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Former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson Dies at 75
Former UN Ambassador
Bill Richardson Dies at 75

Former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson Dies at 75

Former New Mexico governor died in his sleep

(Newser) - This obituary has been updated throughout. Bill Richardson, a two-term Democratic governor of New Mexico who later was the US ambassador to the United Nations and dedicated his post-political career to working to free Americans detained overseas, has died. He was 75, reports the AP . The Richardson Center for Global...

Russia Releases Another Detained American

Case of Taylor Dudley hadn't been widely known

(Newser) - Russia has released a US Navy veteran who'd been detained for nine months, reports the Washington Post . The name Taylor Dudley of Lansing, Michigan, may not ring a bell, however, because the 35-year-old's family had largely kept his case under the public radar, per CNN . Former New Mexico...

US Diplomat: If Suu Kyi Was Closer, 'She Might Have Hit Me'

Bill Richardson resigns from advisory panel after argument with Myanmar leader

(Newser) - Bill Richardson's resume is a long one: He's the former New Mexico governor, US ambassador to the UN, energy secretary under Bill Clinton, and member of the Advisory Board on Rakhine State. That last role is no longer a current one, and that fact is making waves. Richardson...

Richardson: I Tried to Help American Stuck in N. Korea

He returns from trip with Google CEO Eric Schmidt

(Newser) - Bill Richardson and Eric Schmidt have returned from North Korea without much to brag about, Reuters reports. Richardson was unable to meet with imprisoned Korean-American Kenneth Bae , but did give authorities a letter from Bae's son. "They said they would provide that to him," said the former...

Google Honcho Prods N. Korea for Missile Ban, Open Web

Humanitarian trip with Richardson draws fire

(Newser) - Google exec Eric Schmidt and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson are two days into their controversial visit to North Korea, and the AP has details on what they're up to: They're pressing Kim Jong Un and Co. for broader online access and more cell phones in what...

Google Chief Heads to North Korea

Pair begin controversial 4-day visit

(Newser) - Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson headed out today on their controversial four-day private visit to North Korea, Reuters reports. US officials have strongly criticized the visit—the first for Schmidt but at least the sixth for Richardson—because it comes as the UN...

Richardson to State Dept: I Can Handle North Korea

He says Eric Schmidt isn't going for a 'Google trip'

(Newser) - Bill Richardson today shed some light on the purpose of the North Korea trip he's taking with Google honcho Eric Schmidt—and brushed aside the State Department's objections to it. "It's a private humanitarian visit," he told CBS This Morning . "We're not representing...

Google Honcho Schmidt to Visit North Korea

Trip materializes days after Kim Jong Un calls to modernize country

(Newser) - One of the titans of the World Wide Web is headed to one of the few places on Earth where the Internet isn't so world-wide: Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, will be joining former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on a humanitarian mission to North Korea, as early...

Grand Jury Investigating Bill Richardson

Over allegations he used campaign funds to pay off mistress

(Newser) - A federal grand jury is looking into allegations that Bill Richardson violated campaign finance laws during his 2008 presidential run—most salaciously by having supporters pay off a woman who threatened to reveal an extramarital affair with the former New Mexico governor, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The sources...

Cuba Accuses Bill Richardson of 'Blackmail'

They say 'slander' doomed his attempt to free American prisoner

(Newser) - Bill Richardson's attempt to free an American prisoner in Cuba has gone off the rails, with Cuban officials now accusing him of "blackmail" and saying he was never invited to the island in the first place. "The release of ... Alan Gross was never on the table,"...

Bill Richardson in Cuba to Push for American's Release

Former governor trying to win freedom of jailed Alan Gross

(Newser) - Bill Richardson is back in high-profile duty for the time being: The former New Mexico governor has gone to Cuba to try to win the release of American Alan Gross, who has been jailed since 2009, reports CNN . The 62-year-old Gross, a US government subcontractor, is serving a 15-year sentence...

Westboro Baptist Church on President Obama, Supreme Court Justices: You're Going to Hell
 Westboro to 
 Obama, Justices: 
 You're Going to Hell 

Westboro to Obama, Justices: You're Going to Hell

And more lighthearted fun on the Sunday dial

(Newser) - Westboro Baptist Church may have scored a key First Amendment victory this week, but they're not about to send out thank-you notes, reports Politico . In an appearance this morning on Fox News Sunday attorney and Fred Phelps daughter Margie Phelps said that the Supreme Court justices are hell-bound. “...

Stop Giving 'Welfare' to Movie Makers

Michael Kinsley: Government subsidies don't make any sense

(Newser) - To get Hollywood producers to shoot movies in their states, governors love to throw around bigger and bigger tax breaks. In fact, "in less than a decade, the absurd notion of welfare for movie producers has evolved from the kind of weird thing they do in France to an...

Feds Halt New Tests on Aging Lab Chimps

New Mexico chimps win reprieve

(Newser) - Some 186 elderly chimpanzees formerly used in invasive research have been given a temporary reprieve from more experiments. The National Institutes of Health, which had planned to transfer the chimps from their home at an NIH facility in New Mexico to a Texas research facility, has announced that the chimps...

No Pardon for Billy the Kid
No Pardon for
Billy the Kid

No Pardon for Billy the Kid

New Mexico governor shoots down hopes and dreams of dead outlaw

(Newser) - In a decision that’s sure to break the hearts of Old West nerds, Gov. Bill Richardson has declined to pardon Billy the Kid, after thinking about it just long and hard enough to boost tourism. In an announcement on ABC’s Good Morning America, the New Mexico governor said...

Isolated and Destitute, North Korea Limps On
Isolated and Destitute,
North Korea Limps On

Isolated and Destitute, North Korea Limps On

Reporters granted rare visit with Richardson

(Newser) - North Korea has a deadline: For years, it's promised that an age of prosperity will begin in 2012, the 100th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung's birth. With 18 months to go, two journalists accompanying Bill Richardson on an unprecedented trip to North Korea found that the government will be hard-pressed to...

South Korea Pokes at North With Christmas Tree

Also, Bill Richardson: North has agreed to nuclear inspections

(Newser) - The Korean peninsula was calmer today after the promised North Korean response to South Korean military exercises never materialized—though the South is braced for surprise attacks. It's also getting ready for the holidays: In a move expected to annoy North Korea, the South today lit a 100-foot tall steel...

Billy the Kid May Finally Get His Pardon

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will decide by year's end

(Newser) - One of Bill Richardson’s last acts as New Mexico governor could be pardoning Billy the Kid . He’s reviewing a petition to pardon the famed outlaw—killed in 1881 after reportedly killing 21 men—which is based on the claim that Governor Lew Walllace promised the Wild West folk...

North Korea: Cancel Drills, or We'll Attack Again

South Korea plans more drills on Yeonpyeong Island

(Newser) - Tensions between the Koreas ratcheted even higher today, when the North threatened to attack Yeonpyeong Island again if the South goes through with its plans to hold live-ammunition drills there. “The intensity and scope of the strike will be more serious than the Nov. 23 shelling,” officials told...

Pardon for Billy the Kid? Cop's Family Irate

Descendants of sheriff who killed legend want to talk to NM gov

(Newser) - Sheriff Pat Garrett's descendants are seeing red over the suggestion that the outlaw Garrett shot down 129 years ago may be receiving a pardon . Three of the lawman's kinfolk have sent an angry letter to New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who is believed to be considering pardoning the outlaw before...

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