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Assault Weapon Advocates: Boycott NY Gun Law

Some assault rifle owners will refuse to register weapons

(Newser) - Assault rifle owners in New York aren't taking the state's new gun laws lying down: They're arranging a boycott of part of the law, with gun rights activists urging all assault rifle owners not to register their weapons. Under the new law, such weapons must be registered...

Cops: 5 NM Murder Victims Were Teen's Own Family

Boy, 15, charged with killing parents, 3 siblings

(Newser) - The two adults and three children allegedly shot dead by a 15-year-old boy in New Mexico were the teenager's own family, police say. The victims have been identified as respected local pastor, Greg Griego, his wife Sarah, and their children Zephania, 9; Jael, 5; and Angelina, 2, KOB reports....

NM Cops Arrest Boy in Shooting Deaths of 5

Multiple weapons found on scene; motive unknown

(Newser) - Authorities in New Mexico say a 15-year-old boy has fatally shot two adults and three children inside an Albuquerque home. The boy has been booked on murder and other charges. A Bernalillo County sheriff's spokesman says the boy's motive and connection to the five victims are unknown; KOB...

Ex Aussie PM: We Banned Assault Weapons, So Can US
Ex Aussie PM: We Banned Assault Weapons, So Can US
john howard

Ex Aussie PM: We Banned Assault Weapons, So Can US

John Howard discusses how Australia did it, and the results

(Newser) - In the New York Times today, John Howard details how he, as then-prime minister of Australia, got an assault weapons ban passed after a massacre in which 35 people were killed with semiautomatic weapons. He doesn't want to "lecture" America on the matter, he writes, and acknowledges there...

Vermont Firing Range Bans Cops Over City's Gun Plan

Club protests possible ban on semi-automatics

(Newser) - A Vermont shooting range doesn't like what it's hearing from the Burlington City Council, which recently backed a ban on semi-automatic weapons and large-capacity magazines. In response, the firing range has closed its doors to police officers, who have historically trained there, the Burlington Free Press reports. The...

So What Is an Assault Weapon?
 So What Is an Assault Weapon? 

So What Is an Assault Weapon?

With many Dems ambivalent, gun control faces big obstacles

(Newser) - A key part of President's Obama's gun control agenda is a ban on assault weapons, but both sides of the gun debate can't even agree on what is an assault weapon, much less whether to ban them, reports the New York Times . Gun control proponents generally use...

NRA Honcho: Assault Weapon Ban Won&#39;t Pass

 NRA Honcho: 
 Assault Weapons 
 Ban Won't Pass 

NRA Honcho: Assault Weapons Ban Won't Pass

Joe Manchin calls for comprehensive approach

(Newser) - There's no way gun control advocates have the votes to get an assault weapons ban through Congress, NRA President David Keene told CNN today. "I would say that the likelihood is that they're not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this Congress,...

Cuomo Moves to Beef Up NY Gun Laws
Cuomo Moves to
Beef Up NY Gun Laws

Cuomo Moves to Beef Up NY Gun Laws

Governor expected to unveil tough new measures today

(Newser) - New York's Democrat governor is aiming to make some of the country's toughest gun laws even tougher. In his State of the State address today, Andrew Cuomo is expected to outline gun control plans including new restrictions on assault weapons, lower limits on the capacity of magazines, and...

McChrystal: Assault Rifles Aren't for Civilians

Former general calls for 'serious action' on guns

(Newser) - Former Gen. Stanley McChrystal took a firm stance on gun control during a Morning Joe appearance today, demanding "serious action." Discussing the M-16 and M-4 assault weapons he used as a soldier, he noted that "the effects are devastating. ... That’s what our soldiers ought to carry....

Gregory Could Face Prison Term Over Magazine

Washington, DC, police denied NBC request to display magazine

(Newser) - NBC asked if David Gregory could hold a high-capacity magazine on Meet the Press Sunday, and police said no—but Gregory did it anyway, according to a police email. "NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazines is not permissible and their request was denied," reads...

NY Shooter: 'What I Like Best' Is 'Killing People'

William Spengler left rambling note describing intent to burn down the neighborhood

(Newser) - The Western New York gunman who yesterday morning lured firefighters to his blazing home just to shoot them down left a chilling, typewritten note, reports the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle . “I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do...

Obama Promises Gun Action 'Without Delay'

Names Biden to head task force

(Newser) - President Obama took a big public step on gun control today, telling a press conference that he would act on gun control "without delay." As expected , Obama announced that Joe Biden would head up a group to explore ways to reduce gun violence, but this won't be...

Biden Will Lead Charge on Gun Control

Obama calls meeting of Cabinet to seek 'broader approach'

(Newser) - President Obama has taken his first steps to reducing gun violence, charging his Cabinet in a meeting yesterday with formulating proposals toward that end, and tapping longtime gun-control advocate Joe Biden to lead the effort, sources tell the Washington Post , adding that an assault rifle ban is definitely on the...

Who's Buying Russia's Kalashnikovs? Americans

US consumers now buy as many AKs as Russian soldiers, police

(Newser) - When you think "Kalashnikov," you probably think of Russia. But these days the Russian factory that makes the AK-47 is relying heavily on demand from American gun aficionados, the New York Times reports. US sales of the "Saiga," the civilian model of the AK, rose 50%...

Obama: AK-47s Are for Soldiers, Not Crooks

President delves deeper into issue after 'Dark Knight' massacre

(Newser) - In the wake of the Aurora shootings , President Obama yesterday went further into the issue of gun control than he ever has, Politico reports. Speaking in New Orleans, Obama promised there would be a national conversation on the issue. Specifically, he declared support for background checks on gun buyers and...

Romney: New Gun Laws Wouldn't Matter

But he backed assault weapons ban as governor

(Newser) - Here's Mitt Romney's assessment of the Dark Knight massacre that claimed 12 lives: Different gun laws would not have made any difference. Even though the candidate has supported stricter gun controls in the past, he said on CNBC yesterday : "I still believe that the Second Amendment is...

US Gun Laws Hand AK-47s to Mexican Drug Lords

Loophole lets Romanian assault weapons into the country

(Newser) - It’s supposedly illegal to import semiautomatic weapons that don’t have a “sporting purpose” into the US. Yet Mexican drug cartels are buying hundreds of Romanian AK-47s legally here in the US of A, a Center for Public Integrity investigation finds. Mexico’s strict gun control laws have...

US Gives Troops 'Smart' Grenade Launcher

Pentagon sees it as a 'game-changer' for Afghan battles

(Newser) - They say a counter-insurgency war is won with hearts and minds, not weapons—but the new XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System can't hurt. The US military's latest innovation is a grenade launcher that can fire explosive charges 2,300 feet—well beyond the accurate range of an AK-47 or...

Car Dealer: Buy a Truck, Get an AK-47

Gimmick triples sales

(Newser) - The general sales manager of a Sanford, Fla., dealership is taking his best shot at attracting vehicle buyers with an interesting freebie: Buy a truck, get a free AK-47. Nick Ginetta, who began the promotion last week in recognition of Veterans Day, has seen sales triple, and the business is...

Ex-Marines Sold Weapons to Gangs: Cops

LA trio arrested in ATF sting

(Newser) - Federal authorities have arrested three ex-Marines accused of selling assault weapons to Los Angeles gangs. The trio were arrested, along two other people, after the alleged ringleader sold two crates of weapons to a federal informant he believed was a gang member, authorities say. Police sources tell the Los Angeles ...

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