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Trump Pardons Conrad Black
Trump Pardons Conrad Black

Trump Pardons Conrad Black

Ex-media mogul wrote flattering Trump biography

(Newser) - President Trump has granted a full pardon to Conrad Black, a former newspaper publisher who has written a flattering political biography of Trump. Black's media empire once included the Chicago Sun-Times and the Daily Telegraph of London. He was convicted of fraud in 2007 and spent three and a...

Zimmerman Trial Is Really a 'Revolutionary Tribunal'

Media hysterics, political ideology make our justice system a joke: Victor Davis Hanson

(Newser) - George Zimmerman probably wouldn't be on trial if he went by the name Jorge Meza, using his maternal last name and the Hispanic version of his first name, argues Victor Davis Hanson at the National Review . But instead he's George Zimmerman, which allows "racialists" to depict this...

Media Mogul Conrad Black Leaves Prison

He completes sentence for defrauding investors

(Newser) - Former media mogul Conrad Black was released from a federal prison in Miami early today and faced deportation after serving about three years for defrauding investors. Black, whose empire once included the Chicago Sun-Times, the Daily Telegraph of London, the Jerusalem Post, and small papers across the US and Canada,...

Conrad Black Sent Back to Prison

At resentencing he's handed 3.5 years

(Newser) - Conrad Black faced two fates at resentencing today: free for good or back to prison. He got stuck with the latter. Judge Amy St. Eve ruled that the once-powerful media mogul had not served enough time for defrauding investors and sentenced Black to 3.5 years in prison. Prosecutors say...

Supreme Court Sides With Skilling, Black

Limits 'honest services' prosecutions for white collar crimes

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled today that prosecutors erred in using a federal fraud law to convict former Enron chief executive Jeffrey Skilling, but left it to a lower court to determine whether his conviction should be overturned. The justices were unanimous in imposing limits on the use of the federal...

Supreme Court to Hear Enron CEO's Appeal

Jeff Skilling challenges 'honest services' law, says trial was unfair

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has agreed to hear former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling’s appeal of his fraud conviction in connection with the company's collapse. The appeal argues that the federal “honest services” statute, a favorite for prosecutors tackling white collar criminals, is flawed because the government needn’t prove...

Supreme Court Shoots Down Jefferson's Appeal

But will review Conrad Black's conviction

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today refused to hear William Jefferson’s appeal, meaning the former New Orleans congressman’s corruption case is headed for trial, the Times-Picayune reports. The court will, however, consider overturning the fraud conviction against former media mogul Conrad Black and two of his compatriots.

Sun-Times Files for Bankruptcy

Conrad Black's back-tax debt does it in

(Newser) - The Sun-Times Media Group, owner of the Chicago Sun-Times, today announced that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in the hope of “making the company fit for a buyer.” Unlike the also-bankrupt owner of its competitor, the Tribune, the Sun-Times has just one debtor: Uncle Sam. The...

Black Berates Newser Founder From Jail
Black Berates Newser Founder From Jail

Black Berates Newser Founder From Jail

News mogul attacks biography's depiction of rival Murdoch

(Newser) - Convicted felon Conrad Black has skipped time in the exercise yard to pen a review from prison of the new biography of his old rival Rupert Murdoch. Black complains that biographer Michael Wolff is at once too deferential and takes "extreme psychological liberties" in The Man Who Owns the ...

Conrad Black Asks Bush for Clemency
Conrad Black Asks Bush for Clemency

Conrad Black Asks Bush for Clemency

Doing time for fraud, media giant wants sentence commuted

(Newser) - Onetime media mogul Conrad Black is seeking clemency from President Bush in hopes that his 6½-year jail sentence will be commuted, the CBC reports. Black, the former chair of newspaper firm Hollinger International, was convicted on fraud and obstruction of justice charges in 2007 for channeling $6 million from...

