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Richardson Reportedly Cleared in Pay-to-Play Probe

(Newser) - New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former members of his administration will not face charges in a yearlong pay-to-play investigation, a source tells the AP. A federal grand jury has been probing whether lucrative work on state bond deals was improperly awarded to a Richardson donor—derailing his nomination as...

Richardson Hails Warmer Signals From North Korea

(Newser) - The tentative thaw continues in North Korea relations. On the heels of Bill Clinton's trip, Bill Richardson hosted two high-ranking officials from the North today at the governor's mansion in New Mexico and declared that Pyongyang is sending a "positive vibration" about detente. “What I sense was, one,...

North Koreans in Santa Fe to Meet Gov. Richardson

UN ambassadors get special permission to leave New York

(Newser) - Two North Korean diplomats at the UN are traveling to Santa Fe to meet with Bill Richardson, the New Mexico governor and former UN ambassador, reports CNN. The meeting is taking place at Pyongyang's request, according to the governor's office, and will focus on clean energy technology. Richardson has visited...

Both Clintons, Gore Played Role in Release

(Newser) - The release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling has catapulted Bill Clinton back onto the world stage, but as the New York Times reports, the former president—and husband of the secretary of State—was only selected for the role a few days ago. Hillary Clinton proposed several envoys for...

New Mexico Bans Death Penalty
 New Mexico
Bans Death Penalty

New Mexico Bans Death Penalty

Guv abolishes executions after wrestling with conscience

(Newser) - New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has signed a bill abolishing the state's death penalty, reports the Santa Fe New Mexican. Richardson, who formerly supported capital punishment, said replacing execution with life in prison without the possibility of parole was “the most difficult decision of his political life.” He...

Kilmer on NM: If I Run, I'll Be the Next Governor

(Newser) - Val Kilmer is pretty confident about a future in New Mexico politics—assuming that’s his next move. “If I run, I’m going to be the next governor,” the actor and affirmed Democrat tells the AP. He's considering a campaign next year, when term limits will bar...

Obama Mulls Republican for Commerce
Obama Mulls Republican for Commerce

Obama Mulls Republican for Commerce

Tapping NH's Gregg could give Democrats 60 seats in Senate

(Newser) - Democrats may get their 60-seat Senate majority after all. President Obama is considering New Hampshire Republican Judd Gregg for the Commerce Secretary post Bill Richardson declined, sources tell Politico. New Hampshire’s Democratic governor would then get to appoint Gregg’s successor. Asked if he’d been offered the job,...

Caucus Pushes for Black Commerce Secretary

Obama considering Symantec CEO—and a GOP senator

(Newser) - The Congressional Black Caucus is lobbying President Obama to name a black commerce secretary. The caucus is pushing for technology executive John Thompson, CEO of software security company Symantec and an Obama contributor, to fill the post, reports the Hill. Obama has so far appointed only four African Americans to...

Obama More Popular Than Ever
 Obama More Popular Than Ever 

Obama More Popular Than Ever

Despite Richardson, Geithner, Panetta flaps, 84% approve of transition

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s popularity is at an all-time high, a CNN poll finds, with 84% approving of his transition—up 2% from December despite Bill Richardson’s resignation, Timothy Geithner’s tax issues, and the widely panned Leon Panetta pick. “You know the country is in the middle of...

Richardson: Not So Easy Going Home Again

Mixed reactions greet return of Santa Fe's political dynamo

(Newser) - His cushy Cabinet post yanked out from underneath him, Bill Richardson is heading home to the state that made him a national player, reports the New York Times. And while New Mexico might be a let-down for Richardson, (“Sometimes your own dreams and plans must take a back seat...

Firm Behind Richardson Flap Has Pay-to-Play History

Financial adviser is under investigation, mired in lawsuits

(Newser) - CDR, the Beverly Hills financial firm at the center of the pay-for-play scandal investigation that's snagged New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom. It's being targeted by the SEC, the IRS, and the Department of Justice, the Los Angeles Times reports. The company,...

Keep Richardson Cabinet Spot Hispanic, Leaders Urge

Latino activists disappointed NM governor won't head Commerce, push new list

(Newser) - Bill Richardson’s Cabinet nomination was big for the Hispanic community, and with the New Mexico governor backing out, Politico reports, Latino leaders are pushing Barack Obama to choose another of their own for the Commerce slot. Says the head of one group, “We hope we can keep that...

Richardson Camp Mum to Vetters on Pay-to-Play

Gov. tight-lipped about investigation

(Newser) - Bill Richardson’s sudden exit from the prospective Obama Cabinet is causing some Democrats to question the transition team’s vetting process. Sources tell Politico that Richardson evaded the team’s questions about the “pay-to-play” investigation he cited as his reason for backing out. The investigation has been public...

Amid Probe, Richardson Drops Bid for Commerce

(Newser) - Bill Richardson has withdrawn his nomination to be commerce secretary amid a grand jury investigation into a lucrative state contract awarded to a firm that backed the New Mexico governor's political activities. Barack Obama's transition office said today that Obama has accepted Richardson's withdrawal.

Richardson Offers Olive Branch to Clintons
Richardson Offers
Olive Branch to Clintons

Richardson Offers Olive Branch to Clintons

Commerce gig seats him next to rival Clinton

(Newser) - Bill Richardson appeared to make a peace offering to the Clintons today in his speech accepting Barack Obama's nomination to be Commerce secretary, writes Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post. Richardson, whose relations with the power couple turned icy after he endorsed Obama in the primaries, objected to the term...

Richardson-to-Commerce Pick to be Official Tomorrow

Richardson would lead economic revival policy

(Newser) - President-elect Obama is expected to announce Bill Richardson's appointment as secretary of commerce tomorrow, Reuters reports, the latest in a string of cabinet announcements. In his new role, the New Mexico governor will lead the charge to revive the nation's economy. Richardson will be the first Latino in Obama’s...

Richardson Picked for Commerce

Former Obama rival had eyed gig at State

(Newser) - Bill Richardson's consolation prize will be commerce secretary, Politico reports, after Hillary Clinton nabbed his desired post at State. The addition of the New Mexico governor brings yet another Clinton veteran to Barack Obama's administration. But Richardson's resume is among the strongest in the party, including stints as energy secretary...

NY Fed Prez Lands Top Job at Treasury

Speculation about Commerce gig surrounds Richardson

(Newser) - The Obama transition team has settled on a treasury secretary nominee, NBC reports: Timothy Geithner, the president of the New York Fed. The announcement is expected to come Monday, when the president-elect will announce his entire economic team in an attempt to quell the unrest surrounding the financial markets....

After Obama, Which Minority's On Deck?
 After Obama, Which 
 Minority's On Deck? 

After Obama, Which Minority's On Deck?

If Barack can do it, anyone can—except Muslims, gays, atheists ...

(Newser) - A self-described “black man with a funny name” is now the most powerful person on the planet. So which minority group will next see one of its own in the Oval Office? Mark Oppenheimer considers the contenders in Slate:
  • Women: Not technically a minority, which means that if “

Clinton Rumored On Short List for Secretary of State

Clinton under consideration with fellow senators Kerry, Hagel, Gov. Richardson

(Newser) - The Washington rumor mill has spit out an interesting item: Barack Obama may be considering erstwhile archrival Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, the Post reports. Obama is not pleased with names floated for the position, including Sens. John Kerry and Chuck Hagel and Gov. Bill Richardson. Clinton might salve...

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