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Suicidal CEO Arrested on Fraud Charges

PFGBest founder admits embezzling, blames his ego

(Newser) - Police today arrested Russell Wasendorf Sr., the CEO of Peregrine Financial Group and its PFGBest unit, who allegedly tried to kill himself this week, the US Attorney's office announced. Wasendorf, who was charged with lying to regulators, reportedly admitted embezzling "millions of dollars." The complaint against Wasendorf...

Brokerage Accused of Stealing $215M
Brokerage Accused
of Stealing $215M

Brokerage Accused of Stealing $215M

PFGBest declares bankruptcy in wake of founder's suicide attempt

(Newser) - PFGBest declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy last night, after the Commodity Futures Trading Commission filed a lawsuit accusing it of fraud, lying to regulators, and abusing customer funds. Regulators believe Russell Wasendorf, who tried to kill himself Monday, had been fabricating bank balances and forging signatures on the documents he submitted...

Turin Shroud Is Art, Not Relic: Book

Art historian says he has spotted artist Giotto's signature

(Newser) - The "miraculous" Shroud of Turin is not the actual burial cloth that covered Christ's body, but is merely the work of a Renaissance artist. That's the claim in an explosive new Italian book. Many Catholics believe the shroud shows a mysterious, miraculous image of Christ's body,...

Steve Martin Duped by Art Forgery

Fake discovered after actor sells painting at auction

(Newser) - Steve Martin is renowned for his taste in art, but even he got duped by some world-class swindlers, reports Der Spiegel . Martin bought a painting called Landscape With Horses, said to be from modernist Heinrich Campendonk, in 2004 for $850,000. He sold it two years later at Christie's...

Men Try to Rob Bank With Fake Search Warrant

Manager outsmarts criminals armed only with handcuffs

(Newser) - Five Nevada men are set to appear in federal court today after allegedly attempting to rob a bank armed only with handcuffs and a fake search warrant. These criminal masterminds claimed that the search warrant entitled them to take all the money out of the bank’s vault, according to...

The Strange Story of Jack Kerouac's Estate

A mama's boy, a will that's a forgery, and '100 Greek relatives'

(Newser) - When Jack Kerouac died, wallowing in alcohol and obscurity, the bank estimated his estate’s value at $1. He left everything to his mother, and when she died, she left it to Kerouac’s third wife, Stella Sampas—or so everyone believed. Recently a Florida court ruled Gabrielle Kerouac's will...

Sarkozy Oversteps in Rancorous Trial With Foe

Howls as French president calls Villepin 'guilty' in TV interview

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy may have crossed the line in the continuing trial of his political foe Dominique de Villepin, the former French prime minister accused of waging a smear campaign against him in 2004. During a TV interview in New York, Sarkozy called Villepin and his co-defendants "the guilty parties"...

'Jesus Burial Box' Trial Gets Thorny
 'Jesus Burial Box' 
 Trial Gets Thorny 

'Jesus Burial Box' Trial Gets Thorny

Judge skeptical after witnesses seemingly contradict own testimony

(Newser) - The public is already frowning on a Tel Aviv man accused of forging the burial box of Jesus' brother James, but the judge in the case has hinted that the case is weak, Matthew Kalman writes in Time. Two scientists, witnesses for the prosecution, have testified that geological conditions could...

Missing Picasso Found in Iraq?! Probably Not.

The Naked Woman likely not missing, nor a Picasso, say experts

(Newser) - Iraqi security forces have secured a purported Pablo Picasso painting believed stolen from a Kuwaiti museum during the 1990 invasion, the Times of London reports. Only it’s probably not a Picasso. “It bears absolutely no relation to any Picasso that I can think of,” says one expert....

The Astor Trial So Far: High Society, Low Class

(Newser) - Meryl Gordon has a plum seat at the so-called Brooke Astor trial, in which her son, Anthony Marshall, stands accused of thievery. Complete with the crème de la crème of New York society recounting terrible things and scathing Astorisms, Gordon writes in Vanity Fair, it’s a “...

