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Last Place in Airing Olympics? USA! USA!

Comcast rules with iron fist as rest of world streams for free: Susan Crawford

(Newser) - The US may be a top medal earner, but it's among the last-place finishers when it comes to airing the Olympics. As Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee tweeted in the opening ceremony, "This is for everyone." Not Stateside, it seems: While residents of at least 64 territories across...

Comcast Unveils $300 'Platinum' Internet

Service aims to compete with top Verizon offering

(Newser) - Is your Internet fast enough? And more importantly, does it cost enough? Well Comcast is looking to make sure the answer to both questions is "yes." It's rolling out a new "Xfinity Platinum" Internet service that boasts a top advertised speed of 305 megabits per second—...

Microsoft, NBC Breakup Complete now

(Newser) - The long-rumored media breakup has finally come to pass: NBC News and Microsoft have called it quits on joint venture, reports the New York Times . Sixteen years after the pioneering partnership began, NBC parent company Comcast bought out Microsoft's 50% stake, reportedly for $300 million. Indeed, trips...

Feds Suspect Cable Firms of Stifling Online Videos

DoJ conducting antitrust probe, sources say

(Newser) - Federal authorities suspect cable companies worried about competition from online video have acted improperly to quash their emerging rivals, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The Department of Justice has opened a wide-ranging investigation, and officials have spoken to online video providers and cable companies, including Time Warner and Comcast,...

Another Netflix Rival? Comcast Jumps In

It launches video-streaming service

(Newser) - The competition to offer streamed movies and TV shows over the Internet got even more crowded today as Comcast announced its version, reports the Los Angeles Times . The cable provider's Xfinity Streampix will be available only to Comcast customers for $5 month—it's free for some, depending on...

Verizon Deal With Cable TV Could Be Game-Changer

... if regulators approve pact with Time-Warner, Comcast

(Newser) - A new $3.6 billion deal between Verizon and three major cable TV companies is threatening to change a fierce rivalry between competitors into a partnership that critics fear would restrict consumer choice, reports the Washington Post . Mobile service, Internet, and cable TV providers have been locked in an intense...

NBC&#39;s Ratings Keep Sinking
 NBC's Ratings Keep Sinking 

NBC's Ratings Keep Sinking

Viewership down 9.3% from year before

(Newser) - NBC’s long-struggling ratings are only getting worse as the new television season gets under way. Some 3.3 million 18- to 49-year-olds have been tuning in to the network's primetime offerings over the past four weeks, a 9.3% drop from the year before, the Wall Street Journal...

Comcast Plans $10 Internet for Low-Income Families

Plan stems from NBC merger

(Newser) - Comcast is readying a discount Internet service for families whose kids receive free lunches by way of the National School Lunch program, the company announced on its blog . For $9.95 a month, families who live in one of the 39 states Comcast serves with at least one child participating...

NBC Retains Olympic Rights
 NBC Wins Olympics Until 2020 

NBC Wins Olympics Until 2020

Broadcaster pays $4.38B for rights to 4 Olympics

(Newser) - NBC Universal has outbid rivals to win the US rights to broadcast the four Olympics after London 2012. The Comcast company's $4.38 billion bid included $2 billion to broadcast the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and the 2016 summer Games in Rio de Janiero. Rival bidder Fox...

NBC Loses Peacock&mdash;Sort Of
 NBC Loses Peacock—Sort Of  

NBC Loses Peacock—Sort Of

And the new internal logo isn't receiving rave reviews

(Newser) - Comcast takes over NBC Universal today, and some feathers are already being ruffled—the peacock has been removed from the corporate logo. Though the colorful, 55-year-old mascot will still be used on television, internally, it's been swapped out in favor of the the name NBCUniversal on a purple background, reports...

