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Basterds Should Be Last WWII Movie Ever: Pitt

...and calls Tom Cruise's Valkyrie 'ridiculous'

(Newser) - Brad Pitt thinks Inglourious Basterds is so good that no one should ever bother making a World War II movie again, People reports. “I believe that Quentin put a cover on that pot. With Basterds, everything than can be said to this genre has been said,” he said...

Tom's Geography Needs Work
 Tom's Geography Needs Work 

Tom's Geography Needs Work

Star confuses Brazil with Spain

(Newser) - Tom Cruise is on a roll with the gaffes as he promotes Valkyrie in Rio de Janeiro, the New York Post reports. First the star tried to be cute by saying hola and gracias to reporters—forgetting that Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish. Cruise also said he loves Brazil for...

TomKat Plot London Move
 TomKat Plot 
 London Move 

TomKat Plot London Move

Holmes could pursue theater across the pond: Cruise

(Newser) - Europe is fast becoming the new Beverly Hills, with Tom Cruise saying last night he may move back to London. The Valkyrie star lived there for 2 years with ex Nicole Kidman, and it seems he still remembers the lingo: “Katie was absolutely brilliant on Broadway,” Cruise tells...

Didn't Like Valkyrie? No Face Time With Cruise

Star has strict requirements for reporters on movie promotion circuit

(Newser) - Want to interview Tom Cruise? Then you’d better have seen—and liked—his latest movie, Valkyrie, Gawker reports in summarizing a Q&A session with Italian publication LeiWeb (with an assist from Google translation). If you didn't like the movie, “there is no reason to meet Tom,”...

Top Dog Marley Still Gnawing Competition
 Top Dog Marley 
 Still Gnawing 

Top Dog Marley Still Gnawing Competition

Bedtime Stories, Button close behind

(Newser) - Marley & Me continued its reign atop the box office dog pile this weekend, digging up $24 million, Variety reports. Bedtime Stories took in $20.3 million, while Benjamin Button aged gracefully to third place with $18.4 million. Valkyrie ($14.3 million) and Yes Man ($13.9 million) rounded...

Cruise May Have to Buy Hitler's Globe

Owner of copyrighted artifact may sue

(Newser) - Valkyrie star Tom Cruise could be a “real-life hero”—by putting up the cash to purchase Adolf Hitler’s globe before United Artists is sued over it, the New York Post reports. The globe, a replica of which was featured prominently in Valkyrie, is owned by San Francisco...

Marley Fetches Weekend Win
 Marley Fetches
 Weekend Win 

Marley Fetches Weekend Win

(Newser) - After breaking the box office record for best Christmas Day opener, Marley & Me stayed top dog with $51.7 million this weekend, Variety reports. Brad Pitt vehicle The Curious Case of Benjamin Button finished behind ex-wife Jennifer Aniston’s puppy flick, but still earned a surprising $39 million. Bedtime ...

'Terrified' Tom Cruise Reports Death Threats

Valkyrie star, wife live apart, travel in bomb-proof vehicles

(Newser) - Tom Cruise has notified the FBI of death threats he’s received from anti-Scientology groups, the Daily Mail reports. The Valkyrie star, 46, has increased security for his family and now lives separately from wife Katie Holmes, 30, and 2-year-old daughter Suri—who all travel in bomb-proof vehicles. Cruise has...

Cruise Makes Valkyrie Bumpy Ride
 Cruise Makes 
 Bumpy Ride 

Cruise Makes Valkyrie Bumpy Ride

Supporting cast shines, but film not exactly sharp on historical details

(Newser) - Valkyrie isn’t that good—and surely not Oscar-worthy, Peter Travers writes in Rolling Stone. “And the sooner you accept it, the more fun you’ll have at this satisfying B movie.” The supporting cast is fantastic, and Tom Cruise’s presence just serves to make “you...

Why We Can't Take Cruise Seriously
 Why We Can't 
 Take Cruise Seriously 

Why We Can't Take Cruise Seriously

Nazi role won't be a career-changer a la Nicholson, Newman

(Newser) - The prospect of Tom Cruise as a renegade Nazi has moviegoers snickering already, and with good reason, Stephen Metcalf writes for Slate. No one expects Cruise to pull off a mid-career tour de force as the giants who came before him did. “Place Cruise next to Nicholson, Newman, and...

Cruise in an Eye Patch May Prove Hard Sell in Valkyrie

Shifting release date shows studio's concerns with film

(Newser) - A fear that audiences won't take to Tom Cruise in an eye-patch has kept Valkyrie, about a failed plot by German officers to assassinate Hitler, in United Artists' vaults. Advertising Age reports that studio execs postponed the film’s release multiple times over worries it wouldn’t stand up in...

Hurt German Extras Sue Cruise's Studio

Actors launch $11 million suit after falling out of truck during Berlin filming of Valkyrie

(Newser) - German extras from the upcoming Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie are suing the actor’s film studio for $11 million after they fell out of a moving truck during shooting. The accident, which happened a year ago in Berlin, landed all 11 in the hospital. “The studio knew the trucks...

Cruise's Partner Quits UA
 Cruise's Partner Quits UA

Cruise's Partner Quits UA

Actor's new role is trying to revive his own career

(Newser) - The next mission impossible for Tom Cruise may be reviving his own career, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Cruise's business partner Paula Wagner is quitting her job as CEO of United Artists just weeks after her husband, Cruise's agent Rick Nicita, left CAA. The changes likely reflect the star's unhappiness...

German Flick Quietly Reclaims the Red Baron as War Hero

Breaks taboo against positive portrayal

(Newser) - Films extolling German war heroes aren’t exactly abundant, but upcoming movie The Red Baron shines the spotlight on the noble, softer side of Germany’s most famous fighter pilot. “There are strong voices in Germany still saying we're not allowed to do this,” says the writer/director. “...

Scribes Cut Deal With Tom Cruise's UA

First major studio pact likely matches Letterman deal

(Newser) - Striking scribes cut a deal with Tom Cruise's United Artists today, their first with a major studio since walking out in November, Variety reports. Terms were kept secret, but analysts say they likely match a deal struck with David Letterman's WorldWide Pants last week, including new media residuals. “United...

11 Injured in Cruise Film Car Crash
11 Injured
in Cruise Film
Car Crash

11 Injured in Cruise Film Car Crash

Berlin police investigate a totaled truck for defects on the set of "Valkyrie"

(Newser) - Eleven extras were injured on the Berlin set of Tom Cruise's latest film, "Valkyrie," when the side of a truck—decked out to look like a Nazi military transport—blew open as it took a corner. One man was seriously injured in the crash. Local authorities reported "...

Cruise Can Film in Germany Despite 'Cult' Status

Berlin does an about-face on anti-Hitler movie

(Newser) - Tom Cruise will be allowed to shoot his new movie, about a German military officer who tried to assassinate Hitler, on German soil. Earlier reports said the megastar would be banned because of his ties to Scientology, which Germany regards as a threat to democracy and keeps under "official...

Cruise Film Can't Shoot at German Sites

Berlin says nein because Tom belongs to 'Scientology cult'

(Newser) - The makers of a new Tom Cruise movie will be barred from filming at key German military sites, Reuters reports, because of the star's Scientology connection. Cruise is to play the lead in "Valkyrie," about a failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler. But the Germans don't recognize Scientology...

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