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Paula Deen Dumps Legal Team
 Paula Deen 
 Dumps Legal Team 

Paula Deen Dumps Legal Team

New lawyer specializes in employment discrimination suits

(Newser) - First she ditched her agent , now Paula Deen is swapping out her legal team in the latest fallout from her n-word scandal, the AP reports. Her new lead counsel is Grace Speights, an attorney with Morgan, Lewis & Bockius in Washington, who specializes in employment discrimination defense. (The n-word admission...

10 More Scandals Involving Star Chefs

Paula Deen is far from the first

(Newser) - We all know about Paula Deen's n-word scandal, but Radar offers up 10 more controversies involving celebrity chefs:
  • Bobby Flay came out to help January Jones after her 2010 car accident, leading to rumors of an affair between the married chef and the Mad Men star. Some think he

Latest Woe for Paula Deen: Extortion

Man arrested, wanted $250K not to release 'damning' information

(Newser) - We can safely assume Paula Deen is not having a very nice holiday weekend . The latest: Authorities today arrested a New York man charged with trying to extort money from her, in exchange for not going to the media with "true and damning statements" he said she made. According...

Paula Deen, Agent Cut Ties
 Paula Deen, 
 Agent Cut Ties 

Paula Deen, Agent Cut Ties

Barry Weiner was key strategist for chef

(Newser) - As companies flee from Paula Deen amid controversy over a racial slur, the chef has broken with her agent. Barry Weiner was a key figure in Deen's professional life: The Wall Street Journal calls him her "chief adviser" and a business strategist who helped direct her company, Paula...

20 Celebrity Mea Culpas
 20 Celebrity Mea Culpas 

20 Celebrity Mea Culpas

Paula Deen joins their ranks

(Newser) - Paula Deen has made a couple of public apologies and/or explanations (not all of them grammatically correct ) for her still-exploding n-word controversy. But she needn't feel alone; she joins a whole slew of other celebrities who had to do the same. Wonderwall rounds up 19 others:
  • Hugh Grant:

Deen's No. 1 Cookbook? Now Publisher Won't Print It

Ballantine Books canceling publication

(Newser) - Just when you thought there were no more blows left to be dealt to Paula Deen comes this pretty painful one: NBC News reports that company No. 11 is severing ties. Random House imprint Ballantine Books won't go ahead with a planned printing of her new cookbook. Adding to...

QVC Confirms It&#39;s Dumping Paula Deen

 QVC Confirms 
 It's Dumping 
 Paula Deen 
so are sears, kmart

QVC Confirms It's Dumping Paula Deen

Sears and Kmart are, too

(Newser) - QVC is apparently finished "reviewing" its relationship with Paula Deen in the wake of her n-word controversy, and not surprisingly, that review did not end with good news for Deen. Deen revealed in a statement yesterday that she and QVC have "agreed that it's best for me...

Yet Another Big Blow for Paula Deen

 3 More Big Blows 
 for Paula Deen 

3 More Big Blows for Paula Deen

Sayonara Novo Nordisk, Target, Home Depot

(Newser) - As Paula Deen was dropped by seemingly every company she's ever been associated with, Novo Nordisk continued to say it would stand by her—but even that relationship appears to have frayed. The diabetes drug maker that partnered with Deen as she announced she had the disease today announced...

Now Walmart Dumps Paula Deen

Chain will stop selling her products

(Newser) - Her tears on Today weren't enough to sway Walmart: The nation's biggest retailer said today it is severing ties with her company, reports the Eater blog . Walmart sold Deen's cookware, some food products, and even her style of eyeglasses, but it won't place new orders once...

Innocent BBQ Joint Hit by Deen Fallout

Smithfield’s Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q gets 'intense' messages

(Newser) - Leave Smithfield’s Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q alone. It isn't the same Smithfield that dropped Paula Deen in the wake of her racism scandal . One is a small restaurant chain from Smithfield, NC. The other is a huge pork producer from Smithfield, Va. But that distinction hasn't stopped...

Paula Deen: &#39;I Is What I Is&#39;
 Paula Deen: 
 'I Is What I Is' 

'today' interview

Paula Deen: 'I Is What I Is'

Defends herself on 'Today' show

(Newser) - In her much-anticipated Today show appearance this morning, Paula Deen told Matt Lauer she doesn't even know whether the N-word is offensive to black people. "I have asked myself that so many times," she explained before going on to blame kids these days. "I go into...

Come On, Give Paula Deen a Break

 Come On, 
 Give Paula 
 Deen a 

Come On, Give Paula Deen a Break

John McWhorter: She's 'old and sorry,' get over it

(Newser) - Before you go judging Paula Deen for her admitted use of the n-word, consider the fact that she grew up in 1950s Georgia, and was already into her 20s by the time "the old racist order broke down," writes John McWhorter in Time . "Her worldview had pretty...

Yet Another Company Drops Paula Deen

Plus: The apology tour begins?

(Newser) - Yet another company has dropped Paula Deen in the wake of the Food Network giving her the boot and QVC apparently thinking about doing the same. Smithfield, a major pork company (that was recently purchased by a Chinese company ), says it will no longer partner with Deen for her...

QVC Looks to Dump Paula Deen, Too

Channel has 'concerns' over racist flap

(Newser) - Lookin' for some of them Paula Deen pots and pans, y'all? Act now, as in now, because QVC has "concerns" about "the unfortunate Paula Deen situation," and has "no immediate plans to have her appear" on its vaunted airwaves—which she uses to hawk aforementioned...

Food Network Ditching Paula Deen

Her apology video apparently wasn't enough

(Newser) - Paula Deen is out at the Food Network. The company says it won't renew her contract when it expires at the end of the month, thanks to her admission in court that she used racial slurs , reports AP . The news comes even as Deen released an apology video. "...

Will Food Network Cut Ties With Paula Deen?

Her n-word flap raises the possibility

(Newser) - The Food Network says it will "continue to monitor the situation" regarding Paula Deen's unfolding "n-word" mess, and the LA Times thinks it's more than just boilerplate, that there's a real possibility the network might sever ties. The story quotes one expert as saying it...

Paula Deen Getting ... Her Own Museum

Celebrity chef apparently supports the idea

(Newser) - A display full of beautifully preserved fried butter balls . A snack shop serving peanut butter cheese fudge . A theater playing this video of Paula Deen creating the Ladies' Brunch Burger, on an endless loop. Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a Paula Deen Museum. Yes, you read...

10 Bizarre Things Thrown at Celebs

From frozen hams to flying feces

(Newser) - Believe it or not, the pubic-hair-filled razor thrown at Hugh Jackman last weekend is not the weirdest object ever hurled at a celebrity. The Frisky looks at Jackman's recent brush with crazy and nine other bizarre attacks on the famous, including:
  • Idol rocker Adam Lambert was struck on stage

Paula Deen's Assistant Not a Fan of Her Family Cruise

Likens it to a 'floating nursing home'

(Newser) - Maybe Brandon Branch forgot that tweets are public? Because there must be some such explanation for why Paula Deen's assistant thought it would be a good idea to tweet that the celebrity chef's Royal Caribbean cruise is like "a floating nursing home," complaining that "everyone...

Paula Deen Discovers the Miracle of Salad

Eschews lard, drops 30 pounds, but still

(Newser) - Perhaps this will help you to associate her name with hope, rather than butter : Paula Deen is down 30 pounds, six months after her diabetes announcement and nearly three years after her actual diagnosis. How did she do it? By going heavier on the Greek salads and (baked! not fried!...

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