O'Hare International Airport

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O'Hare Screeners Find WWI Artillery Shells in Luggage

They were harmless, and teens weren't charged

(Newser) - It is not your run-of-the-mill red flag from airport security: Baggage screeners at Chicago's O'Hare airport discovered two World War I artillery shells in checked luggage that arrived on a flight from London. The Transportation Security Administration says the bags belonged to a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old who...

Chicago Train Driver Had Fallen Asleep Before

And she had only been on job 60 days

(Newser) - The operator of a Chicago train that derailed at the O'Hare station in the middle of the night earlier this week has told investigators that she fell asleep at the controls and didn't wake up until her train had plowed into an escalator, reports the Chicago Tribune . That'...

Chicago Train Operator Said She Was Tired

She 'worked a lot of hours' before O'Hare crash, per the union

(Newser) - Was a Chicago Transit Authority train operator asleep at the controls when her train jumped the tracks and went up an escalator ? The chief of the CTA's union says the driver may have dozed off before the 3am accident that left 32 people injured, reports NBC . "The...

Soldier Who Went Missing During Layover Is Found

Matthew Segur has been located in Dallas

(Newser) - A happy but still somewhat vague ending to the story of a missing soldier. After finishing his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Matthew Segur, 39, was headed home to Texas via Chicago. His British Airways flight arrived at O'Hare International Airport on Monday, but the flight he was...

Bizarre Find at Chicago Airport: Alligator

Critter was found under escalator

(Newser) - Maybe he missed his connection, but a stray alligator raised some eyebrows Friday at O'Hare International Airport, reports the Chicago Tribune . The footlong critter was discovered under an escalator in Terminal 3, and officials were able to trap it in a garbage can. The gator has since been turned...

Here&#39;s How You Rack Up $106K in Parking Tickets

 Here's How 
 You Rack Up 
 $106K in 
 Parking Tickets 

Here's How You Rack Up $106K in Parking Tickets

Leave the car at O'Hare for about 3 years

(Newser) - A Chicago woman has agreed to pay the city $4,500 in overdue parking tickets, which seems like a princely sum until you learn the original bill was $106,000, reports the Chicago Tribune . Jennifer Fitzgerald reached the settlement with the city this month. How on earth did the fees...

O'Hare's New Grounds Crew: Goats

Herd will munch on airport vegetation

(Newser) - Chicago has hired a herd of goats to keep vegetation in check around O'Hare airport, reports the Tribune . About 25 goats will arrive in about a month and start chomping on 120 acres, with a focus on hard-to-mow embankments and areas with dense brush. A shepherd will be around...

Mystery Solved Over 18 Human Heads at O'Hare

They were shipped here from Rome for cremation

(Newser) - Officials have the solved the mystery of how 18 human heads got stuck in limbo at Chicago's O'Hare airport, reports the Chicago Tribune . All things considered, it's surprisingly uncreepy. It seems the heads were shipped from the US to Rome a while back to be used as...

TSA Agent Pats Down 3-Year-Old in Wheelchair

Agents at Chicago's O'Hare Airport scrutinize kid in leg cast

(Newser) - TSA agents have already been caught patting down a 6-year-old and making a mom pump breast milk . But TSA's finest at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago recently achieved a new level of diligence by patting down a wheelchair-bound 3-year-old in a leg cast. A video of the pat...

Flight Attendant Freaks Out Passengers, Is Detained

She apparently got on PA system, ranted about crashing

(Newser) - Details are still sketchy, but something seriously weird and unpleasant happened aboard an American Airlines flight set to take off from Dallas to Chicago today. Early accounts suggest that one of the flight attendants got on the PA system and began ranting about how the plane was going to crash...

Airline Hit With $900K Fine for Tarmac Waits

American Eagle first to be fined under new policy

(Newser) - American Eagle Airlines has been hit with the first fine issued under new rules prohibiting airlines from keeping passengers stuck in planes on the tarmac for more than three hours. The regional carrier was fined $900,000 for keeping a total 608 passengers on board 15 different flights on the...

