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Mike Huckabee Slammed for 'Hateful' Easter Weekend Tweet

Ex-governor's attempt to note displeasure with MLB: 'I've decided to 'identify' as Chinese'

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee apparently disagrees with Major League Baseball's decision to move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta, a decision prompted by a new restrictive voting law in Georgia. But the way in which the former Arkansas governor decided to show his displeasure has drawn accusations of racism and insensitivity...

Why the Polls May Have Got It Wrong
It's Another 'Disaster
for the Polling Industry'

It's Another 'Disaster for the Polling Industry'

Pundits point to social desirability bias

(Newser) - With six states still to be called , much about the 2020 election is up in the air. What is clear is that President Trump did far better than most polls suggested he would, as also was the case in 2016. Surveys gave the impression of "an easy win for...

Bad News for Huckabee on His Private Beach

Emergency motion denied, and judge signals lawsuit won't fare much better

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee still can't go to the beach. The former Arkansas governor and other owners of beachfront property near Pensacola, Florida, sued for access to their private beaches , but on Monday, a federal judge denied their emergency motion, NBC News reports. It would have exempted the plaintiffs from the...

Huckabee Sues Over Order Closing His Beach

County government in Florida approved ordinance to enforce social distancing

(Newser) - The social distancing effort by local government officials in Florida has reached Mike Huckabee's waterfront home, and he's decided he'll fight them on the beaches. Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, has joined a lawsuit seeking an injunction to block the enforcement of a Walton County ordinance closing...

Ann Coulter Has Been on Trump's Case. Huckabee Pushes Back

'Let her run for office,' former Arkansas governor says

(Newser) - Ann Coulter used to be an enthusiastic supporter of President Trump, but as time has gone on and the border wall he campaigned on hasn't been built, that enthusiasm has waned , with her criticism of him picking up in recent weeks . "100 miles of border wall in exchange...

Mike Huckabee Called Rep-Elect 'Looney.' She Had a Comeback

'Leave the false statements to Sarah Huckabee,' retorted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

(Newser) - Soon-to-be Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave a speech Friday in which she told her audience that "we've done what we thought was impossible," citing her election and that of many other Democrats, reports Fox News . "We went to the moon," she said . "We established civil...

Mike Huckabee Steps Down From CMA Post After Backlash

His anti-LGBT stance had something to do with country music fans' and industry members' ire

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee hadn't even marked 24 hours in his new position as a board member of the CMA Foundation when he abruptly stepped down Thursday, a result of backlash to his appointment by country music fans and industry members who criticized some of the former presidential candidate's stances...

Huckabee Watches Movie, Compares Trump to Churchill
Huckabee Likens Trump to
Churchill, Gets Shot Down

Huckabee Likens Trump to Churchill, Gets Shot Down

Some historians call comparison 'ridiculous'

(Newser) - Is President Trump the Winston Churchill of our times and Barack Obama the Neville Chamberlain, or does Mike Huckabee need to learn more about history? Some historians suggested the latter after Huckabee watched the new Churchill biographical movie The Darkest Hour and likened Trump to the British wartime leader. "...

Mnuchin: Athletes 'Can Do Free Speech on Their Own Time'
Rove: Trump Will Be 'Loser'
in Fight With NFL Players
Sunday Talk Shows

Rove: Trump Will Be 'Loser' in Fight With NFL Players

Steve Mnuchin, Terry Bradshaw, others weigh in

(Newser) - Figures from the worlds of politics and sports took to the Sunday talk shows to weigh in on President Trump's call for NFL players who protest during the national anthem to be fired .
  • Steve Mnuchin told ABC's This Week that NFL owners should create a rule forcing players

4M People Who Got Call From Huckabee Can Sue

Movie robocall allegedly violated do-not-call rules

(Newser) - A marketing stunt featuring former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee may prove costly for those behind a movie with a war-on-Christmas theme. The Daily Beast reports that a class-action suit has been filed on behalf of the approximately 4 million people who allegedly received a robocall from Huckabee to promote Last ...

Trump's Son Among Potential Cabinet Picks

Trump's Son
Among Potential
Cabinet Picks

Trump's Son Among Potential Cabinet Picks

Donald Trump Jr. for Interior secretary?

(Newser) - Hours after Donald Trump was named president-elect , talk has turned to what could potentially be "one of the more eclectic and controversial presidential cabinets in modern history," per Politico . Given that Trump is a businessman rather than a seasoned politician, it's perhaps no surprise that his camp...

Huckabee Calls Trump a 'Car Wreck' ... as a Compliment

The former governor has a unique relationship with metaphors

(Newser) - For Mike Huckabee, metaphors are melty mint chip ice cream cones that get his hands all sticky: They might get messy but darn if they aren't a delicious treat. CNN reports the Trump-supporting former governor complimented the Republican nominee Friday by calling him a "car wreck." "...

'Eye of the Tiger' Cost Huckabee $25K

He didn't get permission from the band before using it

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee played "Eye of the Tiger" at a rally last year while he was running for president, and the move cost him $25,000, CNNMoney reports. Huckabee, who played the Survivor song at a rally for anti-gay-marriage Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis , didn't get permission from the...

Fiorina Snipes at Clinton in GOP Undercard Debate

'I actually love spending time with my husband'

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina came blazing out of the gate during the GOP presidential undercard debate Thursday, delivering backhanded compliments to her two male rivals and a not-subtle swipe at Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for her husband's infidelities. She first said she is "honored" to be onstage with Mike Huckabee...

Trump-less Undercard Debate Is Still All About Trump

'There’s no escaping Donald Trump'

(Newser) - You'd have been forgiven for thinking Donald Trump somehow snuck himself onto the GOP undercard debate stage with the amount of time the four lowest-polling candidates spent talking about him. As Politico put it: "There’s no escaping Donald Trump—even when he’s not on the stage....

CNN's GOP Debate Lineup: Good News for 2 Candidates

Christie returns as Paul saves himself

(Newser) - CNN has released the lineup for its debate Tuesday night in Sin City, and it's good news for two Republicans aspiring to sit in the Oval Office. Chris Christie, who failed to qualify for the main stage at Fox Business' debate last month, will make a return to...

The Presidential Candidates' Favorite TV Shows

Donald Trump answers pretty much as expected

(Newser) - People takes an in-depth look at the presidential candidates in its new issue—OK, fine, what it actually delves into is the candidates' favorite breakfast foods and what their grandchildren call them. Below, from those who participated, answers to the question, "What's your favorite guilty pleasure TV...

Christie, Huckabee Bumped From Main GOP Debate

The next debate is Tuesday

(Newser) - There's another GOP debate on Tuesday, and the stage will feature fewer candidates—though not because anyone has dropped out. Host Fox Business on Thursday announced the lineup, and Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee have been relegated to the early debate. The criteria the decision was based on: a...

Huckabee's Joke About Sanders, Dog-Eating Backfires

Twitter users attacked GOP candidate as racist

(Newser) - Donald Trump wasn't the only Republican candidate live-tweeting Tuesday night's Democratic debate . Mike Huckabee was likewise frolicking on Twitter, though he might be regretting his decision in the light of day, reports NBC News . "Racism exists because we have a sin problem in America, not a skin...

11 Candidates, 11 Lines: Debate's Standout Remarks

Including one about turning the TV off

(Newser) - Eleven candidates and three hours of debate: Which lines made an impression? A standout statement from each of tonight's GOP hopefuls, via CNN , the New York Times , and the Washington Post :
  • Donald Trump: "I would get along with [Assad]. I would get along with a lot of the

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