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Doctors: Please Avoid the 'Boiling Water Challenge'

Just the words 'boiling water' should be enough, right?

(Newser) - Turns out that—we know, it's a shocker—boiling-hot water tossed in the air can come back down and burn you, CNN reports. This after eight people who took the so-called "boiling water challenge" were treated at a Chicago burn center, and a few others sought burn treatment...

Finland's New Craze: Hobby-Horsing

Thousands of teen girls and their fake horses have spawned a new subculture

(Newser) - Sporting a leather jacket, dyed red hair, and tattoos, Alisa Aarniomaki looks like she's on her way to band rehearsal. But instead of a guitar, the 20-year-old Finn gently holds on to something else: a puffy stuffed horse head on a wooden stick complete with glued-on eyes, mane, and...

The Latest Student Craze: 'Milking'

British students like pouring milk on their heads

(Newser) - What an udder delight: Students in England have taken to pouring entire bottles of milk on themselves in apparent protest against "being milked by the government," the Guardian reports. And they've filmed themselves doing it all over—in hotels, shopping malls, roundabouts, and gas stations. It's...

This Is the Latest Dance Craze?

Surra de Bunda is definitely, definitely NSFW

(Newser) - Mourning the death of the Macarena? Perhaps it’s time for you to learn the latest dance craze sweeping Brazil: Surra de Bunda or, according to Google Translate , “ass licking.” Gawker explains that the move, featured in dozens of NSFW YouTube videos, involves “hooking your feet over...

10 Signs the Bacon Craze Has Gone Too Far

Let's find another ingredient instead of putting bacon in coffee: Tim Love

(Newser) - Don’t get him wrong—Tim Love appreciates bacon as much as the next celebrity chef, but “I have to speak truth to power: The bacon craze has gone too far.” When you can get “bacon coffee, bacon cereal, bacon ice cream,” it’s “high...

France's Latest Craze: A Dance or a Brand?

Radicals mumble about commercialization, but the kids love it

(Newser) - There’s a dance craze gripping France—or is it an unabashed commercial scheme, hawking t-shirts and chewing gum? Either way it’s called Tecktonik, and kids are crazy about it, the Los Angeles Times reports. The mix of hip-hop, techno, and random arm movements is championed by dancers with...

6 Stories
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