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Emails: Ensign Pulled Strings for Lover's Husband

Evidence mounts that Ensign may have crossed ethics lines

(Newser) - John Ensign tried to get a Las Vegas energy firm to hire his lover's husband as a lobbyist, according to new emails making the rounds at the FBI and a Senate ethics panel. The emails, which a source passed off to the New York Times , represent the first written evidence...

Bruni, Sarkozy Sleeping With Lovers: Press

Carla with singer, Prez cuddling minister, says media

(Newser) - The French media is buzzing with rumors that President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni have both found lovers. Bruni has reportedly hopped into the bed of hunky French musician Benjamin Biolay, and the president quickly found solace in the arms of his comely junior minister for ecology, Chantal...

Gov. Paterson: Someone Is After Me

New York guv continues to deny everything on Larry King Live

(Newser) - Even as he continued to insist that addressing the rumors surrounding him only strengthens them, New York Gov. David Paterson continued to address those rumors last night on Larry King Live . He told King “clearly, somebody is” after him, though he wouldn’t speculate who is behind the gossip;...

Elizabeth Edwards May Sue Andrew Young
 May Sue 

for causing divorce

Elizabeth Edwards May Sue Andrew Young

John Edwards' estranged wife wants aide to zip it

(Newser) - North Carolina is one of 7 states that allow a member of a divorcing couple to sue a third party for busting up the marriage, and Elizabeth Edwards has threatened to do just that—to Andrew Young. Usually, a lover—Rielle Hunter, anyone?—would be the defendant in the suit,...

Inside John Edwards' New Love Shack

Edwards, Hunter may be moving into this $3.5M gem

(Newser) - By piecing together clues from the National Enquirer's proposal story , Gawker found the $3.5 million beach house John Edwards is supposedly buying in preparation for life with Rielle Hunter. Take a guided tour in the gallery. For more pictures, click here , or check out the real estate listing .

8 Least Likely Celeb Homewreckers
 8 Least Likely 
 Celeb Homewreckers 

8 Least Likely Celeb Homewreckers

Meg Ryan, Natalie Portman, Claire Danes? Say it ain't so!

(Newser) - Susan Sarandon's 23-year relationship with Tim Robbins may have been broken up by her affair with a much younger ping-pong player…or it may have been broken up by Meg Ryan. Yes, that Meg Ryan: "America's sweetheart." But she's not the only unlikely celebrity homewrecker. The Frisky found...

Paterson Bombshell Likely Just Corruption

 Likely Just 
plus: nyt takes on rumors

Paterson Bombshell Likely Just Corruption

Plus, 'New York Times' finally addresses rumors...kinda

(Newser) - As the New York Times finally addresses its supposed bombshell David Paterson article, without actually saying much of anything, WPIX thinks it knows the real story—and it has nothing to do with sex. Federal prosecutors are investigating Paterson's possible trading of a gaming contract at Aqueduct Raceway for a...

Brooke Hundley: Steve Phillips Is No Sex Addict
 Brooke Hundley: 
 Steve Phillips Is 
 No Sex Addict 
they're baaaack

Brooke Hundley: Steve Phillips Is No Sex Addict

Galpal claims it's really all about ex-ESPN analyst's ego

(Newser) - Just as scandalized former ESPN analyst Steve Phillips is coming out of the woodwork to talk about his sex addiction, ex-galpal Brooke Hundley is claiming the whole thing is bogus. "The only thing he's ever been addicted to is feeding his own ego," she writes on Facebook. "...

Swingers to Drugs, Rumors Swirl Around Paterson
 Swingers to Drugs, 
 Rumors Swirl 
 Around Paterson 


Swingers to Drugs, Rumors Swirl Around Paterson

New York governor denies any involvement with sex, drugs

(Newser) - As New York Gov. David Paterson vehemently denies rumors of a sex scandal, the New York Post continues to speculate about the alleged bombshell that could take the governor down. The unsubstantiated rumors include tales of double dates sans the missus, sex-and-drug-fueled parties at the executive mansion, and one lady...

Scandal Fallout a 'Gut Punch': Jenny Sanford
Scandal Fallout a 'Gut Punch': Jenny Sanford

Scandal Fallout a 'Gut Punch': Jenny Sanford

SC first lady dishes on confessional press conference: 'way too long'

(Newser) - Jenny Sanford continues to offer tantalizing glimpses into her relationship with South Carolina governor and soon-to-be ex-husband Mark Sanford and the fallout of his affair. Sanford sat down with Good Morning America and provided NPR with an excerpt of her new book, Staying True. Some quips and revelations:
  • The confessional

Sorry I Dropped the Ball on John Edwards Scandal

Who could believe he was actually that big a scumbag?

