Josef Fritzl

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Court: Infamous Rapist Fritzl, Now 89, No Longer a Danger

Austrian cleared to move from psychiatric detention to a regular prison

(Newser) - Austrian judges have ruled that a man who kept his daughter captive for 24 years, raped her thousands of times, and fathered seven children with her can be moved from psychiatric detention to a regular prison, a court said Tuesday. The decision on Monday was the latest in a legal...

Transfer Decision for 'Monster of Amstetten' Overturned

Lower court originally said Fritzl could be moved to regular prison

(Newser) - A Vienna court has overturned a lower court's ruling that Josef Fritzl, the so-called "monster of Amstetten," could be moved from a special psychiatric unit to a regular prison, sending the case back to the lower court. Prosecutors had appealed the January decision, the Guardian reports. "...

Josef Fritzl, Now 88, Is Up for Parole

Lawyer for Fritzl, who imprisoned and raped daughter, wants him in nursing home

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl , the Austrian man who kept his daughter Elisabeth prisoner for nearly a quarter century, raping her repeatedly and fathering seven children with her, was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes, which also included manslaughter for one of those children he fathered. In Austria, however, prisoners...

Austria's Infamous Incest House Just Sold

Josef Fritzl's house bought by strip club owner looking to turn it into apartments

(Newser) - The home where "Austrian incest monster" Josef Fritzl kept his daughter locked in the cellar for 24 years while fathering seven children by her may soon be used to house strippers, the Local reports. Fritzl was found guilty of murder, incest, sequestration, and 3,000 counts of rape in...

Fritzl Cellar to Be Sealed Off Forever

It's being filled with concrete

(Newser) - The cellar where Josef Fritzl locked his daughter for 24 years of abuse will soon be no more. Yesterday began a two-week effort to fill it with concrete in order to prevent any future entry, says the liquidator of Fritzl's estate, Walter Anzboeck. Officials had been worried that tourists...

Echoes of Fritzl: Austrian Arrested in 40-Year Incest Case

80-year-old raped, imprisoned daughters for 40 years: police

(Newser) - Kindling memories of the infamous Joseph Fritzl case , Austrian police have arrested a man on suspicion of raping and imprisoning his daughters for more than 40 years, the BBC reports. The 80-year-old denies wrongdoing, but authorities say one of his daughters fled during an attempted rape and reported his alleged...

Fritzl Cellar to Be Filled With Concrete

Josef Fritzl repeatedly raped daughter Elisabeth there for 24 years

(Newser) - The liquidator of Josef Fritzl's estate says the windowless cellar of the house where Fritzl imprisoned and repeatedly raped his daughter for 24 years will be filled up with concrete. The move is to ensure the space can never be entered again, and the work is set to begin...

Teens Party in Fritzl Dungeon
 Teens Party in Fritzl Dungeon 

Teens Party in Fritzl Dungeon

'You can play music down there and no one will hear'

(Newser) - For the teens of Amstetten, Austria, Josef Fritzl's dungeon of horrors has been the hot place to party over the last couple of months. Authorities have found empty booze bottles and other party detritus in the warren of rooms where Fritzl kept his daughter Elisabeth as a sex slave for...

Josef Fritzl: I Love My Daughter

Incest dad says he's 'world famous,' 'dead sad'

(Newser) - Austrian incest monster Josef Fritzl has granted his first press interview, boasting to reporters that he's "world famous," "loves" the daughter he repeatedly raped for 24 years, and is convinced his wife is still in love with him. "My dream is to get out of here...

'US Fritzl' Charged in Daughter Rape

He faces 19 criminal counts for rape, domestic violence

(Newser) - America's own version of sadistic Josef Fritzl is locked up in Ohio facing charges for imprisoning one child and raping another, say law enforcement authorities. "They weren't like a traditional family," said an investigator after Jeffrey York's wife reported him to police. The wife and the couple's seven...

Cops: Brazilian 'Fritzl' Jailed Daughter, Had 7 Kids With Her

He allegedly kept her captive 12 years

(Newser) - A man in a remote fishing village in Brazil kept his daughter imprisoned for 12 years, raped her repeatedly, and had seven children with her, police said. The man is also accused of abusing a young girl he had with his daughter. Police allege that Jose Agostinho Pereira, 54, kept...

Fritzl Daughter Finds Love With Bodyguard

(Newser) - Elisabeth Fritzl has “renewed strength” after beginning a relationship with her bodyguard, the Telegraph reports. Fritzl, 42, was held captive in an Austrian cellar and raped by her father, Josef, for 24 years; she and her six children by her father are now under police protection. “They are...

'Colombia Fritzl' Fathered 11 Kids With Daughter

Man accused of imprisoning girl, raping her from age 9

(Newser) - A Colombian man has been accused of imprisoning his daughter and raping her from the age of 9 and fathering 11 children with her, the BBC reports. He denies incest and rape charges, insisting his daughter was adopted and that the two “agreed to have a romantic relationship because...

'Italian Fritzl' and Son Arrested

Father accused of raping daughter, encouraging son to do the same

(Newser) - Italian police have arrested a father and son in an incest case they are comparing to the horrors of the Fritzl household, the Daily Telegraph reports. The patriarch of the Turin family is accused of controlling and raping his daughter for 25 years and encouraging his son to rape both...

Remorseful Fritzl: I Want Only the Hardest Punishment

Daughter's testimony convinced him to confess, incest dad says

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl describes intense feelings of remorse in the first interview since his trial, the Telegraph reports. Fritzl, who abruptly switched his plea to guilty in the middle of the proceedings, said his decision was prompted by hearing his daughter describe in court how he imprisoned and habitually raped her:...

Decriminalize Incest? Romania Is Not Alone

Bucharest aims to match laws in 3 EU nations

(Newser) - As the Josef Fritzl case echoes across Europe, Romania is considering a new approach to incest: legalizing it, the AP reports. The Justice Ministry is contemplating the move amid wider legal reforms, arguing that decriminalization would sync its stance with EU members France, Spain, and Portugal. “Not everything...

Fritzl Heads to Plush Psych Cell

He'll have color TV, computer and maybe a pet in unit of Viennese hospital

(Newser) - Austrian monster dad Josef Fritzl will spend his days in far plusher accommodations than his daughter, who was repeatedly raped in her cellar prison for 24 years. Fritzl has been sentenced to life and remanded to a secure psychiatric unit of a Viennese hospital because of what the judge called...

New Photo Shows Old Manson
 New Photo Shows Old Manson 

New Photo Shows Old Manson

(Newser) - A photo showing an aged, haggard Charles Manson was released yesterday as part of a routine updating of California prison documents, the Los Angeles Times reports. The photo shows Manson mostly bald and with a thick, grey beard, his homemade swastika tattoo faded. Manson, 74, is serving a life sentence...

Fritzl Gets Life Sentence
 Fritzl Gets 
 Life Sentence 

Fritzl Gets Life Sentence

Incest dad found guilty on all charges

(Newser) - Austrian incest dad Josef Fritzl has been found guilty on all charges and sentenced to life in a secure psychiatric facility, the BBC reports. Jurors found Fritzl guilty on charges that included rape, incest, murder, and enslavement after he locked his daughter in a cellar for 24 years, raped her...

Fritzl: 'I Can't Go Back and Change It'

Jury to decide case today

(Newser) - Monster dad Josef Fritzl apologized "from the bottom of my heart" today for keeping his daughter locked in a cellar as a sex slave for 24 years, then added: "I can't go back and change it." Fritzl, 73, made his remarks as an Austrian jury was about...

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