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Year's Top 10 Moments of Celeb Activism

Oprah, Paris, Will.i.am make a difference

(Newser) - It’s been a big year for celebrity activism—so big that it deserves its own year-end top 10 list, Tina Daunt writes in the Los Angeles Times. Some famous faces that made a difference in 2008:
  • Oprah Winfrey fought hard for Barack Obama, including hosting a traffic-stopping garden party.
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10 Best Viral Election Videos

Web offers chance to poke fun, change a few minds

(Newser) - Viral election videos offer campy calls for change, seamless special effects, and more than a few celebrity cameos. Laughs aside, “over the past decade they’ve also impacted politics—sometimes changing the course of elections and frequently providing a few laughs in an otherwise wonky world,” Jeffrey Ressner... More »

Michael Jackson Comeback in the Works

MJ back in the studio with high-profile advisers

(Newser) - The King of Pop is cooking up what one TV pundit calls "the biggest comeback since Lazarus," the Observer reports. After years of legal and financial woes and self-imposed exile, the Gloved One is forging new material and planning a possible concert tour, reportedly collaborating with pop culture... More »

Obama Song Video Scores 12M Views

Celebs sing along with Barack's NH concession speech

(Newser) - A video that sets a Barack Obama speech to song—and juxtaposes 36 crooning celebrities with the Democratic candidate—has landed more than 12 million hits online in less than a week, the Boston Globe reports. Scored by singer will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas, “Yes We... More »

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