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Petraeus Mistress: I Had Access to State Secrets

Paula Broadwell may have leaked classified info in speech

(Newser) - David Petraeus' biographer and mistress says she had inside information on CIA activities—a piece of which she may have revealed in a speech last month. In a panel chat this summer, she said she would "sit in on high level meetings with General Petraeus" during which she'd...

FBI Whistleblower Tipped Cantor Off to Petraeus Affair

House majority leader in turn tipped off the FBI

(Newser) - Deep in the New York Times report about "harassing" emails that Paula Broadwell allegedly sent another woman lies this coda in the downfall of David Petraeus: An FBI whistleblower reached out to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor two weeks ago to alert him to the affair. “I was...

FBI Probe Began With Broadwell's 'Harassing' Emails

Investigators only stumbled on her affair with Petraeus

(Newser) - The FBI's investigation into David Petraeus started because someone complained that Paula Broadwell— his biographer and alleged lover —had fired off "harassing" emails, an official tells the New York Times . The official didn't say who complained, but said it wasn't a government official or family...

Petraeus Biographer at Center of Scandal

Slate names Paula Broadwell in affair; FBI investigating her over email

(Newser) - The DC press corps is scrambling to fill in the pieces regarding the bombshell resignation of CIA chief David Petraeus, and Fred Kaplan at Slate cuts to the chase: "The woman with whom Gen. David Petraeus was having an affair is Paula Broadwell, the author of a recent hagiographic...

CIA's Petraeus Resigns Over Extramarital Affair

He admits 'extremely poor judgment' in letter to president

(Newser) - Wow. We knew President Obama would be replacing plenty of key people, but not like this: CIA chief David Petraeus is resigning over an extramarital affair, reports NBC News . Details are still scarce, but Petraeus has submitted his letter of resignation, which begins:
  • "Yesterday afternoon, I went to the

Edwards' Betrayed Wife Tore Off Shirt, Collapsed: Aide

Ex-aide testifies about confrontation over Rielle Hunter affair

(Newser) - After learning that John Edwards had lied about breaking off his affair with Rielle Hunter, wife Elizabeth had a meltdown at an airport in North Carolina, a former aide testified at his trial yesterday. Edwards, who was dying of breast cancer, "stormed off and collapsed into a ball in...

Heart Patients Told Sex Is Safe—but Not Affairs

Risk of dying during sex miniscule for most patients, study finds

(Newser) - Having sex is safe for the vast majority of heart patients as long as they use a little common sense, according to a report from the American Heart Association. Fewer than 1% of heart attacks are linked to sex and patients cleared for physical activity and capable of climbing two...

Man, 99, Divorces Wife Over 70-Year-Old Affair
 Man, 99, Divorces Wife 
 Over 70-Year-Old Affair 

Man, 99, Divorces Wife Over 70-Year-Old Affair

He found letters she wrote to her 1940s lover

(Newser) - If you think divorce is a tragic way to end an 18-day marriage , how about divorce as an end to a 77-year marriage? An Italian couple—he 99, she 96—are calling it quits after the husband discovered that his wife had an affair ... in the 1940s. The Telegraph reports...

Gay Group 'Sorry' for Killing Lawmaker's Marriage

Pens sarcastic letter after affair prompts gay marriage opponent Amy Koch to quit

(Newser) - After a married Minnesota state senator was caught in an "inappropriate relationship" with a male staffer, she quit her post as majority leader. And because Amy Koch was a staunch opponent of gay marriage who had pushed to amend the state constitution toward that end, the local gay community...

John Edwards Seeks Trail Delay Due to Mystery Illness
 Edwards Seeks Trial Delay 

Edwards Seeks Trial Delay

Lawyers say former candidate has undisclosed medical condition

(Newser) - John Edwards is suffering from an undisclosed medical condition and will be too sick to stand trial next month, his lawyers say. The former presidential candidate's attorneys filed a motion seeking to have the trial, which was due to begin Jan. 30, pushed back another 60 days, ABC reports....

