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Cops: Ex-Students Use Bat to Put Duck 'Out of Its Misery'

19-year-olds charged with aggravated animal cruelty in Alabama

(Newser) - Former student baseball players at an Alabama community college are accused of pulling a duck from a campus pond and beating it with a bat. Following a party, Thomas "Landon" Grant and Jacob Frye allegedly beat the white Muscovy duck found on the campus of Central Alabama Community College... More »

No Beef Patties? That Is It!

Customer returns to Bronx restaurant in a rage

(Newser) - A woman who couldn't get a beef patty at a favorite New York eatery used a baseball bat in protest, the AP reports. On Saturday, police released surveillance video of the woman in action in the Bronx—smashing a restaurant's windows after learning the eatery had run out... More »

NYPD Fatally Shoots Schizophrenic Woman With Bat

Police say Black Lives Matter supporter was screaming at neighbors, lunged at officer

(Newser) - A supporter of Black Lives Matter with schizophrenia was shot dead by police in the Bronx on Tuesday after authorities say she swung a baseball bat at an officer. In the NYPD's telling, officers were responding to a complaint about a woman acting irrationally when they entered 66-year-old Deborah... More »

Beetle Destroying Trees Used to Make Iconic Baseball Bats

Nation's ash trees are being wiped out by Emerald Ash Borer

(Newser) - When the Emerald Ash Borer first made its way to US soil from Asia in the 1990s, it hardly registered among scientists or in the news—where it came from, after all, it only feasted on weak and dying ash trees. But the tiny beetle smaller than a penny quickly... More »

Tables Turn on Bat-Wielding Burglary Suspect

First a hug, then a beating

(Newser) - A man accused of breaking into a home in Sarasota County, Fla., probably won't have the urge to head to the batting range anytime soon. North Port police say 33-year-old Noah Jess Dassat broke into the home of a married couple with three kids last week, and he was... More »

How Bug Warfare Could Save the Baseball Bat

Ecologists hoping Asian wasps can stop the emerald ash borer

(Newser) - The mighty baseball bat could soon be brought low by bugs—unless a USDA plan to instigate some bug warfare succeeds. Meet the emerald ash borer, or EAB, a beetle that recently began infesting New York’s forests and feeding on its ash trees. And since roughly 50% of major... More »

Bullock on Cheating Tiger: 'I'd Get the Baseball Bat'

If she were Elin Woods, she said in January, 'I would have kept hitting'

(Newser) - If Sandra Bullock had a cheating husband, she said in January, she’d grab a baseball bat. In the wake of the scandal surrounding Tiger Woods, whose wife Elin Nordegren reportedly went after him with a golf club, Bullock said, “If I were Elin, man, I would have hit... More »

SF Porn King's Son Busted in Girlfriend's Murder

Mitchell brother's son beat lover with baseball bat: cops

(Newser) - The son of a legendary San Francisco killer porn king has been charged with beating his girlfriend to death with a baseball bat and running off with their screaming baby daughter, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. James Raphael Mitchell, 27, was arrested on a highway near his girlfriend's Marin County... More »

Cape Cod Baseball Brawl Ends in Court

Tourist with NY license plates allegedly beaten for being a Yankee fan

(Newser) - A Cape Cod man is in police custody after allegedly beating another man with a baseball bat because he believed—mistakenly, it turns out—that the other man was a New York Yankees fan. Robert Correia and his friends noticed New York license plates on a car leaving a fireworks... More »

A Simple Fix for Flying Bats: Better Maple

Bats won't shatter if wood is dried correctly, bat-maker says

(Newser) - After steroids, shattering maple bats may be baseball's top-priority issue right now, one that promises to be a sticky problem, writes the New York Times. But Sam Holman, the founder of the first company to supply maple bats to the majors, thinks the answer may be a simple one: crack... More »

MLB's Next Crackdown May Be Maple Bats

Harder wood splits easily, sending shrapnel into stands

(Newser) - Barry Bonds may soon be the face of another Major League Baseball investigation: into the dangers of maple bats. The slugger's choice of wood has a growing following among players, but incidents of flying shards injuring fans and coaches have sparked a movement to ban the bats, USA Today reports.... More »

Killing Exposes Sumo's Brutality

Teenager dies after routine beating

(Newser) - Seventeen-year-old sumo wrestler Takashi Saito was beaten to death 8 months ago, but the Japan Sumo Association took until last Thursday to punish the alleged culprits—Saito’s trainer and three fellow wrestlers. The dawdling response was much too slow to prevent a public relations disaster: Japan now knows that... More »

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