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Surprise Front-Runner in Golden Globes: Cheney Biopic

Lady Gaga also earns a nod for 'A Star Is Born'

(Newser) - Adam McKay's Dick Cheney biopic Vice swooped in to lead nominations for the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards, narrowly edging Bradley Cooper's tear-jerking revival A Star Is Born, the interracial road-trip drama Green Book, and the period romp The Favourite. Vice topped all contenders Thursday with a surprising... More »

Christian Slater's Dad Reprimanded in Bizarre Court Case

He had been sending 'hateful,' 'disgusting' letters to judge

(Newser) - The strange saga of Christian Slater's dad continues: Thomas Knight Slater sued both his ex-wife, Mary Jo Slater, and son Christian back in February . The portion of the suit against Christian Slater has since been dismissed, but the complaint against Mary Jo Slater is still pending, and Thomas Slater... More »

Christian Slater's Dad Sues Him for Dashing His Acting Hopes

Thomas Knight Slater says son 'intentionally maligned' him

(Newser) - Today in the Bizarre Lawsuits Dept.: Christian Slater's dad, Thomas Knight Slater (stage name: Michael Hawkins), is suing his ex-wife and his son for "intentionally malign[ing] and defam[ing] him," thus leading to the ruination of Hawkins' would-be acting career. Hawkins, now 80, was a soap opera actor... More »

25 Celebrity Jailbirds

Yep, even Frank Sinatra spent time behind bars

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan may have escaped a jail sentence this time around, but she's been there a few times in the past —and so have these 25 other celebs rounded up by the Huffington Post :
  • Tim Allen: Spent two years in jail after being caught with cocaine and pleading
... More »

Worst Movie of 2012 Made $264

About 33 people went to see Christian Slater's 'Playback'

(Newser) - Remember when Christian Slater was hot? Neither does America. The onetime A-lister found a new basement in the box office this year with his presumably horrible horror flick, Playback. How bad are the stats? Playback played one theater for one week in March—and raked in a not-so-whopping $264. That'... More »

Florida Tosses Ballot of Christian Slater

Make that 'Christina' Slater

(Newser) - Not even celebrity status can save you from the mess that is Florida's ballot process. Christian Slater, who stood in line for about five hours on Election Day and tweeted all the way through it, just got a letter informing him that his provisional ballot was rejected, reports BuzzFeed... More »

6 Ridiculous Celeb Crimes

Freeing lobsters, spraying hair glue, and more...

(Newser) - Dina Lohan almost got herself arrested over an ice cream cake. Lohan apparently attempted to use her daughter’s free ice cream card, and a Carvel employee asked for ID. They both freaked out, resulting somehow in police helicopters arriving. Inspired by this insane incident—Lohan actually said, “It... More »

Surprising Celeb Voices Behind TV Ads

You can't be dignified all the time

(Newser) - Jon Hamm is famous for playing an advertising exec on Mad Men, and soon he—or at least his voice—will also be famous for advertising, period. Hamm is the latest celebrity to lend his voice to a commercial campaign, in his case, Mercedes-Benz. PopEater takes a look at nine... More »

Heathers Musical Bound for Broadway

(Newser) - The high-school comedy/murder cult film Heathers is set to be reborn—as a Broadway musical, the Hollywood Reporter notes. Readings have already happened with the likes of Kristen Bell, and much of the original production team is on board. “‘I love my dead gay son,’” the... More »

How Very! Heathers Writer Returns to Film

Sex and Death 101 , out tomorrow, puts Daniel Waters back in left field

(Newser) - Screenwriter Daniel Waters, who made "What's your damage?" part of American slang, is back. His 1989 cult classic, Heathers, paved the way for edgy teen fare from Clueless to Juno, but subsequent unsuccessful projects led him to obscurity. Sex and Death 101 puts him "squarely back into off-kilter... More »

Networks Rethink New Shows

Writers strike shakes up how new shows are developed

(Newser) - Networks are rethinking how they develop new TV shows after the writers strike, the Wall Street Journal reports. NBC is switching to a staggered debut schedule, and many networks are shying away from traditional, expensive pilots. With fewer chances to test-drive possible shows, networks are sticking especially closely to trusted... More »

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