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Walmart Spent $2M Fighting $7K Fine for Worker Death

Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death by Black Friday shoppers in 2008

(Newser) - It's been six years since 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour, who was one week into his temporary employment at a Long Island Walmart, was trampled to death by a mob of Black Friday shoppers. But while Walmart was hit with a $7,000 fine for its role in his death, it...

Family: We Know Who Killed Bugsy Siegel

Descendants of Siegel's business partner name the gunman

(Newser) - Before dying of cancer, a 71-year-old realtor sat down with Los Angeles Magazine to make a startling claim: He knows who killed infamous mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. What's more, he says, the gunman did it for love. The story goes back to the 1940s, when LA mobsters began...

FBI Files: Ali Win May Have Been Fixed

 FBI Files: 
 Ali Win May 
 Have Been 
in case you missed it

FBI Files: Ali Win May Have Been Fixed

Documents reveal man with mob ties suspected in iconic Ali-Liston battle

(Newser) - Could the fight that put Muhammad Ali on the map have been a sham? The FBI had reason to believe that 22-year-old Ali's first bout against heavyweight champ Sonny Liston was rigged, and that the mob may have been involved, according to decades-old documents obtained by the Washington Times...

Whitey Bulger Found Guilty of Racketeering

Bulger acquitted on some murders, convicted on others

(Newser) - James "Whitey" Bulger has been found guilty of a raft of racketeering charges that carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. The jury also found that the state had proven Bulger's guilt in 11 of the 19 murders he was accused of, along with several instances of...

Whitey Bulger Swears at Witness in Court

'F--- you,' yells Bulger after being called a 'rat'

(Newser) - Ah, now there's the Whitey Bulger his old acquaintances knew well. After remaining quiet for much of his trial , the former mob leader had this heated little exchange with old chum Kevin Weeks in court today, reports the Boston Globe :
  • Weeks: "We killed people who are rats, and

Son of Michael Douglas Badly Hurt in Prison

Mobster puts bounty on Cameron for being a 'rat'

(Newser) - Michael Douglas' drug-dealing son suffered a nasty injury that looks like the result of "prison justice," the New York Post reports. Cameron Douglas, 34, showed up at the sick bay of his Pennsylvania prison with a broken finger and a broken femur—but a femur "is hard...

Philly Cracks Down on Teen Mobs

Mayor boosts police patrols, sets earlier curfews

(Newser) - Philadelphia is trying to put an end to teenage flash mobs following a series of violent attacks in the city. The city is setting weekend curfews in key areas and putting more police on the streets, the Philadelphia Daily News reports. “If you assault a fellow Philadelphian, a visitor...

Whitey Bulger Pleads Not Guilty to 19 Murders

He's not due back in court until September

(Newser) - Accused Irish mob boss Whitey Bulger pled not guilty to a 32-count federal indictment alleging he participated in 19 murders. At a district court in Plymouth County, he proclaimed his innocence in a "clear" and "soft" voice that was barely above a whisper, reports the Boston Globe . His...

Feds Bust Philly Mob Boss, 12 Others

Joseph 'Uncle Joe' Ligambi and a dozen more face charges

(Newser) - A real-life Sopranos (or Godfather, depending on your generation) in Philly: Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi, the reputed boss of the Philadelphia mob, has been arrested along with a dozen others believed to be connected to the mob. Federal authorities busted the group, and prosecutors charged them with conspiracy, extortion,...

Roman Tomb Found Beneath Toxic Dump

Illegal dumping 'robbing our patrimony,' says environmentalist

(Newser) - It's enough to make Caesar roll over in his grave. An ancient Roman mausoleum has been discovered beneath an illegal toxic waste dump outside Naples. The huge, vividly decorated 2nd-century tomb was found beneath some 60 tons of refuse dumped on ruins at Pizzuoli, site of the ancient Roman...

After Mob Bust, Heads Will Roll
 After Mob Bust, Heads Will Roll 

After Mob Bust, Heads Will Roll

Police expect retaliation against informants

(Newser) - After last week’s massive mob bust , officials fear a bloody mob war is coming. Investigators got their information from informants who taped conversations—and those who managed to escape the bust are probably “going to kill people,” one source close to the investigation tells the New York ...

Mob Families Called Summit —Over Medical Bills

They debated who would cover stabbing victim's costs

(Newser) - Not even mobsters can avoid haggling over medical bills. In digging through the papers related to this week's massive mafia bust , the New York Post finds this gem: A low-ranking member of the Gambinos committed a breach of mob ethics by stabbing a rival in the Colombos without clearing it...

Gianni Versace Was Murdered by Mafia: Book

Debts to the mob allegedly got designer killed

(Newser) - A new book alleges that Gianni Versace was murdered over Mafia debts—and that the Mafia even considered stealing his ashes from the cemetery in order to blackmail his family. The 50-year-old fashion designer was gunned down outside his Miami apartment in 1997 by Andrew Cunanan, but Metastasi, by former...

Victoria Gotti Spills Mob Secrets in Tell-All Book

Author describes ritual that 'made' Junior

(Newser) - Victoria Gotti insists she doesn’t condone crime. But in her new tell-all book, The Family of Mine, Mafia don John Gotti's daughter compares mobsters to Robin Hood and his merry men, claims they’re better than corrupt politicians, and says she sees no difference between paying into a protection...

Mob 'Acid' Hitman Gets Life Behind Bars

(Newser) - A mob hitman who used acid to melt his victims' bodies has been sentenced to life, reports the New York Daily News. Charles Carneglia smirked in a Brooklyn courtroom as he listened to statements from his four victims' relatives, including one who called him an "animal" with a "...

'Mob Sewage' Closes Capri's Blue Grotto

(Newser) - The famous Blue Grotto of the Italian island of Capri has been closed after its striking cerulean waters were fouled by raw sewage believed to be dumped by the Mafia, reports the Independent. La Grotta Azzurra, a favorite haunt of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, is celebrated for its striking waters...

New DNC Ad Slams GOP's 'Angry Mobs'

Dems use town hall protests to fire back

(Newser) - In a new online ad, Democrats return fire at “angry mobs” driven by the Republican Party, the Huffington Post reports. “They lost the election. They lost on the Recovery Act, the budget and children’s health care,” says the ad. “Now, desperate Republicans and their well-funded...

Town Halls Turn to Mayhem for Lawmakers

'Unruly mob' mentality becoming more common at events

(Newser) - Members of Congress are increasingly seeing town-hall meetings turn to bedlam, with people yelling and protesters being pulled out by police, Politico reports. A New York representative who’d hosted more than 100 such meetings has called it quits after a chaotic scene last month that necessitated his departure with...

Gambling NBA Ref Gets Early Release After Mob Beating

(Newser) - The NBA ref imprisoned for betting on games will finish his 15-month sentence in a halfway house, the Tampa Tribune reports; he’ll be released Wednesday. A press release from a “prisoner advocacy group” said Donaghy is being sprung early because he “was injured during an assault in...

Flush Mafia Invests Big in Recession Italy

It's buying up struggling companies

(Newser) - As banks spurn borrowers, Italian mafiosi are lending out their cash stockpiles to profit from the global recession, Bloomberg reports. Long invested in cash-intensive businesses like food distribution, the mafia is using its liquidity to take control of other legitimate businesses—and as a bonus, the three main mob outfits...

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