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Teacher Wears Headdress, Whoops in Math Lesson

California teacher placed on leave after video of 'SohCahToa' lesson goes viral

(Newser) - A California teacher accused of mocking Native Americans in an effort to teach a trigonometry mnemonic has been placed on leave. In video apparently taken by a student at John W. North High School in Riverside, the teacher, wearing a faux headdress, whoops and makes tomahawk motions as she chants...

Retired Homicide Detective Found Dead in Freezer

Daughter of 87-year-old Miriam Travis is a 'person of interest,' police in Riverside say

(Newser) - Miriam Travis, a former Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department homicide detective, retired from the force more than 30 years ago. Authorities are now trying to determine how much of that time she spent dead in a freezer. The 87-year-old's body was found Sunday in the garage of the...

Wanted: This Guy, and 'No, We Are Not Kidding'

California thief made off with $500 from artist, but not his own caricature

(Newser) - A caricature out of California either shows the most confident thief ever, or a very stupid one. Police in Riverside are asking anyone who recognizes the caricature to reach out—"and no, we are not kidding"—after the man pictured robbed the artist of $500 in cash. The...

Pledge Collapses, Later Dies During Fraternity Outing

Tyler Hilliard's family suspects hazing

(Newser) - Police in Riverside, Calif., say the death of a 20-year-old fraternity pledge is "suspicious," and they are investigating whether hazing played a role. "It's just not the easy whodunit type of case," Officer Ryan Railsback tells the Los Angeles Times . "There's a lot...

Cops: Calif. Parents Shackled Their 13 Kids, Ages 2 to 29

A bizarre and disturbing story out of California

(Newser) - An ordinary house in a California subdivision concealed a bizarre and disturbing case of torture and child abuse, police say. In a press release , the Riverside County Sheriff's Office says a 17-year-old girl called 911 early Sunday morning after escaping a home in Perris and told police her 12...

Cops: Customers Waited in Church Lot for Unholy Delivery

California couple arrested for allegedly delivering drugs via drone

(Newser) - "Well it's new for us, at least." Such is the pronouncement of an officer with California's Riverside Police Department following the arrest of a couple who allegedly used a drone to transport drugs to waiting customers in a church parking lot. Neighbors say once the drugs...

Cops: Mother Deliberately Left Toddler Behind at Store

Chiengkham Vilaysane is under arrest

(Newser) - On a rare occasion, a busy mom may forget to load her kid into the car along with her groceries. But "in my whole career I have never seen anything where out-of the blue someone [deliberately] leaves their kid in a crowded grocery store," an officer tells Fox...

Woman Celebrates Return of DUI-Lost License—With DUI

Chicago woman said she was partying at a bar before arrest

(Newser) - When preemptively celebrating the return of a driver's license lost to a DUI, most people might attempt to, say, not drink and drive. Or get pulled over. While speeding. With BAC at twice the legal limit. Nevertheless, police say that's the predicament Chicago-area woman Erin James found herself...

America's Worst Job-Hunting Cities

Miami tops the latest list

(Newser) - Miami and LA might be beautiful places to live—but they’re really terrible places to find work. Those two cities top the list in a new Indeed.com analysis of the worst cities to find employment. Indeed, a job hunting site, compared federal unemployment records with its own job...

Mom Pushing Stroller Killed by California Train

But Susan Dibene manages to push her daughter to safety

(Newser) - A Southern California mom struggling with a stroller over tracks was killed by a train, but first managed to push her 2-year-old daughter to safety. Susan Dibene, 33, was pushing the stroller along a sidewalk near the tracks when she attempted to cross as the guardrail of the Metrolink train...

Cities With Worst Commutes
 Cities With Worst Commutes 

Cities With Worst Commutes

Surprise, surprise: New York City is No. 1

(Newser) - It takes the average American 25.3 minutes to get to work, whether by car or public transportation, according to new Census figures. But some cities are worse than others, and MarketWatch pulls out the 10 top offenders:
  1. New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island: 34.6 minutes
  2. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria: 33.9 minutes

20 Worst Places to Sell Your House

Hint: California and Florida show up a lot

(Newser) - It's a rough time in general to sell your home, but some places are (far) worse than others. Richard Florida rounds up the 20 worst for the Daily Beast , with nine of the regions in California and six in Florida. Here are the top 5:
  1. Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, Calif: One of

Ozone Kills, Slowly: Study
 Ozone Kills, Slowly: Study 

Ozone Kills, Slowly: Study

High-level areas like LA face 50% increase in risk of death from respiratory illness

(Newser) - Long-term exposure to ozone can greatly increase the risk of death from respiratory diseases, the Los Angeles Times reports. An 18-year study of half a million people in 96 cities found that an increase of 10 parts per billion in ozone concentrations correlated to a 4% increase in deaths from...

America's 10 Chubbiest Cities
America's 10 Chubbiest Cities

America's 10 Chubbiest Cities

Sun Belt hogs the lion's share of pudgiest locales

(Newser) - The weather may be great and the lifestyle good, but Southern culinary hospitality might be landing the Sun Belt disproportionately on Forbes' list of America's most obese cities. The most rotund:
  1. Memphis
  2. Birmingham
  3. San Antonio

Top 10 Real Estate Markets
Top 10 Real Estate Markets

Top 10 Real Estate Markets

(Newser) -
  1. Riverside/San Bernadino, CA
  2. Orange County, CA
  3. Las Vegas, NV
  4. Orlando, FL
  5. San Jose, CA

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