UK Art Honcho: We Need More Fakes

Could be due to planned imitation exhibition, of course

(Newser) - The head of London’s National Gallery wishes “we had more fakes,” he tells Reuters. “It’s worth having some in a collection. Not having them on display for what they pretend to be, but for what they are,” Nicholas Penny explains ahead of a 2010...

NY Man Posed as Dead Mom in Alleged Fraud Scheme

He denies being modern Norman Bates

(Newser) - Shades of Norman Bates in Psycho: A Brooklyn man accused of dressing up as his dead mom to collect Social Security checks and rent subsidies worth $115,000 has been indicted on 47 counts of grand larceny, forgery, and conspiracy, the New York Daily News reports. Thomas Prusik-Parkin, 49, and...

Scammer: I Forged Author Signatures

'Autographed' first editions brought big bucks in eBay fraud

(Newser) - A man who made more than $300,000 by selling "autographed" first editions of books that actually contained forged signatures pleaded guilty to fraud in a Philadelphia court today. Forrest Smith's offerings on eBay included books by Truman Capote, Norman Mailer, Anne Rice, Tom Wolfe, and Tom Clancy,...

Boy George Replaces Queen on Fake Bills

British shop workers fooled by his-head-for-hers forgery

(Newser) - Boy George made a convincing stand-in for the Queen on a counterfeit note found in Britain this week, the Daily Telegraph reports. The £20 note was passed at a stationary shop and the staff didn't realize it was a fake until a bank worker checked the anti-forgery watermark and...

Feds: Today's Counterfeiters Are Poor Copies

Ink-jet amateurs replace skilled crooks who once fooled experts

(Newser) - Secret Service agents are waxing nostalgic for counterfeiters of old, the Kansas City Star reports. The printers who once produced 20s, 50s, and 100s good enough to fool experts have been replaced by home office crooks who reproduce small bills on ink-jet printers. "It’s a lost art,"...

Web Unravels Around Lawyer Held in Fraud

Allegedly duped victims of millions in tale of deception, bravado

(Newser) - A bizarre case is unfolding around Marc Dreier, the Yale- and Harvard-educated Manhattan attorney arrested Sunday for his alleged involvement in a fraudulent scheme to sell hundreds of millions in forged, phony debt. Investigators contend his scams were nothing more than brazen confidence games in which he leveraged his position,...

Iran Impeaches Minister for Fake Oxford Degree

Key Ahmadinejad ally misspelled words on 'honorary doctorate'

(Newser) - It turns out lying on your resume is frowned upon in Tehran, too. Iran’s parliament gave Interior Minister Ali Kordan the boot today, for posing as an honorary Oxford law graduate, the Daily Telegraph reports. Kordan’s bogus diploma is riddled with typos and misspellings, declaring Kordan “intitled”...

Bush Forged Evidence for War: Book

Bribed Saddam official $5M to write letter

(Newser) - The Bush administration forged a letter linking Saddam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks, author Ron Suskind alleges in his new book. In December 2003, a letter surfaced from Saddam’s intelligence chief, describing a meeting between Saddam and one 9/11 hijacker. The letter was actually drafted by the White House,...

How a Forger Fooled Vermeer-Lovers

20th-century painter made millions and tricked a powerful Nazi

(Newser) - Johannes Vermeer created only a few dozen paintings in his lifetime, while other major 17th-century artists cranked out 10 times that. That helped a mediocre Dutch painter  create convincing forgeries in the 20th century, NPR reports in a look at a new book on one of art's great hoaxes and...

Man Admits to Selling Stolen Body Parts

New Jersey dentist ran ring that harvested bones and tissue

(Newser) - A New Jersey dentist who ran a business plundering body parts from corpses in funeral homes pleaded guilty in Brooklyn today, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. Michael Mastromarino, 44, admitted to removing bones and tissue from two dozen corpses, which were sold to tissue processors for use in transplants and other...

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