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First Black Woman to Lead West Point Cadets: 'Humbling'

Simone Askew has assumed duties as first captain of the Long Gray Line

(Newser) - Simone Askew marched into history Monday as the first black woman to lead the Long Gray Line at the US Military Academy. After an early-morning 12-mile march back to the gray stone academic complex at West Point with 1,200 new cadets she led through the rigors of basic training...

Colonel Accused of Rape Wins $8.4M Lawsuit Against Accuser

Jury sides with man who lost out on promotion, orders woman to pay

(Newser) - A woman who accused a former Army colonel of raping her when they were both cadets at West Point in 1986 has been ordered to pay him $8.4 million. A jury in Virginia sided with Col. David "Wil" Riggins against blogger Susan Shannon in Riggins' defamation lawsuit, the...

Cadets' Raised-Fist Photo Sparks Anger, Debate

Some say West Point seniors made political statement

(Newser) - Were cadets raising their fists to sisterhood, Beyonce, Black Lives Matter—or just taking pride in their pending graduation? A photo of 16 black female cadets raising their fists in traditional military dress at West Point was posted online in April, sparking debate and spurring the military academy to investigate,...

West Point Bans Pillow Fights After Bloody Brawl

30 people were injured in unsanctioned event

(Newser) - West Point's annual pillow fights—during which hundreds of first-year cadets or "plebes" bludgeon each other—will be no more. The academy's superintendent, Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr., has banned the unsanctioned events after 30 people were injured in this year's pillow fight on Aug....

Ben Carson Admits His West Point Story Is Untrue

School says he never even applied

(Newser) - Ben Carson claimed in his 1990 memoir Gifted Hands that he met Gen. William Westmoreland in 1969, when Carson was 17 and Westmoreland had just finished leading the US forces in Vietnam, and that soon after Carson was offered a full scholarship to West Point. Well, it turns out the...

West Point's Annual Pillow Fight Turns Brutal, Bloody

24 cadets ended up with concussions

(Newser) - Since at least 1897, the US Military Academy's freshmen cadets have held a massive pillow fight each year. This year, it got ugly. The New York Times reports some West Point cadets are thought to have put their helmets inside their pillows during the Aug. 20 fight, with nasty...

Sergeant Accused of Filming Female Cadets in Shower

West Point staffer is being investigated

(Newser) - Add yet another case to the military's sexual-harassment file : This time, a sergeant on staff at West Point has been accused of filming female cadets in the shower, reports the New York Times . So far, the Army has warned about a dozen cadets they may have been spied upon,...

Paula Broadwell Is the Classic Over-Achiever

Petraeus' lover even beat Jon Stewart in a pricey push-up contest

(Newser) - David Petraeus may have a thing for over-achievers who think highly of him. That description sure fits Paula Broadwell, whose alleged affair with the CIA director led to his resignation yesterday. Details on Broadwell are rolling in:
  • She earned a degree in political geography and systems engineering at West Point,

Military Schools See 1st Openly Gay Graduates

Students bring same-sex partners to major events

(Newser) - It's graduation time at America's military academies, and for the first time, gay students are celebrating without having to keep their sexual orientations a secret. For many, that means bringing same-sex dates to end-of-year events. In the past, notes a West Point cadet, "I had to do...

West Point Rejects Lesbian Cadet's Readmission

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is still law of the land

(Newser) - Don't Ask, Don't Tell may be on its way out, but it's not gone yet: West Point won't let a lesbian former cadet get back in because the law remains in place, reports the AP . Katherine Miller left the military academy after her sophomore year last...

Gates to Army: No More Wars Like Iraq

US must dial down 'controversial large-scale military intervention'

(Newser) - Will the US ever undertake another war like the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan? Not if Defense Secretary Robert Gates has his way. “In my opinion, any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East...

Sexual Assault Reports Soar at Military Academies

But that might just mean more people coming forward

(Newser) - Reports of sexual assault shot up 64% in the 2009-10 academic year at the US’ three military academies, the Defense Department announced yesterday, but that might not be a bad thing. A total of 41 assaults involving students were reported to authorities at West Point, the Naval Academy and the...

Top West Point Cadet Quits Over 'Don't Ask'

Says she has 'compromised' her integrity long enough

(Newser) - A West Point junior ranked 9th in her class is leaving the military school in protest over Don't Ask, Don't Tell. In her letter to the school, Katherine Miller says she's transferring to Yale and will be happy to reapply to the academy—once DADT is repealed. "I have...

Obama Stresses Need for New 'International Order'
 Obama Stresses Need  
 for New 'International Order' 
west point commencement

Obama Stresses Need for New 'International Order'

President says America can't succeed alone

(Newser) - President Obama's commencement speech at West Point today stressed a common theme: the need to "shape an international order than can meet the challenges of our times," reports the Washington Post . "Yes, we are clear-eyed about the shortfalls of our international system," he said. "But...

Obama's Long Road to Afghan Strategy
 Long Road to 
 Afghan Strategy 

Obama's Long Road to Afghan Strategy

Prez was relentless in analyzing every angle

(Newser) - Amid cries of "dithering" and the silent finality of Arlington's rows of white tombstones, President Obama calmly, analytically, and exhaustively reviewed all options in Afghanistan before finally announcing to his team on Nov. 29 that he would send in 30,000 more troops. The New York Times retraces the...

'Muslim President' Hates Charlie Brown: Tenn. Mayor

Obama's West Point speech forced postponement of Christmas special

(Newser) - President Obama's speech on the Afghanistan troop buildup bumped the annual airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas, really ticking off the mayor of Arlington, Tenn. He apparently hasn't heard that nothing is private on Facebook, where he vented about TV scheduling: "Ok, so, this is total crap, we sit...

Chris Matthews: West Point Was 'Enemy Camp' for Obama
Chris Matthews: West Point Was 'Enemy Camp' for Obama

Chris Matthews: West Point Was 'Enemy Camp' for Obama

Conservative bloggers quick to pounce on MSNBC pundit

(Newser) - The conservative blogosphere was quick to jump on Chris Matthews’ statement on MSNBC that President Obama went “to the enemy camp” for his Afghanistan speech—indeed, an odd way to characterize the US Military Academy’s reception for the Commander in Chief. “When your mouth is bigger than...

Obama to Send 30K Troops; Home By 2011
 Obama to Send 
 30K Troops; 
 Home By 2011 

Obama to Send 30K Troops; Home By 2011

President explains US troop surge at West Point

(Newser) - Saying that “Afghanistan is not lost, but for several years it has moved backwards,” President Obama explained his decision tonight to send 30,000 more US troops there. Speaking at the US Military Academy in West Point, NY, he told the cadets in the audience, “I owe...

Obama Sounding a Lot Like Bush
 Obama Sounding 
 a Lot Like Bush 

Obama Sounding a Lot Like Bush

Rationale for troop surge is the same that Bush used for Iraq

(Newser) - Glenn Greenwald finds the rationale for the Afghan troop surge President Obama will announce tonight to be "remarkably similar" to that used by George W. Bush when he argued for more troops in Iraq in 2007. The speech hasn’t been given yet, but the administration has been leaking...

Obama Issues Orders for More Afghan Troops

Briefed military last night, will reveal number and other details tomorrow

(Newser) - After weeks of deliberation, President Obama has settled on a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan and ordered the military to carry it out. The exact size of the troop escalation has not been announced, but sources put the number in the neighborhood of 30,000 more troops. The...

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