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Gen. Disputes Story, Says He Hasn't Seen Photos

(Newser) - Retired Army Gen. Antonio Taguba has seen photos of rape at Abu Ghraib, but they aren’t the ones the Obama administration is trying to keep from the public. “The photographs in that lawsuit, I have not seen,” he told Salon. The general says he was not misquoted...

Abu Ghraib Photos Don't Show Rape: Pentagon

(Newser) - The Pentagon denies a report that classified photos of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib depict rape and sexual abuse, Reuters reports. Britain’s Daily Telegraph “completely mischaracterized the images,” a spokesman said today. “None of the photos in question depict the images that are described.” The...

Abu Ghraib Photos Reveal Rape: US Officer

Guards raped male and female detainees, used wire for sex torture, according to probe

(Newser) - Unreleased photos of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib depict apparent rape and sexual abuse, according to a retired American officer who conducted an inquiry at the infamous Iraqi prison. Two photos depict the rape of a male and a female prisoner, while others show sexual assaults using a truncheon, wire,...

You Can't See It, But Cheney's Pants Are on Fire
You Can't See It, But Cheney's Pants Are on Fire

You Can't See It, But Cheney's Pants Are on Fire

Ex-veep's speech full of torture distortions

(Newser) - In his full-on assault on the president's conterterrorism policies yesterday, Dick Cheney deployed an arsenal of “omissions, exaggerations and misstatements,” charge Jonathan Landay and Warren Strobel of McClatchy. Among them:
  • Cheney claimed that harsh interrogations yielded vital, attack-preventing information and quoted Adm. Dennis Blair, director of national intelligence.

Cheney Didn't Even Torture for Right Reasons
Cheney Didn't Even Torture for Right Reasons

Cheney Didn't Even Torture for Right Reasons

VP wanted to link Iraq and al-Qaeda, not stop next attack: Powell aide

(Newser) - The interrogation methods Dick Cheney so highly touts were put in place in 2002 not to prevent another terror attack, a former aide to Colin Powell writes in the Washington Note, but to dig up an Iraq-al-Qaeda connection to justify going to war. And it was Cheney himself, “frightened”...

Abu Ghraib Guards Say They Were Scapegoats

(Newser) - Lawyers for US soldiers convicted of abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison say the recently released CIA memos prove their clients were just following orders, the Times of London reports. Some of the dozen soldiers who were convicted plan to appeal, arguing that the Bush administration kept quiet during their...

Photos of Bush-Era Prisoner Abuse to Be Released

ACLU request for release of Iraq, Afghanistan photos granted

(Newser) - The Obama administration is releasing dozens of photographs depicting prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq being abused by Americans, the Los Angeles Times reports. The photos are not believed to be as extreme as the images from the Abu Ghraib probe, but defense officials warn they may provoke an angry backlash...

Torture Memos Bear Me Out: Abu Ghraib Boss

She long held that interrogation techniques were under orders

(Newser) - A retired colonel who helped run Abu Ghraib prison long asserted that she and her troops were just following orders in the prisoner interrogations that sparked a global outcry. Now, Janis Karpinski tells CNN, the release of torture memos has finally proven her case. “When they were first released...

If CIA Gets Pass on Torture, Why Not Lynndie?

Abu Ghraib convict's team cries foul over double standard

(Newser) - Among those infuriated at President Obama's decision to "turn the page" rather than prosecute officials who sanctioned torture at CIA prisons, and agents who conducted it, are supporters of Lynndie England, the jailed “face of the Abu Ghraib scandal.” They agree that her abuse of prisoners was...

Iraqi Deaths Continue, But Get Less Notice
Iraqi Deaths Continue, But Get Less Notice

Iraqi Deaths Continue, But Get Less Notice

'No one values the victims' as war winds down, mourners say

(Newser) - Abu Ghraib, once a symbol of Saddam Hussein’s tyranny and later of the darkest hour of the US occupation of Iraq, is the latest symbol of how the nation and media now treat death there, Anthony Shadid writes in the Washington Post. 33 people died there Tuesday in a...

