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Young Mom Is Dead After Taking 'Natural' Diet Pills

Mexican woman went into a coma after taking online product for a month

(Newser) - Mexican health agencies are on the hunt for the manufacturer of a weight loss drug sold online after a young mother went into a coma and died after ingesting it. Per Mexico News Daily , Lucero Priscila Garza Campos, 24, had been taking Avitia Cobrax for a month before she went...

Those Who Lose Weight Gain a Stronger Appetite
Those Who Lose Weight
Gain a Stronger Appetite

Those Who Lose Weight Gain a Stronger Appetite

Findings help explain why it's so hard to keep lost weight off

(Newser) - A "landmark" new study out of the National Institutes of Health helps explain why weight gain after weight loss is so common—and so difficult to avoid. Reporting in the journal Obesity , researchers say that weight loss puts the body in a sort of fight mode and results in...

Now There's an 'Imaginary Meal' —in a Pill

Fexaramine tricks body into burning fat, increasing metabolism—on 'no calories'

(Newser) - Overweight? There may be a pill for that, and if successful trials done on obese mice translate to humans, that pill could be more than just a passing fad. So write researchers in the journal Nature Medicine about the compound fexaramine, which has stopped weight gain, controlled blood sugar, lowered...

Dr. Oz's 'Magic' Diet Bean Loses Lone Study Backing It

Authors retract claims he cited after FTC alleged results 'hopelessly flawed'

(Newser) - In 2012, celebrity TV doctor Mehmet Oz endorsed green coffee bean extract as a "magic weight-loss cure" even though only one scientific study backed these claims—and it was funded by the extract manufacturer. This week Oz is backed further into a corner as the study's two writers...

Scientists Figure Out Why Fiber Fills You Up

And it could lead to an anti-hunger pill

(Newser) - Experts have long suggested that fiber keeps us feeling full because it takes a long time to digest, but new research challenges that notion—and may point the way to a new anti-hunger pill. The key is a short-chain fatty acid called acetate, which emerges as fiber is digested. Acetate...

Are Americans Giving Up on Diet Pills?

First prescription obesity drug in more than a decade struggles to sell

(Newser) - Just a few years ago, a drug company CEO predicted anti-obesity pills could rival the sales of drugs like Lipitor. Instead, the first prescription diet pill to arrive in 13 years is barely selling, the New York Times reports. Qsymia maker Vivus spent $45 million to promote the drug in...

Viagra's Hidden Uses: Diet Pill, Cancer Fighter?

 Viagra's Hidden 
 Uses: Diet Pill, 
 Cancer Fighter? 
in case you missed it

Viagra's Hidden Uses: Diet Pill, Cancer Fighter?

In mice, drug shows potential beyond ED

(Newser) - Viagra may have a future well beyond erectile dysfunction. Someday, we could perhaps see it prescribed for weight loss—or even to combat cancer, in combination with green tea. Scientists know that mice have lower rates of obesity, despite fatty diets, when they're on the drug. Now, researchers in...

FDA OKs First Diet Pill in 13 Years

Arena's Belviq is intended for the obese

(Newser) - For the first time in 13 years, the FDA has approved an anti-obesity pill. The medication, called Belviq, targets a section of the brain responsible for regulating hunger, reports Bloomberg . Sales could hit $2 billion in 2020, predicts an analyst. “Two-thirds of the people in this country are overweight...

Kim, Khloe to Be Sued Over 'Unsafe' Diet Product?

Kardashians may face class action lawsuit over QuickTrim

(Newser) - Kim and Khloe Kardashian have been hawking diet product QuickTrim for a while now , but it may not actually work—or be safe. A law firm representing one unhappy QuickTrim user is reaching out to others, and is reportedly prepping a class action lawsuit against the Kardashians, the New York ...

Murder Suspect: Excessive Caffeine Made Me Kill Wife

Kentucky man uses 'caffeine intoxication' defense

(Newser) - A Kentucky man charged with killing his wife has come up with a creative defense: excessive caffeination. Woody Will Smith, 33, is accused of strangling his 28-year-old wife with an extension cord last May, but his lawyer says Smith ingested enough caffeine (in the form of soda, energy drinks, and...

Kim Will 'Never Be Skinny'? BS
 Kim Will 'Never Be Skinny'? BS 

Kim Will 'Never Be Skinny'? BS

Kardashian and Shape team up to destroy body image

(Newser) - Shape thought it would be a good idea to put a bikini-clad and, yes, skinny Kim Kardashian on its cover…alongside the coverline, “I’ll never be one of those skinny girls.” The obvious problem here is that she is one of those girls, writes Hortense on Jezebel...

US Recalls High-Profile Diet Pill
US Recalls High-Profile
Diet Pill

US Recalls High-Profile Diet Pill

'Natural' supplement Hydroxycut caused liver damage: FDA

(Newser) - US government health officials are announcing the recall of a popular weight loss pill, after reports of liver damage and other health problems. Food and Drug Administration officials said Friday the manufacturer of Hydroxycut has launched a recall of the dietary supplement, used by people trying to shed pounds, and...

Dieting? Skip the Pricey Pills
 Dieting? Skip the Pricey Pills 

Dieting? Skip the Pricey Pills

No way around healthy eating and exercise

(Newser) - Now that Americans have had access to the first over-the-counter weight-loss drug for 18 months, we've become a lean, mean nation, right? Not so much, writes Debra Sherman for Reuters. It's true that Alli—$60 for a 30-day supply—gives users slightly better results, but they're probably not worth the...

Your Body Wants You to Stay Fat
 Your Body Wants You to Stay Fat 

Your Body Wants You to Stay Fat

Keeping weight off made much tougher by brain, hormone cues to get it back

(Newser) - Your body doesn't want you to lose weight, scientists say, and makes it tough to keep off pounds lost. Scientists tell the Los Angeles Times that brain and hormone cues increase post-diet as natural processes try to get that old figure back. And while research into the heavy issues is...

Diet Pills Make Slim Difference
Diet Pills Make Slim Difference

Diet Pills Make Slim Difference

Study shows meager 5% weight loss doesn't justify use of drugs, given side-effects

(Newser) - Diet pills are big business, but Canadian researchers have found that they result in only modest weight loss. In placebo-controlled trials, patients taking anti-obesity drugs orlistat, sibutramine and rimonabant lost more weight than those taking dummy pills, but barely. And the average weight loss was 5%, which experts say is...

Americans Go Abroad, Online for New Diet Pill

Hung up in FDA approval process, pill's already scoring big

(Newser) - The weight loss drug Acomplia is stuck in FDA limbo, but that isn't stopping Americans from ordering it off the Internet or buying it in Europe, where it's legal. If the government rules that its lowering of weight and cholesterol balances out the possible side effects, including suicide and depression,...

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