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Writer's 20-Year Worry: 'Did I Kill the Segway?'

Dan Kois recounts at Slate how his inadvertent leak may have doomed the invention

(Newser) - There was a time, back in early 2001, when the biggest story anywhere revolved around a still-under-wraps invention that promised to change the world. And when this mystery device was finally unveiled later that year, everyone was like, "It's just a scooter?" This, of course, was the Segway,...

The Segway Will Soon Be No More
The Segway Will
Soon Be No More

The Segway Will Soon Be No More

Company is halting production of its Segway PT vehicle

(Newser) - Segway, which boldly claimed its two-wheeled personal transporter would revolutionize the way people get around, is ending production of its namesake vehicle. The Segway PT, popular with tourists and police officers but perhaps better known for its high-profile crashes, will be retired on July 15, the company said in a...

Katy Perry Totally Fails at Segway Riding

But her dad makes up for it

(Newser) - Katy Perry: good at singing, not so good at riding a Segway. Perry posted an Instagram video from Burning Man this weekend showing her (while clad in a puffy coat, tiny backpack, and vaguely creepy mask) attempting to spin on a Segway, only to watch it escape from her grasp...

Usain Bolt Taken Down —by a Segway

Runner appears unhurt after taking a tumble

(Newser) - Usain Bolt took gold in the men's 200m final at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing today, but while he was still reveling in the victory and waving to the crowd, he got taken down ... by a Segway. A cameraman on a Segway was following Bolt when he lost...

Norway Legalizes Segways, Quickly Makes First DUI Arrest

Oslo cops fear more will follow

(Newser) - Norway legalized Segways last month, hoping they would "revolutionize traffic patterns," reports the BBC . But before the revolution comes this: Cops busted a suspected drunken Segway driver who witnesses say was struggling to keep his contraption upright. Police are awaiting blood tests and fearing it won't be...

Google Glass Is Just Too Dorky

 Google Glass Is Just Too Dorky 

Google Glass Is Just Too Dorky

Marcus Wohlsen thinks it's a product of out-of-touch tech guys

(Newser) - Looking through the images on the White Men Wearing Google Glass Tumblr has convinced Marcus Wohlsen that the much-touted glasses have a lot in common with Segways, Bluetooth headsets, and pocket protectors. "They're all too dorky to live," Wohlsen writes in Wired . In theory, all these products...

Honda Unveils Segway Competitor: the Uni-Cub
 Honda Unveils 
 the Uni-Cub 
in case you missed it

Honda Unveils Segway Competitor: the Uni-Cub

It's designed to ride indoors

(Newser) - Watch out, Segway, there's a new player in the high-end scooter game. Honda has revealed the Uni-Cub, a personal mobility device that, like the Segway, is driven by shifting one's weight. It "looks like a trash compactor on wheels," reports the Los Angeles Times . (The Wall ...

Segway Accident Kills Segway Co. Owner

Jimi Heselden dies after going over cliff

(Newser) - Jimi Heselden, the multi-millionaire who bought the Segway company in December, died in a freak accident involving one of his own two-wheelers. The 62-year-old rode off a cliff and into a river while inspecting the grounds of his UK estate yesterday, reports the Daily Mail . The death of Heselden, one...

GM Partners on Enclosed, 1-Seater Segway

GM hopes urban innovations will stave off trouble

(Newser) - In a bid to innovate its way to a viable future, GM is working with Segway to make a two-wheeled urban single-passenger vehicle, reports the Wall Street Journal. Set to debut in 2012, the PUMA would run on batteries, go up to 35 miles per hour, and in many ways...

Uno: Cooler Than Segway
 Uno: Cooler Than Segway 

Uno: Cooler Than Segway

One-wheeled 'motorcycle' goes green with electricity—and stylish to boot

(Newser) - Looking like a tricked out motorbike, the Uno is electric personal transportation with style, the Chicago Tribune reports. Designed by 19-year-old inventor Ben Gulak, the device employs no throttle or brake, relying on its rider's leanings to guide it, and is so intuitive an 8-year-old picked it up instantly at...

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