AIDS epidemic

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Bruni Blasts Pope Over Condom Stance

French first lady says church's teachings should 'evolve'

(Newser) - Carla Bruni laid into the pope in a recent interview, saying his opposition to condoms left her feeling "profoundly secular," the Telegraph reports. The French first lady, who has campaigned against the spread of AIDS in Africa, said the disconnect between religious charities and the Vatican is frustrating.... More »

Bush Gang Will Reunite to Reflect on Legacy

(Newser) - The George W. Bush administration is planning a reunion in honor of the former president’s nascent policy institute, the New York Times reports. Condoleezza Rice, Karen Hughes, speechwriter Michael Gerson, and White House counsel Dan Bartlett will meet the former president next week in Dallas for dinner and a... More »

French Blast Pope's Anti-Condom Remarks

Condoms make Africa AIDS crisis worse, he had said

(Newser) - Irked by Pope Benedict’s anti-condom remarks in Africa, the French foreign ministry today called them “a threat to public health policies and the duty to protect human life” and voiced “extremely sharp concern over the consequences,” the BBC reports. The pontiff said on the first day... More »

Pope: Condoms Make AIDS Crisis Worse

On visit to Africa, pope makes first statement on their use

(Newser) - Condoms are not the answer to Africa's fight against AIDS, and in fact exacerbate the epidemic, Pope Benedict said at the start of a 7-day visit to the continent today. It's the first explicit statement about condoms from the pontiff, who has said that the Roman Catholic Church is at... More »

DC's AIDS/HIV Rate Soars

Proportion higher than in West Africa: official

(Newser) - The soaring 3% HIV/AIDS rate in Washington, DC, is triple the proportion that qualifies as a “generalized and severe epidemic,” according to a new report. That means some 15,120 people in the city over the age of 12 are infected, the Washington Post reports. Such rates are... More »

'Witch' Burned Alive in Papua New Guinea

Girl said to spread AIDS; outbreak fuels such sorcery killings

(Newser) - A young woman accused of witchcraft was doused with gasoline and burned to death on a pyre of car tires in Papua New Guinea, reports the Telegraph. The girl, aged between 16 and 21, was accused of spreading AIDS to one of her murderers in an extra-marital affair. Black magic... More »

Mbeki AIDS Denial Killed 365K in South Africa

Study blames Mbeki for keeping antiretrovirals from citizens

(Newser) - South Africa's failure to provide antiretroviral drugs to AIDS patients has cost 365,000 lives,  a new Harvard study finds. The report places the blame for the deaths with ousted president Thabo Mbeki, whose denial of AIDS' viral cause led Africa's richest country to ignore its sick citizens while... More »

His 'Bedrock Decency' Will Be Missed

(Newser) - George W. Bush may not be judged kindly by history, but he was faithful, consistent, and above all compassionate, writes former White House official Jim Towey in the Wall Street Journal. It was “little acts behind the curtain” that “inspired intense loyalty by staff members." To those... More »

College Kids Take Global Outlook to Class

Interest in public health leads to skyrocketing course enrollment

(Newser) - In less than a generation, college students' international perspective has transformed many colleges' public health-related programs and courses. The AIDS epidemic served as a catalyst by opening young people’s eyes to the global character of disease, and the ease of worldwide travel and communication is spurring involvement abroad. The... More »

CDC Sharply Raises Estimate of HIV Cases in US

New test indicates 40% more infected in US each year than reported

(Newser) - A lot more people in the US have HIV than previously thought. A new CDC study suggests that the US has undercounted by about 15,000 cases a year for 15 years or so, the New York Times reports. That would add 225,000 cases to the current estimate of... More »

Drug Revolution Boosts HIV Survival Rates

Early diagnosis is vital

(Newser) - A revolution in drug treatments for people with HIV has dramatically increased survival rates in the West, reports the Independent. A patient diagnosed today at the age of 20 can expect to live to nearly 70 by taking cocktails of drugs. Life expectancy improved by an average of 13 years... More »

Gene Raises AIDS Risk in Africa

Africans 40% more likely to contract HIV

(Newser) - A gene extremely common among Africans but almost unknown other ethnic groups may be rendering people of sub-Saharan Africa more susceptible to HIV and AIDS, the Times of London reports. The gene variant—common because it provides malaria protection—makes carriers 40% more likely to contract HIV and could be... More »

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