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Prof: Alcohol Worse Than Heroin
 Alcohol Worse 
 Than Heroin 
study says

Alcohol Worse Than Heroin

Former Brit drugs chief says findings back aggressive anti-booze campaigns

(Newser) - Alcohol is more dangerous for humans than crack or heroin, according to a surprising assessment by a British drug expert. Professor David Nutt's scoring system ranked alcohol three times more harmful than cocaine or tobacco; ecstasy, mushrooms, and LSD were among the least harmful. The rankings were created based on...

Stopping Suicide No Publicity Stunt: T.I.

Rapper slams claims he was trying to look good ahead of court date

(Newser) - After T.I. talked a man threatening suicide out of jumping from a downtown Atlanta building, some are calling the move a publicity stunt—but that couldn’t be further from the truth, the rapper tells CNN . The video he made, which police played to the man and is credited...

Drug Use Hits 8-Year High
 Drug Use Hits 8-Year High 

Drug Use Hits 8-Year High

Marijuana, meth, ecstasy use up, cocaine down

(Newser) - Illegal drug abuse in America has soared to its highest rate in almost a decade, according to a government report which finds marijuana, methamphetamine, and ecstasy use surging, but cocaine declining. Some 21.8 million Americans used illegal drugs last year, a 9% increase from the year before and the...

Getting High on Ecstasy May Help Soldiers' PTSD

...provided it's taken during therapy sessions

(Newser) - The federal government has given its blessing to the practice of letting US soldiers get high on ecstasy, all in the name of finding a way to cope with post traumatic stress disorder. One catch: It has to be taken while in therapy sessions. Two researchers—with OKs from the...

LA Coliseum Bans Raves
 LA Coliseum Bans Raves 

LA Coliseum Bans Raves

Moratorium follows teen's OD death

(Newser) - Los Angeles has banished techno parties from the Coliseum following the death of a 15-year-old girl from a suspected drug overdose at last weekend's Electric Daisy Carnival mega-rave. Authorities—who had been urged by doctors to end raves at the venue—say a temporary ban will remain in place while...

LA Docs Demand End to Raves

ER physicians slam 'government-backed drug fests'

(Newser) - More than 120 young people ended up in local hospitals after a recent mega-rave at the Los Angeles Coliseum, spurring emergency room doctors to call for a ban on such events at the publicly owned facility. "This is basically a government-encouraged drug fest. That’s the wrong message,”...

1 Dead, 5 Critical After SF 'Tainted Drug' Rave

Cops believe drugs were laced with toxic substance

(Newser) - Tainted drugs likely killed one reveler at a San Francisco-area rave and left 5 others fighting for their lives, according to police. More than 70 people were busted at the Cow Palace event and police are testing the ecstasy tablets, LSD, and methamphetamine seized at the scene for toxic substances,...

Ecstasy, Heroin Linked to German Therapy Deaths

Doc aimed to 'expand consciousness'

(Newser) - Ecstasy and heroin were among the substances supplied by a Berlin therapist who said he aimed to "expand consciousness" during a session that killed two patients, German papers are reporting. Another patient remains in a coma. All 12 participants were rushed to a hospital after they fell ill during...

Drug Ecstasy May Help Stress Disorder Victims

Drug may boost emotional learning, squash fear: studies

(Newser) - The drug ecstasy may help people recover from post-traumatic stress disorder, Reuters reports. The drug could help patients in therapy bond with their therapists—key to recovery—and get a better hold on their feelings, studies suggest. It may help reestablish a balance between two areas of the brain, while...

Ecstasy Lands Brazilian Elite in Jail

University-educated clubbers dominate new crop of drug dealers

(Newser) - Brazil’s battle against the rising use of Ecstasy has shifted from the slums to the upscale suburbs, the New York Times reports. Now university-educated “playboys” are targets of drug enforcement officials out to stop dealing in the pulsing rave scene. Last week, federal police officers arrested and charged...

Seven Medications With Second Careers

Cosmetic and medicinal treatments overlap

(Newser) - Medications are commonly advertised for a single use, but they often gain popularity for others. Here are a few examples from ABC:
  1. Viagra: Famous for its ability to increase blood flow to a specific part of the body, Viagra also has been used to increase blood flow in patients with

Another Kind of White Powder Hits Ski Slopes

Cocaine arrests up 60% at Europe's leading winter resorts

(Newser) - In the lodges of Austria's winter resorts, mulled wine has given way to more stimulating après-ski treats: cocaine and ecstasy. Austrian police report a 60% rise in drug-related arrests in ski areas and say that bartenders and ski instructors are turning into part-time dealers during the season. "...

Drug Users OD by Confusing Coke, Ecstasy

They die by accidentally snorting MDMA, UK council finds

(Newser) - One of the biggest dangers of ecstasy, the drug’s opponents say, is that it looks a lot like cocaine. Hospitals have faced a rash of accidental overdoses from drug users who unwittingly snorted the psychedelic drug, the Independent reports. Britain's drug advisory council is probing the spate as it...

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