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Cops: Woman Rescued From Grave After 3 Days

58-year-old in China charged with attempted murder after allegedly burying mother alive

(Newser) - Police in northern China charged a man with attempted murder after he allegedly buried his mother in an abandoned grave, where she was found traumatized but alive after three days covered by loose dirt. The man's wife told police her husband carried his mother away in a wheelbarrow on...

While Burying His Newborn, He Found Another Buried Alive

Police searching for parents of Indian girl, now in hospital

(Newser) - A man in India was digging a grave for his newborn daughter last week when the impossible happened: He discovered another newborn, who had been buried alive and was still breathing, reports the Guardian . Hitesh Sirohi and his wife were at a remote cemetery in Uttar Pradesh burying their child...

Dog Buried Alive Is Rescued, Only to Be Euthanized

Richard Piquard has been charged with animal cruelty

(Newser) - Kaylee Belanger's Facebook post begins with a trigger warning: What follows is the lengthy tale of a dog that was allegedly buried alive, rescued, and euthanized in Massachusetts. The post was made Sunday night, hours after Belanger called the Northbridge Police Department to report that she found the elderly...

Answers Died With Woman Buried Alive at Beach: Cops

Police end investigation into death of Ashley O'Connor

(Newser) - Without discovering a satisfactory explanation for her death, police have closed the investigation into a woman who suffocated beneath the sand of a Maryland beach, WTOP reports. "How the hole collapsed, she unfortunately is the only person that will know," Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro says. Ashley...

Newborn Found Buried Alive
 Newborn Found 
 Buried Alive 

Newborn Found Buried Alive

Two sisters hear baby crying while taking a walk

(Newser) - Two sisters were out taking a walk in Compton, Calif., on Friday afternoon when they heard a baby crying—or was it a cat? Evangelina McCrary and Angelica Blount weren't sure, but two deputies soon responded to their call and found a newborn buried alive under rubble and pieces...

Here's Why 'Buried Alive' Stunts Are a Bad Idea

UK's Antony Britton almost died when he was smothered in soil

(Newser) - Antony Britton's plan: to pull a Harry Houdini and claw his way to the surface after being handcuffed and buried underneath 6 feet of soil. But his charity stunt in West Yorkshire on Saturday took an almost deadly turn when the escape artist was smothered by the dirt and...

How Did This Sand Dune Swallow a Boy?

Smithsonian: Decaying buried trees might be the culprit

(Newser) - It's been more than a year since a 6-year-old boy found a hole in a sand dune near the southern shore of Lake Michigan, began to lower himself in, and was swallowed several feet under for more than three hours . "I'm scared," his father heard the...

Guy Thinks Girlfriend Died, Buries Her—Alive
 Guy Thinks Date Died, 
 Buries Her—Alive 

Guy Thinks Date Died, Buries Her—Alive

Moroccan man in custody, says he panicked

(Newser) - It's hard to gauge people you meet online. Are they the kind of person who, when you pass out during a diabetic episode, a) get you proper medical attention, or b) freak out and bury your unconscious-yet-very-much-alive body in their backyard? It turns out that when 25-year-old Frenchwoman Mina...

Man Found Guilty of Burying Fiancée Alive

She clawed her way out with engagement ring

(Newser) - Marcin Kasprzak said burying his fiancée alive was just a prank. But a West Yorkshire jury found him guilty today of attempted murder for burying Michelina Lewandowska, 27, in a box near their home, the Guardian reports. According to testimony, Kasprzak, 25, wanted their three-year-old son after his relationship...

Woman: I Escaped Grave Dug by Boyfriend

Prosecutors say he zapped mother of his child with a stun gun, buried her

(Newser) - Breakups don't get much worse than this. A British man went on trial this week for allegedly zapping his girlfriend with a stun gun, packing her into a cardboard box, and burying her in the woods—all because he was tired of their relationship. "In a nutshell, this...

Teen Buried Alive in Sand for 30 Mins.

He survived after rescuers dug him out

(Newser) - A California teen accidentally buried himself alive yesterday when a tunnel he was building at Newport Beach collapsed on him. Matt Mina, 17, was trapped under about seven feet of sand for nearly half an hour with his arms pinned behind him, trying to build pockets of air with his...

Russian Buries Himself Alive
 Russian Buries Himself Alive 

Russian Buries Himself Alive

He ends up dead after grave mistake

(Newser) - A Russian man who decided to spend a night buried alive for "good luck" didn't make it out of the ground alive. The 35-year-old villager dug a hole in a garden and climbed into an improvised coffin with holes for air pipes, bringing a phone and a bottle...

Olympic Swimmer Nearly Dies in Beach Burial Stunt

Swim team digs 7-foot hole, collapse buries Jakub Maly

(Newser) - An Austrian Olympic team swimmer is recovering after nearly being buried alive on a Florida beach. After three weeks of training at Pompano Beach, Jakub Maly and his friends dug a huge hole at the beach—"big enough to bury a golf cart," according to a fire department...

200 Buried, Feared Dead in Rio Mudslide

Slide hits shantytown perilously built on top of landfill

(Newser) - At least 200 people, buried under the latest landslide to hit a slum in Rio de Janeiro's metropolitan area, are feared dead, authorities said today. If confirmed, the deaths would raise the toll sharply from the 153 people already known to have died this week in slides triggered by record...

Skier Films Avalanche That Buries Him

Downhill racer whimpers and gasps as he awaits rescue by pals

(Newser) - A skier filming a treacherous run down an Alaska cliff ended up capturing an avalanche that buried him for several agonizing minutes as he whimpered and gasped for breath. The camera, still attached to his ski helmet as he lies on his back in the snowy grave, finally picks up...

Teens Buried Alive in 'Honor Killings' Spark Pakistan Rage

They wanted to choose their own husbands

(Newser) - Nationwide protests have erupted in Pakistan since three teenage girls were buried alive in mid-July in a remote village because they planned to choose their own husbands, reports the Times of London. The girls—ages 14, 16 and 18—were abducted and tortured, then buried still breathing. Two older women...

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