Nixonland Gets 'Excellent' Prez Utterly Wrong
Nixonland Gets 'Excellent' Prez Utterly Wrong
Book review

Nixonland Gets 'Excellent' Prez Utterly Wrong

Conrad Black, author of rival bio, scorns hit job, recites strong points

(Newser) - The biography Nixonland is a hatchet job on an “excellent president,” media mogul Conrad Black (from behind bars) writes in the New York Sun, picking apart author Rick Perlstein’s slights—and reminding of the profound accomplishments of the 37th president. Beyond crediting Nixon with coarsening the political...

Conrad Black Appeals Prison Sentence

Jailed newspaper tycoon says evidence too flimsy to convict

(Newser) - Lawyers for former newspaper mogul Conrad Black appealed his 6½-year prison term for fraud today, arguing that the jury received bad instructions and that the evidence failed to prove he had knowledge of shady dealings, reports Canada's National Post. Black was convicted of bilking about $6 million from Hollinger...

Conrad Black Starts 6½-Year Prison Term

Ex-media tycoon surrenders in Fla. as he appeals ruling

(Newser) - Ex-newspaper mogul Conrad Black arrived at a Florida prison today to start his 6-and-1/2 year term for fraud and obstruction of justice, Reuters reports. He stayed mum as his wife drove him in, but is appealing the ruling that he helped bilk his former company of $6.1 million. "...

Swindler Black Ordered to Jail
Swindler Black Ordered to Jail

Swindler Black Ordered to Jail

Court rules tycoon must spend appeal process in prison

(Newser) - Former media tycoon Conrad Black, convicted of swindling millions from his newspaper empire, will be behind bars by Monday night, reports the Chicago Sun-Tribune. A Chicago court ruled that he couldn't remain free on bail while awaiting a decision on his appeal. Black has been sentenced to six-and-a-half years in...

Recent Cases Showcase New Judicial Leeway

Black, Vick decisions illustrate turn from sentencing guidelines

(Newser) - More federal judges are giving themselves wiggle room when it comes to once-strict sentencing guidelines, as evidenced by three recent high-profile court cases. The three—involving Conrad Black, Michael Vick, and a crack cocaine case that made it to the Supreme Court—illustrate how a spate of high-court rulings have...

Conrad Black Draws 6½-Year Sentence

Disgraced tycoon must forfeit $6.1M, pay $125K fine

(Newser) - Onetime newspaper magnate Conrad Black was sentenced today in Chicago to 78 months in prison for fraud and impeding an investigation. He was also ordered to forfeit $6.1 million and fined $125,000. Prosecutors had pressed for a harsher sentence, but the judge decided to use more lenient sentencing...

Black Sentence Could Be Just 5 Years

Report doesn't back the 24-30 years feds want in media baron fraud

(Newser) - A confidential report prepared for the judge in the Conrad Black trial suggests that the disgraced media baron might receive a jail sentence far shorter than the 24-30 years prosecutors are seeking. The pre-sentencing report gives a much lower estimate for the scale of Black's fraud—$6.1 million, not...

Judge Rejects Black's Last Effort to Avoid Jail Time

Fallen media titan faces sentencing in weeks

(Newser) - Conrad Black has exhausted his last legal option to avoid a lengthy jail sentence, says the Times of London, after the presiding judge dismissed a motion to have his fraud conviction overturned. In a 39-page decision, a judge rejected claims that an unreliable witness had prejudiced the decision against the...

Black Holds $60M Offshore, Court Hears

Convicted media baron accused of hiding money in Gibraltar

(Newser) - Disgraced media mogul Conrad Black has shuffled $60 million to an offshore account into Gibraltar, an affidavit filed at his Chicago bail hearing alleged yesterday. Canada's Globe and Mail reports that Juval Aviv, a private investigator with a checkered past, told the court that he had uncovered a complex network...

Press Baron Stays Out of Prison
Press Baron Stays Out
of Prison

Press Baron Stays Out of Prison

Lord Black free on bail until sentencing

(Newser) - Press baron Conrad Black will remain free on $21-million in bail until his sentencing for three counts of fraud and one of obstructing justice. Prosecutors fear that if he's out on bail he'll flee to Canada because he's facing 30 years in prison, he's rich, and he hasn't shown respect...

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