Playboy Mansion

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Hugh Hefner's Widow: 'I Must've Been Brainwashed'

Crystal Hefner talks to 'NYT' ahead of new memoir, in which she notes she wasn't 'in love' with Hef

(Newser) - Crystal Hefner, widow of the late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, has a memoir coming out Tuesday on life in the Playboy Mansion—but don't expect it to be any kind of rose-tinted hagiography. The title of the 37-year-old former Playmate's book, Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and ...

Cosby's Lawyers Angry as Accuser Tweaks Her Story

Civil sex assault trial is scheduled to begin Monday

(Newser) - With jury selection less than a week away, attorneys scrambled to deal with shifting evidence Tuesday in Bill Cosby's civil trial over allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl at the Playboy mansion nearly 50 years ago. Plaintiff Judy Huth said in a recent court filing that she...

Hefner's Genius: Realizing America Was Ready for Him
Hefner's Genius: Realizing
America Was Ready for Him

Hefner's Genius: Realizing America Was Ready for Him

He was the first publisher to truly capitalize on changing social norms

(Newser) - A sampling of the coverage and tributes to Hugh Hefner in the wake of the death of the 91-year-old founder of Playboy:
  • Perfect timing: "Hefner the man and Playboy the brand were inseparable. Both advertised themselves as emblems of the sexual revolution, an escape from American priggishness and wider

Mythic Playboy Mansion Is Hefner's No More

Sale of the ultimate man cave has closed for $100M

(Newser) - The party’s over: The sale of one of the most famous mansions in America—the five-acre Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles' Holmby Hills—has closed for a not-insubstantial $100 million, Reuters reports, though it's worth noting that the sale price is half of the original asking price. The...

Billionaire Heir Buys Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner is staying put

(Newser) - The Playboy mansion—complete with Hugh Hefner—has been snapped up by a party-loving neighbor. Daren Metropoulos, a 32-year-old billionaire heir who lives in an $18 million mansion next door to Hefner's longtime abode, is believed to be paying around $200 million for the 29-room mansion, the Guardian reports....

Suit: Hugh Hefner 'Complicit' in Cosby Assault

He introduced Cosby to sex assault victim: suit

(Newser) - A woman who accuses Bill Cosby of sexual assault now says Hugh Hefner was "complicit" in the act. In a lawsuit, Chloe Goins says Hefner introduced her to Cosby during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. Goins says Cosby drugged her, then led her to a room...

All of Playboy May Soon Be for Sale

'Eyebrow-raising' company's expected asking price: $500M

(Newser) - The Easter Bunny gets top billing this weekend, but other famous bunnies are also making headlines with news of a possible big transaction. The Wall Street Journal reports Playboy Enterprises Inc. is in the exploratory stages of a sale, per sources familiar with the situation, with investment bank Moelis &...

For Sale: Playboy Mansion?
 For Sale: Playboy Mansion? 

For Sale: Playboy Mansion?

Comes with your very own wrinkly, pajama-clad octogenarian

(Newser) - In the market for a Los Angeles mansion that's likely been the scene of more debauchery than any one residence ever should? Have we got the place for you: None other than the Playboy Mansion is going on sale at the end of the month, reports TMZ , and it'...

Shel Silverstein Was Hugh Hefner's Sidekick

His first real job? 'Playboy' magazine cartoonist

(Newser) - Shel Silverstein was kicked out of one college and dropped out of another, and he described those days gloomily: "I didn't get laid much. I didn't learn much. Those are the two worst things that can happen to a guy." His trouble with the ladies didn'...

Cosby May Soon Face Grilling by Gloria Allred

He may give new deposition after Calif. Supreme Court allows civil suit to proceed

(Newser) - A civil suit against Bill Cosby is now all systems go after California's Supreme Court rejected the comedian's request to review the case, NBC News reports. What this means in the short term: the lawyer for the woman who's suing Cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting her in...