Leahy Calls For 'Truth Commission' on Bush Abuses

Republicans say it's a waste of time

(Newser) - Sen. Patrick Leahy called today for a "truth commission" to investigate alleged abuses by the Bush administration in the name of the war on terror, CNN reports. Detention and interrogation practices at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib “have seriously eroded fundamental American principles of the rule of law,"...

Abu Ghraib Reopens With Hair Salon, Playground

Refurbished facility still inspiring controversy

(Newser) - It became synonymous with torture, first under Saddam Hussein and then under American rule, but now Abu Ghraib has a new name and world-class facilities, the Telegraph reports. Baghdad Central Prison opened yesterday with a gym, hair salon, modern medical and dental facilities, and a playground for inmates’ children. Currently...

Face of Abu Ghraib Isn't Sorry
 Face of 
 Abu Ghraib 
 Isn't Sorry 

Face of Abu Ghraib Isn't Sorry

Lynndie England struggles to find words

(Newser) - Lynndie England was probably not the ringleader at Abu Ghraib—she says prisoners were being degraded before she even arrived—but she will forever be the face most linked with the abuse. England is out of prison now, but she doesn’t feel sorry, she says. She feels persecuted. “...

Suicide Bomber Kills 25 at Iraqi Banquet

Victims were celebrating release of sheikh's son from US detention

(Newser) - At least 25 people were killed in Abu Ghraib yesterday when a suicide bomber attacked a banquet where relatives were celebrating the release of a sheikh's son from US detention. Women, children and men from a US-supported neighborhood patrol were believed to be among the victims."The smoke was...

Navy Accuses Sailors of Abusing Detainees

Six guards in Iraq face charges

(Newser) - The US Navy will court-martial six sailors who are charged with abusing detainees at a US prison camp in Iraq, Reuters reports. The sailors are accused of beating prisoners and confining them in an unventilated room with pepper spray, a Navy statement says.

Rumsfeld Dodged Early Iraq Failures: Sanchez

Former general speaks out in new book, describes lies and 'total BS'

(Newser) - Early mistakes in Iraq—and the extent of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's involvement in them—are the subject of a Time excerpt from a book by the former commander of US forces in Iraq, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. Sanchez details an effort by Rumsfeld to get him to agree, on paper,...

Justice Memo Backed Torture Interrogations

President's wartime powers override law, document argued

(Newser) - Laws banning torture and assault should not apply to US military interrogators overseas, argues a 2003 Justice Department memo released yesterday. The Defense Department was told not to rely on the memo nine months after it was issued, but it established a legal foundation for controversial interrogations, the Washington Post...

Abu Ghraib Torturerer: 'Rumsfeld Knew'

Lynndie England implicates ex-defense sec in interview

(Newser) - Lynndie England spent nearly a year and a half in jail for her role in the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. In her first interview since her release, she tells the German news magazine Stern that she was sorry about the pictures of Iraqi detainees but insisted that...

US 'Buried' Tortured Yemeni in Jail for Years: Rights Group

Prisoner finally freed without charge was hung upside down, beaten

(Newser) - A Yemeni man was held by the US in secret prisons for nearly three years and subjected to torture after his capture in Iraq, a human rights group has charged in a condemnation of America's "cruel" defiance of international law. The man, Khaled al-Maqtari, was held in Baghdad's notorious...

Abu Ghraib Film: Too Soft on Abuses?

Documentary wins Berlin prize, criticism for 'morbid voyeurism'

(Newser) - Documentary-maker Errol Morris has often spoken truth to power, but his new film about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal may tread too lightly, Geoffrey Macnab writes in the Guardian. Though Standard Operating Procedure explores the infamous prison photos in gritty detail, Morris’ interview style—focusing mainly on implicated American soldiers...

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