(Newser) - Andrew Sullivan is really, really sorry for not doggedly pursuing the John Edwards scandal in the same way he went after, say, Sarah Palin. But he has a good reason: “It seemed too awful for me to believe.” Who would imagine that “a husband could do that...

Mark Sanford Took 'Faithful' Out of Vows: Jenny

 Mark Sanford 
 Took 'Faithful' 
 Out of Vows: 
barbara walters interview

Mark Sanford Took 'Faithful' Out of Vows: Jenny

Jenny Sanford speaks out for the first time with Barbara Walters

(Newser) - Jenny Sanford shares her story of a "cheap" husband who insisted on taking the word "faithful" out of their wedding vows, telling Barbara Walters that despite it all, "I thought he loved me in his own way." In a 20/20 interview airing Friday, Sanford calls her...

Mark Sanford 'Worse Than Eliot Spitzer': Son
 Mark Sanford 
 'Worse Than 
 Eliot Spitzer': Son 

Mark Sanford 'Worse Than Eliot Spitzer': Son

Jenny Sanford's memoir also paints cheating hubby as cheapskate

(Newser) - Before Mark Sanford made “hiking the Appalachian trail” into a household phrase, one person knew his affair scandal would be big news: His 12-year-old son. It’s “worse than Eliot Spitzer,” Bolton told mom Jenny when she broke the news of Mark’s cheating to their boys....

John Edwards Wanted Paternity Test Faked: Aide

Andrew Young says boss wanted used diaper; Edwardses have separated

(Newser) - Former John Edwards aide and fake babydaddy Andrew Young is dishing on the specifics of the foiled ruse, including a seamy attempt to fake a paternity test. Young’s ABC News interview, set to air next week, is widely seen as the impetus for Edwards’ acknowledgment today that he is...

Judge Rejects 'Tiger Defense' in Letterman Case

Case involving alleged extortion is heading to trial

(Newser) - A jury should get to decide whether a TV producer's dealings with David Letterman were attempted blackmail or just hard-nosed business, a judge ruled today. Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon refused a defense request to throw out an attempted grand larceny charge against Robert "Joe" Halderman. The...

The Decade's Top Mistresses
 The Decade's Top Mistresses 

The Decade's Top Mistresses

Tiger Woods' women take up a lot of spots

(Newser) - Tiger Woods and Silvio Berlusconi had a whole stable of them; The political careers of Eliot Spitzer and John Edwards were wrecked by theirs; David Letterman actually benefited, ratings-wise, from his. With all these juicy stories to choose from, Vanity Fair offers up this list of the top 10 mistresses...

Tiger Woods Loses One, Wins One

TAG Heuer backs scandal-plagued golfer; Golf Digest backs off

(Newser) - Golf Digest has distanced itself—temporarily, the magazine says—from Tiger Woods, in a sign that his escapades have seriously damaged the golfer’s cachet. Woods’ name will remain on the masthead, but his instructional columns will be on hiatus as long as he is. The move is shocking because...

Divorcing? Blame Facebook

 Divorcing? Blame Facebook 

Divorcing? Blame Facebook

Social network mentioned or factors in 20% of UK divorces polled

(Newser) - Facebook is deadly to marriages, or at least British ones: A UK divorce lawyer took a look at divorce petitions his firm processed and found that a whopping 20% mention the social networking site in some capacity. “The most common reason seemed to be people having inappropriate sexual chats,...

Finally, Women Who Leave
 Finally, Women Who Leave 

Finally, Women Who Leave

Elin Nordegren and Jenny Sanford are a breath of fresh air

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren and Jenny Sanford are setting a depressingly rare example by actually leaving the powerful philanderers they married. “We're living in a culture saturated with mistresses and interns, sexting and sex addiction, and a parade of stony-faced wives somehow putting up with it all,” complains Sheelah Kolhatkar...

Record Drop in Poll for Tiger
 Record Drop in Poll for Tiger 

Record Drop in Poll for Tiger

52-point falloff in favorability is the biggest for anyone, ever

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ favorable rating in a weekend poll is just 33%, down from 85% the last time he was rated—June 2005—in the most precipitous decline since Gallup began tracking the metric in 1992. “The drop is definitely unprecedented,” a Gallup editor tells USA Today , particularly considering...

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