immune system

(Newser) - Some benefits of exercise are less visible than weight loss and muscle mass, but no less tangible. In fact, the most awesome effects of physical activity are measured by what doesn’t happen: A brisk walk five times a week has been shown to ward off respiratory infections, and regular... More »

Ozone Kills, Slowly: Study

High-level areas like LA face 50% increase in risk of death from respiratory illness

(Newser) - Long-term exposure to ozone can greatly increase the risk of death from respiratory diseases, the Los Angeles Times reports. An 18-year study of half a million people in 96 cities found that an increase of 10 parts per billion in ozone concentrations correlated to a 4% increase in deaths from... More »

Study Links TV to Child Asthma Risk

Young kids who watch more than 2 hours a day twice as likely to develop asthma

(Newser) - Young children who watch over two hours of television a day are twice as likely to develop asthma later in childhood. Researchers, who tracked the health of 3,000 children from birth to 11, believe that the TV-watching is symptomatic of sedentary lifestyles, the BBC reports. They speculate that more... More »

Vicks VapoRub Dangerous for Babies: Study

Despite wide use, may restrict breathing in children under 2

(Newser) - Vicks VapoRub is dangerous for children younger than 2, potentially causing breathing problems and mucus buildup, a new study warns. The popular cream’s label already warns against using it on kids that young, but many parents do it anyway, researchers say, because that’s what their parents did. “... More »

Smog Costs California $28B a Year

Toxic air kills more than car crashes in some areas, researchers find

(Newser) - Health problems caused by pollution choke $28 billion out of California's economy every year, according to a new study. Most of the cost is linked to 3,000 smog-related deaths each year, along with days of work missed by workers with respiratory problems aggravated by pollution spewed from tailpipes and... More »

Laugh-In Creator Dick Martin Dead at 86

Zany funnyman socked it to US audiences, topped ratings for years

(Newser) - The final judge has come for Dick Martin, co-founder of the groundbreaking comedy show Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In and later a prolific director, the AP reports. Martin, the wacky counterpoint to partner Dan Rowan's straight man, died last night at age 86 of respiratory problems. Laugh-In, which began in 1968,... More »

SoCal Bans Wood Burning on Bad Air Days

But fireplace lovers need not fret: only 24 days per year

(Newser) - Officials in charge of air quality in Los Angeles and surrounding counties have banned the use of wood-burning fireplaces during certain high-pollution days. The fines would only be levied on about two dozen winter days, and wouldn't affect gas fireplaces, wood-burning ovens in restaurants, or homes above 3,000 feet,... More »

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