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Comcast Promises America's Fastest Internet

But it may not be universal—or cheap

(Newser) - The fastest Internet speeds in America will soon be found in Atlanta, according to a Comcast blog post announcing its ultra-fast, 2-gigabits-per-second Gigabit Pro service. The company says it will be at least twice as fast as any other residential Internet service on the market, including Google Fiber, and it...

Guy Selling His House Over Comcast 'Incompetence'

Washington state man couldn't get an Internet hookup

(Newser) - A Washington state man is throwing in the towel after months of frustration trying to get broadband. In fact, he's planning to sell his new house—likely at a loss—and blames Comcast and CenturyLink for misleading him about getting his home online, Consumerist reports. The man, identified by...

Dear 'Dummy': Comcast Greetings Get Worse

Another customer was addressed as 'whore'

(Newser) - When consumer advocate Christopher Elliott brought to light the story of a Comcast customer whose name had been changed to "A--hole Brown," the company apologized and called it a one-time fluke. Well, customers "whore" and "dummy" beg to differ, along with another who suspects his name...

&#39;A--hole&#39; Gaffe Says a Lot About Comcast
'A--hole' Gaffe Says a Lot About Comcast

'A--hole' Gaffe Says a Lot About Comcast

Company policy pits customers, service reps against each other, says critic

(Newser) - Yet another customer service gaffe by Comcast made headlines this week—this one a doozy in which the company changed a customer's name to "A--shole Brown" on the cable bill. Sure, it's never wise to judge a company by the actions of one employee, writes Timothy Lee...

Comcast Customer Gets Bill Addressed to 'A--hole'

Lisa Brown turns to Christopher Elliott for help

(Newser) - This story likely won't do much to raise Comcast's popularity—or lack thereof . A Washington state woman on Tuesday reached out to consumer advocate Christopher Elliott with a problem. She needed to change the name on her Comcast bill, and after phone calls and an in-person visit to...

There's a Company America Dislikes More Than Comcast

Losers abound in this year's American Consumer Satisfaction Index

(Newser) - Time Warner is still beating Comcast —if by "beating" we mean coming in first in "least popular company" surveys. The University of Michigan's American Consumer Satisfaction Index is out, and Time Warner Cable's ISP ranks dead last on a list of 230 household brands, scoring...

Guy Sues Comcast for 'Getting Him Fired'

Conal O'Rourke says controller called his employer after complaint

(Newser) - Conal O'Rourke says he lost his job at PriceWaterhouseCoopers because he complained about poor service from Comcast—a PwC client—and now he's suing the cable company. After O'Rourke brought his story to the media, Comcast apologized publicly for the many billing issues and other service problems...

Comcast Got Me Fired Over Billing Complaint: Calif. Man

Conal O'Rourke lost his job with PricewaterhouseCoopers, a Comcast client

(Newser) - Even Conal O'Rourke knows his story might sound convoluted. But the California man hopes documentation and an in-person interview provided to Ars Technica will help prove that Comcast had something to do with him losing his job at PriceWaterhouseCoopers after a lengthy battle with the cable company over billing...

Comcast &#39;Call From Hell&#39; Makes Waves
 'Call From Hell' 
 Makes Waves 

Comcast 'Call From Hell' Makes Waves

Ryan Block tries to disconnect his service, painfully

(Newser) - It's the customer service call heard 'round the world: Eight minutes of audio has been played more than 1.7 million times since Ryan Block made it available (via Soundcloud , posted on Twitter ) Monday night. The crux: The AOL product manager was calling Comcast to disconnect his...

America's Favorite Whipping Boys: Time Warner, Comcast

Now merging into one universally loathed entity

(Newser) - It turns out that that whole proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger would really just consolidate America's rage at crappy customer service under one behemoth roof: According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a survey of 70,000 of your fine countrymen, two industries ruled the gutters: television providers and Internet...

Comcast Plans to Cap Everyone's Data

...At a level so high you'll probably never hit it, company promises

(Newser) - Comcast is reviving the idea of Internet data caps, and intends to roll them out to all of its customers in the coming years. At a conference yesterday, Executive VP David Cohen said he envisioned implementing "a usage-based billing model" for everyone within five years. Customers would have to...

Comcast Gets Rid of 3.9M Customers to Ease Merger

It sells 1.4M, spins off 2.5M more

(Newser) - Comcast today announced a pair of moves that will rid it of a combined 3.9 million subscribers, in an attempt to make its Time Warner merger sit more easily with regulators. Comcast will sell 1.4 million subscribers to rival (and previous Time Warner suitor) Charter Communications for $7....

Apple, Comcast Working on TV Deal

Apple wants to essentially create a set-top box

(Newser) - Apple is looking to take the Internet out of Internet TV: The gadget giant is in talks with Comcast to produce set-top boxes that get special treatment on Comcast's cables, bypassing any traffic jams on the public Web, the Wall Street Journal reports. Apple envisions a device that would...

Netflix to Pay Comcast in Speed-Boosting Deal

Video service will have direct route to cable company's servers

(Newser) - If you're a Comcast user, a better Netflix experience may be on its way. After a year of wrangling, Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast for "direct access" to the cable provider's servers, the Wall Street Journal reports. Netflix had been using go-betweens like Cogent Communications to...

Netflix Seem Slower? You're Not Imagining Things

Site's bandwidth usage spurs disagreements with providers

(Newser) - If your Netflix account seems to be running slower than usual these days, that's because it very likely is slower. Traffic conflicts between the service and major broadband providers—especially Verizon FiOS—are resulting in a slowdown, Wall Street Journal reports. Netflix says its average primetime speeds for Verizon...

On What Planet Is the Comcast Merger OK?
On What Planet Is
the Comcast Merger OK?

On What Planet Is the Comcast Merger OK?

Paul Krugman thinks we've gotten too complacent about monopolies

(Newser) - Paul Krugman has just two questions about Comcast's deal to buy Time Warner . "First, why would we even think about letting it go through?" he asks in the New York Times . "Second, when and why did we stop worrying about monopoly power?" The broadband industry is already...

Can Cable Competition Possibly Get Worse? Yes
Can Cable Competition Possibly Get Worse? Yes

Can Cable Competition Possibly Get Worse? Yes

Proposed merger takes it from 'zero to two times zero,' writes Matthew Yglesias

(Newser) - Comcast and Time Warner Cable say their proposed merger into one massive cable company will help consumers. The deal "does not reduce competition in any market or in any way," insists Comcast CEO Brian Roberts. Well so what, is a common refrain among analysts—competition is already so...

Cable Titans Comcast, Time Warner to Merge

Comcast to buy Time Warner for $45.2B

(Newser) - Comcast is confirming plans to snap up Time Warner Cable in a deal that would merge America's two biggest cable operators into a behemoth with more than 33 million subscribers, reports the AP . The all-stock, $45.2 billion deal values TWC at around $159 a share, far above the...

Your Internet Freedoms Are About to Die

Court could soon rule against net neutrality: Marvin Ammori

(Newser) - A pending court decision could change the way the Internet works—and end the freedom now enjoyed by those who build it. The country's second-highest federal court is considering a case on net neutrality, the principle that says service providers like AT&T and Verizon can't discriminate against...

Weird Math Fuels Great TV —for Now

TV's current 'golden age' may not last: Adam Davidson

(Newser) - The cable industry is raking it in: With NBC Universal and Viacom set to each score profit margins of around 50% this year, it's "arguably America's single-most-profitable big business," writes Adam Davidson in the New York Times —for now. The co-founder of NPR's "...

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