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Casey Anthony's Mom: I Think My Daughter Is 'Mentally Ill'

Cindy and George Anthony threaten to sue if she does a reality show

(Newser) - Since the release of OJ Simpson, seemingly far-fetched rumors have been circulating that he might do a reality show with none other than Casey Anthony. Anthony's parents, however, hope to never see the day. “Oh God, if it came down to that, I probably would" take legal action...

Casey Anthony's Parents Disagree on How Caylee Died
Casey Anthony's Parents
Disagree on How Caylee Died
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Casey Anthony's Parents Disagree on How Caylee Died

They reveal separate theories to Investigation Discovery

(Newser) - A jury in 2011 acquitted Casey Anthony of murdering her 2-year-old daughter after her defense attorney made the case for an accidental drowning. Her father, George Anthony, says that story is "a bunch of crap." It's one of several revelations he made in the final episode of...

Here's What Casey Anthony's Parents Think of Her Interview

George and Cindy Anthony are 'hurt'

(Newser) - Casey Anthony broke her silence about daughter Caylee's death in an interview published this week —and her parents aren't happy about it. Casey Anthony "has once again pointed to George Anthony, her father, as a suspect in the disappearance and death of his granddaughter, Caylee,"...

Casey Anthony Wears Caylee's Ashes Around Neck

People also reveals Dr. Phil donated $600K to Caylee charity

(Newser) - TV psychologist Dr. Phil made a $600,000 donation to a charity set up by Casey Anthony's parents in return for an interview with them last year—and some of that money went to support her, according to an upcoming report in People . The full report, titled "The...

Dad: Here's How I Think Casey Killed Caylee

His theory: She pumped Caylee full of drugs so she could party

(Newser) - Dr. Phil has certainly squeezed a number of juicy revelations out of George and Cindy Anthony, but the money quote (or quotes) appeared in yesterday's show, as both parents shared their personal theories on how their daughter played a part in Caylee's death—or actually killed her. Mom,...

Mom Blames Seizures for Casey's Odd Behavior

But when she learned Casey lied about Caylee she wanted to 'choke her'

(Newser) - Casey Anthony's loyal mom blames a seizure—and post-partum depression, and maybe even a brain tumor—for her daughter's chillingly cold behavior after the death of her toddler Caylee. "I'm not making excuses for her. I want to find out what's wrong with Casey. I...

If Casey Knocked on My Door I'd Turn Her Away: Dad

More tidbits from Dr. Phil interview released

(Newser) - Casey Anthony isn’t welcome at her parents' home—at least not while George Anthony is there, he tells Dr. Phil McGraw. More bits of the Anthonys’ interview with Dr. Phil are trickling out, and the AP reports that while Cindy Anthony was slightly more forgiving of the couple’s...

Dr. Phil Interview on Casey Anthony Trial: Cindy and George Open Up

 Open Up 
dr. phil interview

Casey Anthony's Parents Open Up

Dr. Phil interviews Cindy, George on Caylee case

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s parents are finally speaking out about their daughter’s case in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw set to air tomorrow and Wednesday, and tidbits are trickling out, People reports. In a clip aired this morning on Today , McGraw asks Cindy Anthony about a post she wrote...

Caylee Anthony's Grandparents Mark 6th Birthday

100 gather where Caylee's remains were found

(Newser) - Caylee Anthony's grandparents gathered with more than 100 members of the public yesterday to commemorate what would have been the child's sixth birthday. The crowd met in George and Cindy Anthony's Orlando-area neighborhood, near a wooded area where the little girl's remains were found in December...

Cindy Anthony Won't Face Perjury Charges

State says it has ruled out the possibility

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s mother will not face perjury charges over her testimony, say prosecutors. Cindy Anthony raised eyebrows in court by saying that she, not Casey, looked up chloroform on the family computer. What's more, the search occurred on a day Cindy was apparently at work. But a spokeswoman...

Anthony Lawyer: Casey 'Did Not Kill Her Child'

Relationship with her parents is 'burned'

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s lawyer is sure she’s telling the truth about Caylee. He believed her story “from the first time I met her,” he told the Today show. “She did not kill her child. Period.’’ Still, Cheney Mason sees a rocky road ahead for...