The Sad Saga of Ginger White
 The Sad Saga of Ginger White 
Gail Collins

The Sad Saga of Ginger White

Gail Collins can't figure out why Herman Cain's mistress came forward

(Newser) - Gail Collins can't figure something out: Why the heck did Ginger White come forward to reveal her extramarital affair with Herman Cain? At this point, Collins fully believes White's story, simply "because nobody would want to make up something so bleak," she writes in the New ...

Ginger White: I Thought of Groceries During Sex

Other men gave me money, says woman who derailed Cain train

(Newser) - Ginger White has gone public with more details of her alleged 13-year affair with Herman Cain, and she makes it sound as exciting as a cheese pizza. White, a single mother of two, says she relied on Cain and other men to supplement her income because she wanted the best...

Cain Denies 13-Year Affair With Atlanta Woman

Ginger White admits relationship was 'inappropriate'

(Newser) - Visiting CNN 's "Situation Room" today, Herman Cain swiftly denied having an extramarital affair with an Atlanta businesswoman. "This individual is going to accuse me of an affair for an extended period of time," Cain said. (See the video.) "It is someone that I...

Businesswoman Alleges Affair With Cain

She dishes details, but faces scrutiny of her past

(Newser) - She admired Herman Cain the first time she saw him. Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White says they met in Louisville, Kentucky, then reconnected in Palm Springs and embarked on a 13-year affair that still hasn't entirely ended, MyFox Atlanta reports. On Fox 5 News tonight, White says she's divulging...

Gingrich: Don't Compare My Affair to Bill Clinton's

Candidate's website takes on some of the seedier knocks against him

(Newser) - Another sign that he is indeed a contender in the world of modern politics: Newt Gingrich's website has added a page intended to act as a sort of scandal deflector, notes Politico . It takes on some of the common "attacks" being leveled against him, including those under a...

Joe McGinniss Book Reveals Sarah Palin's One-Night Stand With NBA Player, Cocaine Use, and More, Says National Enquirer
McGinniss Book: Palin Had One-Night Stand, Used Coke
says 'national enquirer'

McGinniss Book: Palin Had One-Night Stand, Used Coke

At least, according to the Enquirer 's sources

(Newser) - Never shy about trumpeting scoops from the mountaintops, the National Enquirer 's latest is, as usual, less than subtle: "WORLD EXCLUSIVE! SARAH PALIN BOMBSHELL BOOK SHOCKING CLAIMS!" Turns out the Enquirer says it has sources with information about Joe McGinniss' upcoming book on Palin , and they say...

Report: Women Cheat Almost as Much as Men
 Women Cheat 
 Almost as 
 Much as Men 
study says

Women Cheat Almost as Much as Men

Study shows women are closing the gender gap

(Newser) - Blame Desperate Housewives. Women cheat in their relationships about as much as men, but for different reasons, according to a new study. Researchers at Indiana University polled more than 900 participants and found that 23% of men and 19% of women reported being unfaithful. Only 10% to 15% of women...

Most of Us Want to Cheat With...
 Celebs We Want to Cheat With 

Celebs We Want to Cheat With

Jessica Alba, Johnny Depp, survey shows

(Newser) - Dating site AshleyMadison.com, where you can go in search of an extramarital affair, recently surveyed its members to find out which celebrities they'd most like to cheat with. Fox News reports on the findings from 30,000 US members. The women:
  1. Jessica Alba: Fifteen percent of the males

Newt: Passions Led to Mistakes

He 'felt compelled to seek God's forgiveness' he tells Christian media

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich cheated on his first two wives , maybe because he loves America so much. That’s what the ex-speaker told the Christian Broadcast Network last night, in a repentant interview seemingly designed to address one of the bigger blotches on his presidential resume, Politico reports. “There’s no...

Heckler Confronts Newt Gingrich Over Affair

UPenn student calls him a hypocrite for gay marriage position

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich’s bed-hopping past got thrust into the limelight at a speech at the University of Pennsylvania last night, thanks to a combative question from a student, Politico reports. “You adamantly oppose gay rights,” the student, the president of Penn Democrats, began. “But you’ve also...

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