Comcast: We Didn't Force Out Olbermann

Cable giant's pending takeover of NBC sets off speculation

(Newser) - Neither side is talking about Keith Olbermann's surprise departure from MSNBC, but the gist from a slew of reports (based on anonymous insiders) is that the host's long-strained relations with management simply never recovered from his suspension over political donations. (See Politico and the Wall Street Journal for more.)...

FCC Approves Comcast Deal to Buy NBC

Justice Department is expected to follow suit later today

(Newser) - The FCC is giving Comcast, the country's largest cable company, the green light to take over NBC Universal, home of the NBC television network. The deal is still awaiting Justice Department approval, which is expected later today. With the deal certain to transform the entertainment industry landscape, regulators are attaching...

FCC Honcho: Comcast Can Only Buy NBC if It Shares

Commission aims to block media stranglehold

(Newser) - Comcast should only be able to go through with its plans to buy NBC Universal if it's willing to share the media giant’s content with its competitors, according to Julius Genachowski. The FCC chairman gave his conditional approval for the merger last week, proposing a set of rules that...

Our Most Urgent Free Speech Issue: Net Neutrality
Our Most Urgent Free Speech Issue: Net Neutrality
al franken

Our Most Urgent Free Speech Issue: Net Neutrality

FCC's draft regulations 'worse than nothing'

(Newser) - Tomorrow, the FCC will discuss regulations on net neutrality—the principle that the biggest corporation and the humblest blogger should have equal access to viewers on the Internet. The FCC could protect this freedom, but its draft regulations “don't do that at all,” writes Sen. Al Franken on...

Jeff Zucker Will Leave NBC
 Jeff Zucker Will 
 Leave NBC 

Jeff Zucker Will Leave NBC

CEO explains Comcast's decision in email, interview

(Newser) - Oft-criticized NBC Universal president and CEO Jeff Zucker will leave the company when its acquisition by Comcast becomes official. Zucker made his decision public this morning in an email to NBC employees acquired by the Wall Street Journal . Though he says it wasn’t his choice to leave, he calls...

Endorsement Extravaganza Awaits New Celtic Shaq

'Marketing giant' heads to sports-mad Boston

(Newser) - Shaquille O'Neal will be paid the veteran minimum as a Celtic , but he probably won't have to worry about making ends meet—Boston businesses are already lining up to pitch endorsement deals, reports the Herald . "The minute I heard about him coming, I thought about the idea," says...

FCC to Reinstate Net Neutrality

Agency maneuvers around court ruling

(Newser) - Net neutrality might not be dead after all. The FCC says it will apply a brand new regulatory structure on Internet providers that will allow it to skirt a recent court ruling that found it didn't have the power to force Comcast to treat all Internet traffic equally. Advocates had...

Right-of-Fox Network Powers Up
Right-of-Fox Network Powers Up 

Right-of-Fox Network Powers Up

'Tea Party TV' RightNetwork set for summer launch

(Newser) - A network for people who find Fox a little too far left will be hitting the airwaves this summer. RightNetwork—whose backers include ComCast and actor Kelsey Grammer—pledges to focus on entertainment with "pro-business, pro-military, and pro-America" sensibilities, Gawker reports. The network has been embedded with the Tea...

Court Smacks Down FCC in Net Neutrality Case

Agency had no standing to regulate Comcast, 3-judge panel rules

(Newser) - A federal court today said the FCC does not have the power to force Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally. The ruling, in a closely watched case concerning Comcast's ban on BitTorrent, is a blow to the Obama administration’s crusade for net neutrality. But the FCC failed...

Comcast Moves to Rebrand Itself ... Xfinity
Comcast Moves to Rebrand Itself ... Xfinity

Comcast Moves to Rebrand Itself ... Xfinity

Cable, phone, web services get name in some markets next week

(Newser) - As soon as next week, a key cog in the digital lives of millions of Americans will get a new name, when Comcast begins rebranding itself as Xfinity. The rollout, which applies to cable, phone and Internet services, begins in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago and elsewhere; a company exec says...

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