Holly Madison: Hef Was Abusive

Former Playboy Bunny bashes her once-lover in new book

(Newser) - Holly Madison insists that she doesn't like talking about living at the Playboy mansion and dating Hugh Hefner, but believes "it's important to tell the truth of my story." The 35-year-old former Playboy Bunny writes about life before, during, and after the mansion in her new...

Woman's Lawsuit: Cosby Molested Me When I Was 15

Judy Huth claims actor-comedian assaulted her at Playboy Mansion

(Newser) - More bad news for Bill Cosby: A 55-year-old woman is suing him for allegedly molesting her in a bedroom at the Playboy Mansion when she was just 15 years old, TMZ reports. The lawsuit, filed in LA County Superior Court, says Judy Huth and a friend met Cosby at an...

20 Stars With Crazy Expensive Homes

You probably can't afford any of these

(Newser) - No self-respecting Hollywood star or tech mogul is going to live in a shack—but what are the most expensive celebrity homes? Radar lists 20:
  • Petra Ecclestone's Los Angeles home, the former Spelling Mansion: $85 million
  • Tiger Woods' Florida estate: $60 million
  • Bill Gates' Washington state "Xanadu,"

Inside Hugh Hefner's Prenup
 Inside Hugh Hefner's Prenup 

Inside Hugh Hefner's Prenup

You thought he'd marry 26-year-old Crystal Harris without one?

(Newser) - If you had some romantic notion that Hugh Hefner, 86, and Crystal Harris, 26, are so in love that they tied the knot sans prenup, think again. They signed one three weeks ago, a source tells Radar . The agreement protects Hef's assets from Playboy, and requires Harris to leave...

Hefner Marries 26-Year-Old
 Hefner Marries 26-Year-Old 

Hefner Marries 26-Year-Old

He makes it official with Crystal Harris

(Newser) - Hugh Hefner is now a groom three times over. The 86-year-old tied the knot with Crystal Harris at the Playboy Mansion yesterday. Harris, you'll recall , is not just 60 years younger than Hef; she's also the one who jilted him 18 months ago. TMZ reports that last night'...

Hugh Hefner's Wedding Canceled

Crystal Harris calls it off just days ahead of time

(Newser) - After much fanfare—including 300 Swarovski crystal-adorned wedding invitations—Hugh Hefner and playmate Crystal Harris won’t be getting married after all, People reports. The Playboy Mansion wedding was set for Saturday , but Harris canceled it today. “The split was a mutual decision and the two remain good friends,...

'Pontiac Fever' Crashed Playboy Mansion Party

Fog machine spread bacterium, attendees suspect

(Newser) - The culprit behind the dozens of people sickened after a party at Playboy Mansion? Officials think it's Pontiac Fever, a milder form of Legionnaires' disease that's known as legionellosis. The bacterium that causes legionellosis lives inside warm water and can take root in ventilation systems; some suspect that a fog...

LA Investigates Mysterious Playboy Mansion Illness

It's not what you're thinking

(Newser) - Must've been something in the air, but dozens of people at a Playboy Mansion fundraiser earlier this month contracted a really ... nasty ... respiratory infection, and LA County public health officials are now investigating, reports the LA Times. Officials are surveying all 700 attendees of a conference called Domainfest global after...

Hugh Hefner: My Mansion's No Squalid Prison

But, uh, that thing about not wearing condoms...

(Newser) - Hugh Hefner would like you to know that he does not hand out Quaaludes, let his dog poop all over the carpets of the Playboy mansion, or refuse to wear condoms. Er, well, actually, that part about not wearing condoms might be true. But most of the dirt dished by...

Playboy Mansion a 'Squalid' Prison
Playboy Mansion
a 'Squalid' Prison

Playboy Mansion a 'Squalid' Prison

Dog doo, stained mattresses, pocket money and a 'dead fish Sex God'

(Newser) - Is there anything more cringe-worthy than a 24-year-old babe sleeping with 84-year-old Hugh Hefner? Maybe: Living in Hef's "squalid" Playboy mansion and being part of his stable of second-string women who feel like prostitutes servicing a viagra-popping, plastic-surgery-obsessed octogenarian, reports the Daily Mail . The buxom crew's bedrooms have "...

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