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Parris Island Base Battles Rising Seas

Marines begin with small steps, though some advocate building major seawalls

(Newser) - Rising seas are encroaching on one of the nation's most storied military installations, where thousands of recruits are molded into Marines each year amid the salt marshes of South Carolina's Lowcountry region. Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island is particularly vulnerable to flooding, coastal erosion, and other impacts...

California Town Retreats From Rising Sea

Ventura spends $4.5M on 'managed retreat' operation

(Newser) - The California coastal town of Ventura is spending $4.5 million dollars on its popular Surfers Point to "back off" from increasing coastal erosion and rising water levels—a fate that awaits much of the US coastline, reports the Los Angeles Times . The project involves ripping out a seaside...

Threat of Rising Sea Hasn't Sunk in for Florida Keys

(Newser) - The Florida Keys are in serious danger from rising ocean levels—and woefully unprepared to deal with the challenge, the Miami Herald reports. “South Florida is on the front line against sea-level rise in the United States, and the Florida Keys are ground zero,” a scientist said. In...

Climate Change Could Snarl Travel Plans in Future

Driving and flying is about to get more unpleasant

(Newser) - As if the notion of heat waves and rising sea levels weren't bad enough, climate change also has the potential to royally screw up your travel plans. A new report shows that increased flooding in coastal areas could put a serious kink in road and rail travel, not to mention...

4 Stories