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Did Police Start Fire in Dorner Cabin?

References to 'burning' heard, but could just be tear gas

(Newser) - Did police start the fire that may have consumed the body of fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner? In police audio broadcast on KCAL yesterday, officers can be heard apparently yelling, "Burn it down" or "Burn him out." Another YouTube video claims to be a police scanner recording, and... More »

The Inevitable: 2016 Speculation Begins

Clinton? Biden? Ryan? A look at the current possibilities

(Newser) - And so it begins: Speculation about Election 2016 is already running rampant, mere hours after President Obama was re-elected. Some of the frontrunners for a presidential run next time around, courtesy of ABC News and US News & World Report :
  • Hillary Clinton: Not surprisingly, she's at the forefront of
... More »

Dems: RNC Bombed, Bring on Charlotte

Democrats get ready for convention opening Tuesday

(Newser) - As the Republicans came off their convention week with very little bounce , Democrats descended on the Sunday talk shows today to drum up their own soiree in Charlotte, which kicks off Tuesday. "I think the race is exactly where it was before they walked in [to Tampa], and now... More »

Occupy LA Steels for Showdown With Cops

Tense standoff as 12:01am evacuation deadline passes

(Newser) - Time has run out for Occupy LA protesters, who were ordered to pack up their 500 tents and leave by one minute past midnight this morning, reports AP . But the deadline has passed, and most protesters show no signs of moving. Some have been teaching resistance tactics and how to... More »

City Hall to Occupy LA: You've Got Till Monday

Plus, Occupy Xmas splinter group emerges

(Newser) - The political tide at Los Angeles City Hall has turned on the Occupiers. Having already offered them free farmland , the city warned protesters today that they have until 12:01am Monday to leave City Hall park, the Los Angeles Times reports. In a public statement, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa cited damage... More »

LA to State: We Can't Watch All These Cons

California dumps responsibility onto county, city

(Newser) - The good news for California is that its state prison system has a lot fewer prisoners and parolees to deal with. The bad news, according to the mayor and police chief of Los Angeles, is that crime on the streets is going to rise. The state last weekend shifted responsibility... More »

LA Vows to Make Dodger Stadium Safe

LAPD: You're going to see a sea of blue; it's not going to be Dodger blue'

(Newser) - Los Angeles authorities have vowed to dramatically increase security at Dodger Stadium following the near-fatal beating of a Giants fan. At "an absolute minimum," the police force will double the number of uniformed officers patrolling the stadium and boost the number of plainclothes cops in the area, announced... More »

LA Mayor Gets Restraining Order

Man threatens to 'take out' mayor

(Newser) - A man who threatened to "take out" Antonio Villaraigosa and says he's communicating with the Los Angeles mayor through his TV has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the mayor and City Hall, according to court documents obtained by TMZ . Prosecutors have declined to press charges against... More »

AZ Commish to LA Mayor: Put Up or Shut Up

Official wants to know if city no longer wants Arizona electricity

(Newser) - Arizona commissioner Gary Pierce has sent a letter to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wondering if the mayor feels so strongly about his city's boycott that he wants the electricity it gets from Arizona turned off as well. LA currently receives 25% of its power from the state, and the... More »

LA Mayor Calls for Limits on Pot Spots

Villaraigosa says 900 marijuana dispensaries is way too many

(Newser) - The Los Angeles City Council has voted to allow dispensaries to continue selling medical marijuana, but the mayor wants to stop the outlets from sprouting like weeds. Antonio Villaraigosa is insisting a cap be placed on the number of dispensaries within city limits, and he wants the council to include... More »

No Motive Yet in LA Synagogue Shootings

Gunman wounded two men on their way to prayers

(Newser) - LAPD officers are still searching for the gunman who shot two men on their way to a prayer service at a North Hollywood synagogue this morning. The gunman approached one of the victims in the underground parking lot of the synagogue, and "without any words" shot both him and... More »

LA Mayor Wants Outsiders to Run 'Failing' Schools

Teachers union says plan will lead to 'chaos in education system'

(Newser) - The mayor of Los Angeles wants to allow outside groups to place bids for control of hundreds of the city’s schools, the LA Times reports. Antonia Villaraigosa’s education reforms would allow bidding by charter-school organizations and other education nonprofits to run 50 schools scheduled to open over the... More »

LA Mayor: Thanks, But We Can Pay for MJ Memorial

Mayor calls donation request 'ridiculous'

(Newser) - Imagine the surprise of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa when he returned from vacation to find his proxy asking for donations to fund the Michael Jackson memorial. “This is a world-class city, and we provide fire and police protection, period,” he says. “The idea that we would... More »

Why Sanford May Avoid Spitzer's Fate

(Newser) - The calls for Mark Sanford to resign are growing louder, but recent history suggests that the South Carolina governor has a chance to hold on, writes the Washington Times. While every politician who admits an affair faces calls to quit, only those who have committed real crimes are hounded from... More »

LA Mayor Won't Run for Governor

With Villaraigosa out, Jerry Brown leads Democratic pack

(Newser) - The mayor of Los Angeles said yesterday he will not run for governor of California next year, upending the race to succeed Arnold Schwarzenegger. In an interview with the Times, Antonio Villaraigosa said he made the "agonizing" choice to stay at city hall to tackle the fiscal crisis and... More »

LA Mayor Moves On to Another Anchor Gal Pal

Girlfriend filed story on Villaraigosa as recently as this weekend

(Newser) - Two years after Antonio Villaraigosa had the affair with a local newscaster that led to the breakup of his 20-year marriage, the LA mayor has a new flame—yet another TV news anchor. Lu Parker, a former Miss USA contestant who reports for television station KTLA, has been dating Villaraigosa... More »

Los Angeles May Privatize Parking

(Newser) - The mayor of Los Angeles wants the city to follow Chicago’s lead and privatize parking meters and garages to stem the city's budget crisis, the LA Times reports. Antonio Villaraigosa says LA can pull in at least $80 million by leasing meters and six city garages to private companies.... More »

Villaraigosa Wins 2nd Term as LA Mayor

Easy victory paves way for possible 2010 governor bid

(Newser) - Antonio Villaraigosa cruised to a second term as mayor of Los Angeles, avoiding a run-off with his nearest rival. With 99% of precincts reporting the mayor had secured 55.5% of the vote, although turnout was low. After a tough first term and the exposure of an extramarital affair, Villaraigosa... More »

Brown Readies Another Run for Calif.'s Top Job

Ex-gov planning to recapture job he won 34 years and 3 White House runs ago

(Newser) - Jerry Brown is getting ready to run for the governor's job he first tackled as a fresh-faced reformer in 1975, the Los Angeles Times reports. The 70-year-old California attorney general—like San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, also a Democrat—has yet to formally declare his candidacy, but most believe the... More »

Mayors Make Pitch for Piece of Stimulus Pie

City chiefs plug $90B worth in infrastructure projects to Obama

(Newser) - For American mayors, economic crisis means a chance to hit up the feds for a buck, Politico reports. The US Conference of Mayors has compiled a list of 4,600 projects that would create 261,000 jobs in 154 cities; the plan currently totals $90 billion, but an official said... More »

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