Casey Anthony Turns Mom Away; Jerry Springer Offers $1M for Show Appearance
Jerry Springer: We Didn't  
Offer Anthony $1M

Jerry Springer: We Didn't Offer Anthony $1M

Also: Casey rejects jailhouse visit from her mom

(Newser) - Apparently Casey Anthony isn't quite ready to make up with her mom. Anthony's mother, Cindy, tried to visit her at the Orange County jail today, but was turned away when Casey refused to see her, reports ABC News . The news comes amid a widely circulated report (Newser picked...

Casey Anthony's Parents in Hiding

Death threats against George, Cindy under investigation

(Newser) - George and Cindy Anthony received death threats after daughter Casey's surprise acquittal yesterday, and subsequently have gone into hiding, Radar reports. Their attorney, Mark Lippman, said the Internet-based threats are under investigation. In a statement, the Anthonys said yesterday that the family "may never know what happened to...

Casey Anthony Trial: Jury Begins Deliberations After Prosecution's Rebuttal
 Jury Begins 
 on Anthony 

casey anthony trial

Jury Begins Deliberations on Anthony

Prosecution: Casey's a documented 'liar'

(Newser) - Arguments are over and the jury is out in the Casey Anthony case. But before jurors exited the court, the prosecution offered its final rebuttal to the defense’s arguments . In an hour-long presentation, prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick replayed clips of Casey lying to officials and her parents, calling her...

Casey Anthony Won't Testify; Defense Rests

Today's testimony revolves around dead pets, George Anthony

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s defense rested its case today, with Casey herself declining to take the stand. Judge Belvin Perry asked Casey if she understood that the decision not to testify was hers alone, and if she’d had time to think it over, and she replied that she had. The...

Casey Anthony Trial: Roy Kronk Testifies He Never Touched Caylee's Skull
Meter Reader: I Saw, But Didn't Touch, Caylee's Skull
casey anthony trial

Meter Reader: I Saw, But Didn't Touch, Caylee's Skull

Roy Kronk's testimony contradict's defense's implications

(Newser) - Casey Anthony's defense team did indeed ask for a mistrial yesterday , citing a court ruling finding Florida's death penalty statute unconstitutional. If granted, Anthony would get an entirely new jury, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Meanwhile, her trial continues, with lots of witnesses called yesterday and today:
  • Roy Kronk:

Anthony's Mom: I Googled Chloroform

Cindy Anthony says she looked up the word, not her daughter

(Newser) - The testimony of Casey Anthony's mother today produced what the Orlando Sentinel calls a "stunning revelation": Cindy Anthony said it was she, not her daughter, who searched the term “chloroform” on the family computer. (She said it was an innocent search related to a hunt for information...

Mom Mouths 'I Love You' to Casey Anthony

Casey got 'beautiful life' tattoo around time Caylee went missing

(Newser) - The prosecution has nearly wrapped up in the Casey Anthony murder trial and is expected to rest its case tomorrow so the defense can begin calling witnesses. An emotional Cindy Anthony got called back on the stand for the third time today. Among other things, she buttressed the notion that...

Casey Anthony Trial: Court Plays 911 Tape in Caylee's Death
 Court Plays 
 Casey's Calm
 911 Tape 
Casey Anthony Trial

Court Plays Casey's Calm 911 Tape

Cindy Anthony cleaned 'death' smell off Caylee's doll: testimony

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s mother broke down today on the witness stand while listening to a tape of a 911 call her daughter made on July 15, 2008. On the tape, Casey calmly reports that her daughter Caylee has been missing for 31 days, ABC News reports. “I know who...

Casey Anthony Trial: Cindy Anthony Says Caylee Could Not Have Reached Pool on Her Own
 Cindy Anthony: Caylee 
 Couldn't Reach Pool 
casey anthony trial

Cindy Anthony: Caylee Couldn't Reach Pool

Emotional grandmother casts doubt on defense claims

(Newser) - Casey Anthony's mother had an emotional day on the witness stand today, crying throughout her testimony and at one point asking the judge to remove a photo of Caylee from her view, reports ABC News . She recounted the lies her daughter told to explain the girl's disappearance, with...

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