Busiest Thanksgiving Holiday Airport Will Be Los Angeles International

 The Busiest Turkey Day 
 Airport Will Be ... 
nope, not o'hare

The Busiest Turkey Day Airport Will Be ...

Orbitz issues its annual ranking

(Newser) - The City of Angels is expected to have quite the hellish airport this Thanksgiving holiday. According to an annual ranking by Orbitz, LAX will top Chicago's O'Hare International Airport as the nation's busiest this holiday weekend, from Nov. 23 to Nov. 27. Filling out the top five...

7 Puppies Dead After American Airlines Flight

Airline investigating the shipper who put them aboard

(Newser) - American Airlines says seven puppies died after being put on a jet from Tulsa to Chicago. The airline says it contacted the shipper who put the puppies on the morning flight yesterday and is investigating further. The shipper put 14 puppies aboard Flight 851 scheduled to leave Tulsa at 6:...

TSA Body Scan Quick, Modest, Easy
 TSA Body Scan 
 Quick, Modest, Easy 

TSA Body Scan Quick, Modest, Easy

Writer would take scan over pat-down, rubber gloves any day

(Newser) - Going through security at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, passengers have the choice of a pat-down or a walk through a full body scanner, and Jon Hilkevitch is going “with the touch-less scan every time.” He took a spin through a checkpoint equipped with the newly installed machines,...

As Fewer Fly, Airline Delays Nosedive

Major airports see traffic fall 9%

(Newser) - With fewer travelers taking to the skies, airline delays have dropped significantly compared to recent years, USA Today reports. Delays topping two hours fell by more than a quarter this year from 2008 and 2007 levels, while traffic at big hubs has dropped 9% compared to last year. Traffic at...

Newark Tops Worst Airport List

 Newark Tops 
 Worst Airport List 


Newark Tops Worst Airport List

(Newser) - With summer vacations increasing your chances of an extended stay at an airport, Travel + Leisure offers its annual list of airports likely to leave you grounded. The good news? Airports are getting better; even this year’s “winner” improved its delays by 3%. The list:
  1. Newark: That 3%

New O'Hare Runway Eases Travel Nationwide
 New O'Hare Runway 
 Eases Travel Nationwide 

New O'Hare Runway Eases Travel Nationwide

Delays at second-busiest airport can hold up flights all over

(Newser) - The 8-month-old runway at the nation’s second-busiest airport has helped Chicago’s O’Hare escape its status as the “tar pit” of US air travel, writes Scott McCartney in the Wall Street Journal. With three runways now available, the airport’s on-time arrival rate increased 27% this year...

Holiday Travel a Nightmare Thanks to Snow, Ice

Flight cancellations ripple across US; roads not great, either

(Newser) - Hundreds of holiday travelers spent the night in the nation's second-busiest airport and others faced delayed or canceled flights and highways choked by snow and ice as storms kept up their assault on northern states. More snow fell today in the Midwest, while the Northwest faced more snow and sleet,...

Chicago Seeks Aid After Deluge

Windy City hit with wet double whammy

(Newser) - Chicago officials seeking clean-up funds have asked the state to declare a disaster after the city was hit by a deluge of weekend rains which flooded streets and stranded families, reports CNN. More than six inches of rain fell Saturday—the most in 137 years in  a single day. That...

Atlanta Still Busiest US Airport
Atlanta Still Busiest US Airport

Atlanta Still Busiest US Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson beats Chicago's O'Hare to retain title for 3rd year

(Newser) - Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport had the most flights of any in the US—and, by extension, the world— for the third consecutive year, the AP reports. In again beating out Chicago's O'Hare International, Hartsfield-Jackson chalked up 994,466 flights in 2007, a 1.8% increase from 2006. O'Hare logged 935,...

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